College Essay Problems: A Guide to How to Solve Them Quickly

This article has a list and explanations of the paramount college essay problems and how you can solve them with ease and like a pro.

Millions of students across the world face a wide range of college essay problems when it comes to writing essays. Writing a good essay is not easy. It is a process that involves extensive research, hours of writing, and proofreading. Apart from that, you have to plan and be prepared for everything in advance to avoid wasting time and energy. In this article, we are going to discuss these problems in depth and share the most effective solutions. After reading this article, you’ll have an easy time writing a high-quality essay and achieving your academic goals.

College Essay Problems

Essay writing problems

Here are some of the common college problems that students face before, during, and after the essay writing process.

Lack of confidence

Most students believe that writing a good essay is hard. And in most instances, it’s true. Writing a college paper requires planning, extensive research, writing, and editing. All these tasks demand a lot of time and energy which most students rarely have.

When you don’t believe in your skills and capabilities, you are not likely to take action. Students who suffer from a lack of confidence usually have a hard time starting the writing process. They also doubt how they’ll complete their papers successfully.

This eventually leads to procrastination and the eleventh-hour rush. Submitting a poorly-written paper will ultimately lead to poor grades. 

Overcoming this

Most students suffer from a lack of confidence largely because of poor writing skills. To feel confident about this process, you should consider taking writing courses. Fortunately, there are a lot of online writing courses that you can take up and start learning in the comfort of your home.

The best part about online courses is you can access them whenever you want without paying a dime. You can also consider including daily writing practices in your routine to get used to the process. As long as you write regularly, make mistakes and correct them, you’ll develop this skill and become a master. If you are having a hard time overcoming this issue, you should consider seeking getting help with my essay, and consulting your peers, and tutors. There will always be people around you who are experienced in writing quickly. Seeking online help from writers and students will help you solve problems, make progress rapidly and achieve your goals.

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Insufficient knowledge

In some instances, your tutor will require you to write an essay on a specific topic. When you are not comfortable with the topic, you’ll have a hard time writing the paper and completing it on time. You will feel uncomfortable with the topic because you don’t have sufficient knowledge about it. Lack of sufficient knowledge is caused by students not attending classes or failing to take notes.

Overcoming this

This is a problem that is easy to solve. All you have to do is spare a couple of hours to study your notes and conduct extensive research on the topic. You can use your computer, smartphone, or tablet to conduct online research. Or visit your school library and find relevant books, articles, and journals on the topic.

Whichever mode of research you choose always uses reputable sources of information. You can also consider requesting your tutor to explain the topic further if you are having a hard time understanding the topic. You don’t have to suffer alone when you can get the help you need.


This is one of the leading problems that most students face when writing an academic paper. Plagiarism is the act of presenting another person’s work as your own. It can either happen intentionally or unintentionally. Intentional plagiarism happens when students copy-paste other people’s work and submit the paper without acknowledging them.

Unintentional plagiarism happens when a student fails to paraphrase well. All in all, plagiarism is an offense that has serious consequences such as loss of marks, paper cancellation, and suspension.

Overcoming this

You should always run your paper on a reputable plagiarism checker online such as Copyscape or Turnitin to spot and correct all the issues. If you have to use another person’s ideas, ensure that you cite them correctly.

If you decide to hire a professional writer to do the work for you, always ensure that they send you a plagiarism results copy of the paper to avoid issues with your professor. Most reputable essay-writing companies won’t have a problem with this request.

Poor time management

Time is one of the most precious assets in college. Unfortunately, most students end up wasting it. They procrastinate till the last minute and end up submitting a poorly written paper.

To succeed in college, effective time management is a must. Since academic papers carry a lot of marks, they have to be given the time and seriousness that they deserve.

Overcoming this

You should start working on your essay as soon as possible. There is no time to waste. If you are required to submit your essay in two weeks, start working on your essay immediately. The more time you spend planning, the less time you’ll spend writing and editing your paper.

Planning involves creating a writing schedule and an essay outline. Having these tools will help you avoid going off track. You can also make use of productivity apps to help you manage your time effectively.

When you start working on your essay as soon as possible, you’ll have enough time to proofread and edit your paper. Having enough time to revise your paper greatly increases your chances of success.

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Additional essay writing tips

The pieces of information below are some of the college essay problems solutions that will provide further help as you prepare to write a wonderful essay.

Exercise regularly

Various research studies have shown that regular exercise stimulates the brain to release endorphins and other important hormones that keep you happy. Exercise plays an important role in the writing process.

If you are feeling frustrated with the writing process, exercise can give you the break you need and uplift your mood. If you are having a hard time coming up with ideas, these chemicals can promote creative inspiration.

There is no form of exercise that is better than another. And you don’t need a lot of time or space to exercise. All you have to do is get your body moving.

Start with a different section

You don’t always have to start with the introduction and finish with the conclusion. If you can write the conclusion first or the body paragraphs, go ahead. The key is to make progress. You can write your essay in any order you deem fit. If your first draft seems to be out of place for writing different sections at different times, you’ll have ample time to go through it and correct everything.


Writing a good essay is not easy. There are a lot of problems that college students face before, during, and after the writing process. Identifying these issues and coming up with effective solutions will enable you to achieve your academic goals easily. Don’t hesitate to seek help from the experts online, your tutors, and your peers. As the popular saying goes, no man is an island.

We hope this article on college essay problems and how to solve them was of help to you. You can visit our tips page for more articles like this one and other academic and general tips.


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