5 AI-Based paraphrasing tools to improve your writing skills as a student

This article contains information on the AI-Based paraphrasing tools to improve your writing skills as a student, in a working class, or just about anywhere you find yourself.

Writing skills are the foundation of our modern-day education. After all, this ability to be able to write and store information has enabled humans to pass on their knowledge to future generations. To this day, we benefit from the written works of people like Socrates, Aristotle, Newton, Einstein, etc.

For students, effective writing skills can ensure excellent grades, a top position among peers, and a chance to earn prestigious scholarships. Writing skills differentiate between an average and an excellent student.

AI-Based paraphrasing tools to improve your writing skills as a student

Why you should improve your writing skills?

If you are a student looking to excel in your academic career, you should pay special attention to your writing skills.

 We have enlisted the benefits of improving your writing skills.

  1. They enhance cognitive ability
  2. They boast creativity and imagination
  3. They improve communication skills
  4. They broaden your knowledge base
  5. They guarantee academic success
  6. They help in getting a job

Why is writing so hard?

So far, we have discussed the importance of writing skills for students. But let’s be honest, writing isn’t an easy task. 

To write well, you need to work on argumentation, paragraphing, verbal reasoning, sentence structure, vocabulary, and linguistic versatility. Let alone foreigners, even natives struggle to write effectively in their local language. T

Learning these skills takes a lot of effort, that’s why most students struggle to write well. This is among the biggest reasons for increasing plagiarism among students. However, all is not black.

Paraphrasing Tools:

Paraphrasing tools are AI-Based online tools aimed at rewriting any content with no loss of meaning. The usage of cutting-edge NLP, natural language processing, enables them to understand the text, and its context and then rephrase it with ease.

The advanced tools can improve grammatical mistakes, sentence orientation, argumentation, and linguistic standards of writings to improve their readability. 

Every student should consult these tools to learn how to improve their writing skills. 

5 AI-Based paraphrasing tools to improve your writing skills as a student:

To help students overcome this hurdle, we have compiled a list of the Top 5 AI-based tools which can improve your writing skills.


Paraphrasingtool.ai is our first choice in this regard. The tool can rewrite and improve the content within no time.  Students can upgrade their manuscripts by using this tool.

It can alter your writing in 4 different modes.

  • Plagiarism Remover: least effective of all modes. It eliminates plagiarism by keyword substitutions.
  • Near Human:  It rewrites content like a human brain. It can change the keywords and the sentence structure.
  • Text Improver: An advanced mode. It focuses on enhancing the quality of a text by improving argumentation, sequencing, and quality of discussion.
  • Creativity: In this mode, the tool uses its creative license to completely alter a text from its source.
Paraphrasingtool.ai ai-based paraphrasing tools

The tool possesses a grammar and plagiarism checker so that students can verify the quality of their paraphrases. Additional features like summarizer and content generator can help the student to understand how to condense and expand any topic of discussion.

The interface is user-friendly, and the AI-Based paraphrasing tool is extremely easy to use.  It is available in free and premium versions; the free version can paraphrase 1000 words at once.

The critics call it the most complete paraphrasing solution available online. We recommend every student use this tool to practice different modes of rewriting with complete grammatical accuracy and 0% plagiarism.


Paraphraser.ai has been ranked second due to its ease of usage and linguistic diversity. The tool can rephrase the content in 3 different modes.

  • Low 
  • Medium
  • High
Paraphraser.ai ai-based paraphrasing tool for students

The complexity of the rewrite varies concerning the selected mode. The interface is simple, attracting students from all over the world.

For students wishing to write in multiple languages, this tool can give you translation and rewrite in more than 80 different languages. No other tool can match this number.

However, this is one of the many AI-Based paraphrasing tools that is not added with additional features like grammar checker, plagiarism checker, summarizer, etc.

We recommend students use this tool to learn writing. But they should always verify the output from other tools to know the quality of their work. It is available on laptops, PCs, androids, and IOs, you can access it from the device of your choice.


Aiarticlespinner.co is our third pick. It is among the tools with the most versatile writing modes. Students can use these transitions to add variety to their writing. It can teach you to simplify complex expressions and alter weak expressions.

It can write in the following modes

  • Human
  • AI Robot 
  • Plagiarism Remover
  • Grammar Checker
  • Sentence Structure

 It can help students to write in 20 different languages to attract a global audience for their published works.

However, it lacks supporting features like summarizers or content generators.

The free version can rephrase up to 5,000 words.


If you ask students which type of writing they find most troublesome, the overwhelming majority would choose essay writing. The essayrewriter.io is one of the AI-Based paraphrasing tools that has been developed to cater to this need.

It can rewrite your entire essay and make it better by adding paraphrasing, unique style, tone variation, and strong argumentation required for a quality essay.


The interface is extremely simple. You only have to add input content on the left tab, click the paraphrase option and you would get the result in the right window.

 The tool can write your assignments with equal ease. By using it right, you can learn a lot. 

This is one of the AI-Based paraphrasing tools that have no premium version available, everything is completely free. However, this tool lacks paraphrasing modes; you only have to contend with one-way traffic. The tool also lacks additional features like a summarizer, content generator and plagiarism checker, etc.


The last but certainly not the least, on our list is spinbot.com. The tool can do article spinning and paraphrasing as separate options.

The paraphrasing has 3 modes, from which students can benefit. It includes:

  • Shortest Paraphrase
  • Default
  • Longest Paraphrase

Students can practice how to expand and contract a topic while keeping the interest of their readers alive. The tool is available in premium and free options.

However, the only drawback lies in the lack of added features.  The makers should work on adding secondary features to make it more versatile.

Final Thoughts:

Writing is not something you can learn overnight. It takes conscious effort, persistence, and years of hard work to become an effective writer. In this day and age, students can use AI-Based paraphrasing tools to understand the intricacies of writing.

These tools can teach students about paragraphing, sequential arrangement, argumentations, verbal textures, and linguistic styles to help them become top-notch writers. These tools should be used as an aid instead of an escape.


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