Best Reddit Bar Exam Study Tips: All you need to know

This article has been put together to provide the best Reddit bar exam study tips that will be of help to students preparing for such exams.

For most legal scholars, the bar exam is a stressful experience. This pressure can cause bar examiners to frantically search the Internet for “hidden keys” to passing the bar exam.

Unfortunately, there is no single key to passing the bar exam. However, you can use good information from the internet to prepare for the bar exam.

This article has collected the top 10 bar exam prep tips from Reddit posts so you don’t have to waste your precious bar prep time looking for them!

best Reddit bar exam study tips

What you need to do before you start studying

Before we dive into the best Reddit bar exam study tips which is what this article is about, we have listed some of the general tips that will help you put yourself together properly before you begin your preparation properly.

Eliminate distractions beforehand.

Clean up your schedule. Learn how you work best. Plan when you get up, when you study, where you study, and even how you study. Make a calendar of what you want to study and when.

Decide if you want to start studying early.

It depends on what works best for you. Most students will benefit from starting to study early as it gives them the opportunity to study a particular topic as many times as possible until they understand it well.

Create awareness in your family and among your friends.

Taking the bar exam is a very huge feat. Tell your family and friends in advance that you won’t be able to do as much, go out or stay as much as you used to! If possible, ask for help with some of the time-consuming tasks you normally do.

Also, if you can’t hang out every weekend or have to miss a few parties, let them know so they don’t get hurt. By warning them in advance, you can increase awareness and reduce or eliminate external stress.

Take a break from work.

Remember to take time off if possible. If you cannot reduce your working hours significantly, it is important to start studying early so that you can catch up.

Create a study plan.

You will feel better when you do this. If you’re taking a corporate course, they can give you a timetable. But even in this case, you should make sure that it meets your real needs. You may find it helpful to create your own schedule

This helps you feel in control, reduces anxiety and tells you what to do when you sit down and study.

Realize that it’s okay not to blindly do everything your classes tell you.

Dome people do not learn like others. Individuals have different ways of learning and understanding things. It is okay to stay and study yourself and find out what works best for you. You do not need to do everything as it is thought in class.

The biggest regret for many newbies is blindly following the to-do list of the commercial courses and realizing a month before the exam that the pattern doesn’t really help them, and that they haven’t really effective retained much information.

Best Reddit Bar Exam Study Tips

  • Discuss your study plan with your employer and family in advance
  • Treat your bar exam like a job
  • Practice performance, essays and MBE questions
  • Maintain the rhythm of preparing for the bar
  • Bar Exam mnemonics
  • Include exercises to prepare for the bar
  • Be in possession of everything to need
  • If you don’t remember a rule, write yours
  • Same mark for each question
  • Plan the logistics of the exam in advance

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#1. Discuss your study plan with your employer and family in advance.

Preparing for the bar exam can be stressful and stressful. That’s why it’s important to discuss your study plans and schedule with your employer and family before preparing for the bar exam. You must have time to prepare effectively for the bar exam without interruption.

The last thing you want is for your employer to ask you to complete a time-consuming and stressful project while preparing for the bar exam.

Tell your employer and your family when and how you plan to study, and you will get their support in good time! Support from your employer and family can make bar preparation easier and not very stressful

#2. Treat your bar exam like a job.

Here’s one of the best bar exam tips we’ve found on Reddit! If you want to be successful at the bar, consider bar preparation as a full-time job! When preparing for the bar exam, you should consider studying at certain times each day and plan your life around your study schedule.

Eight hours of uninterrupted exercise is a good daily goal. As with your job, it’s a good idea to have the same start and end time every day. If your bar exam starts at 8:30an, it is best to start studying at that time.

If you study for 10 weeks, following this type of schedule usually allows you to take 1-2 days off per week. Think of the bar exam as work, and it will help you study more efficiently and effectively.

This is one of the best bar exam study tips that was found on Reddit. See the following Reddit post for details.

#3. Practice performance, essays and MBE questions.

When preparing for the bar exam, one must learn the rules and exceptions. However, many students taking the exams forget that applying the law is just as important as remembering it.

Your raw memorisation is not tested in the bar exam. However, it tests your ability to systematically apply certain hypothetical facts to the law.

Writing and preparing for essays and graded exams and practising multiple-choice questions is the best way to learn how to apply facts to the law.

You should practice timing so that you can allocate the right amount of time to read the MBE, analyze and select the correct answers, and write the answers for the essays or performance tests.

Ultimately, practising is important in improving your skills and it will also build your confidence to do well on the bar exams.

See the following Reddit post for details.

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#4. Maintain the rhythm of preparing for the bar.

You may have heard it before, but preparing for the bar exam is a marathon, not a sprint. You must pass the preparation period for the bar exam. You learn a lot in bar prep, and you can’t learn everything at once.

It is best to study the material in sections and then do practice questions to reinforce your understanding of the material. You can then move to the next material and repeat. As you move from topic to topic, always keep what you’ve learned in mind so you don’t forget information.

See the following Reddit post for details.

#5. Bar Exam mnemonics

To pass the bar exam, you need to memorize a lot of information. One of the best ways to help you remember and recall information quickly and efficiently during the bar exam is bar exam mnemonics. For example, TTIP is one of the most popular mnemonics that should be in the bar exam taker’s mind.

TTIP is an acronym which means; T = Time, T = Title, I = Interest, and P=Possession. You can read more here.

#6. Include exercises to prepare for the bar.

Practising is good, and another thing you need is good exercise while preparing the bar exam. This is an important factor in retaining the knowledge the bar requires.

Also, you need to exercise as it will help reduce anxiety before the bar exam. Both bar preparation and the bar exam are physically and mentally demanding, and you need to do everything you can to stay healthy along the way.

Incorporating exercise into your bar study routine is a good idea because it forces you to make exercise a part of your routine.

Exercising can help reduce stress and anxiety and increase stamina, making bar prep more efficient. Ultimately, this makes the long and stressful days of the bar exam more manageable.

This is one of the study tips that was found on Reddit on how to prepare for the bar exam. See the following Reddit post for details.

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#7. Be in possession of everything to need.

About a week before the bar exam, it is important that you make sure that you have gotten everything you need. Set aside the items and clothes you plan to bring with you (and make sure they meet all the dress codes!).

What you can bring to the bar exam varies from state to state, so be sure to list what you can and can’t bring to the bar exam! Your items should usually be placed in a clear plastic bag.

Some of these items may include earplugs, watches (often analogue), pens, #2 pencils, pencil sharpeners, certificates of admission, and ID cards. Also, if you want to connect them to your laptop during the exam, be sure to bring your laptop, charger, and possibly a mouse and/or keyboard.

Also, bring water and healthy snacks if possible. If there is a flexible dress code, wear something that is loose and comfortable and sneakers to the bar exam. Layered clothes are also recommended so you can take them off when it’s hot or put them on/over when it’s cold in the exam room.

#8. If you don’t remember a rule, write yours.

The obvious way to score zero points on the bar essay questions is to leave the questions blank. One of the reasons you may leave a question is not knowing the answer to the question or not having the time to answer it. That’s why practising under timed conditions is important during your preparation.

However, if you notice a problem while doing the essay questions but can’t remember any part of the rules, don’t panic! You need to take a moment, take a deep breath, and come up with a rule that matches the hypothetical fact. By doing this, you give yourself the chance that the evaluator will give you the points that you were able to spot problems, analyze the facts, and draw.

You can even write a partially correct rule and get the highest score on the question! So if you don’t remember some rules when writing your essay, write a rule that fits the fact model as you would have done with the correct rule and analyse it!

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#9. Same mark for each question.

Make sure you do not get attached to any of the questions during the exam. This works for multiple choice, essay, and performance tests! All multiple choice questions are graded the same except for the 25 ungraded MBE questions.

In addition, all papers are graded in the same way. Finally, assuming you are in the UBE jurisdiction, both performance tests score the same. In most UBE jurisdictions, you need to use  30 minutes for essays; 90 minutes for performance tests and about 1 minute 48 seconds for each MBE questions.

The best way to make sure your time doesn’t get in the way on the road to the bar exam is to practice times performance tests, multiple-choice questions, and essays before the exam. In this way, you will learn to read, process and select multiple-choice answers, and to outline and write down your answers to essays and performance tests in the allotted time.

See the following Reddit post for details.

#10. Plan the logistics of the exam in advance

If you plan to take the bar exam abroad or far away from your state, it is best to book accommodation before preparing for your exam. It is best to find a hotel within walking distance of the hotel where you will take the bar exam. This will save you anxiety on test day as you won’t have to worry about parking and traffic.

Alternatively, you can leave lunch in your hotel room. During your lunch break, you can quickly go back to your room, eat and go back to the exam without wasting time.

It is also recommended to arrive a few days before the bar exam, especially if your exam venue distance is in a far place. This will help you adjust to a new area and possibly a new time zone before taking the bar exam.

See the following Reddit post for details.

We hope that this article on the best Reddit bar exam study tips was of help. do well to apply everything you have read here to get the result you need.


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