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In order for you to be able to be considered for admission at Brown University, it is very important to understand the acceptance rate and include the most vital admission requirements before submitting your application.

Therefore, the purpose of this article is to give you an idea of ​​the selectivity of admission and admission requirements at Brown University.

Brown University was established in 1764, making it one of the oldest universities in the United States. It is located in Providence, Rhode Island, 45 miles south of Boston. The acceptance rate is quite high compared to other schools that offer the same quality education as Brown.

To understand the pros and cons of Brown University, this article has been compiled to help you understand how selective Brown University is by providing information about the Acceptance rate.

Brown University Acceptance Rate

About Brown University

According to Wikipedia, Brown University is a private Ivy League research university located in Providence, Rhode Island. Brown University was founded in 1764 as a college in the British colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation.

It is the seventh oldest university in the United States and one of nine colonial colleges founded before the American Revolution.

From the beginning, Brown University was the first university in North America to accept students without considering their religious affiliation. The university has the oldest applied mathematics program in the United States, the oldest engineering program in the Ivy League, and the third oldest medical program in New England.

The university was one of the first U.S. institutions to award doctorates in the late 19th century, and masters and doctors were added in 1887. In 1969, Brown approved his open curriculum after student lobbying.

Brown’s admission into different programs is one of the most selective in America. In 2022, the university reported a first-year student acceptance rate of 7%.

Why choose Brown University from the Ivy League?

The prestigious Ivy League schools encompass 8 highly rated universities in the USA. They are considered some of the best universities and colleges not only in the US but also in the world.

Whether you’re a parent or a student researching the best schools, there’s no doubt you’ve seen or heard of Brown University at least once.

Before doing any research, you may have heard of some of the best known and most popular Ivy League schools, such as Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. With other colleges in the spotlight, you may be wondering, “Why Brown?”

Here are some of the things you need to bear in mind.

The open Curriculum offered by Brown encourages students to explore their interests.

Through Brown University’s open curriculum, students are free to explore the university’s various majors and subjects by testing a variety of courses. You are not bound by any basic course that dictates the course you want to take.

Even if you have chosen you’re the major you would want to take, you will still have the opportunity to test a variety of other subjects. According to how they are set up, you are responsible for your university education.

The Unique culture at Brown.

All in all, Brown’s students are full of creative, open, curious, intelligent and hard-working people. Even by Ivy League standards, a student who ends up at Brown is not an ordinary student.

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The campus is a perfect size.

Fortunately, Brown has found the perfect balance between a small school with little supplies and a large school with too many students. Brown University has just under 9,000 students and is perfect for students who want to achieve that balance.

This is reflected in class sizes, most of which are under the 20 students in number, providing a collaborative learning environment that is intimate.

There is diversity in the student body.

If you are interested in exploring and experiencing a different culture without leaving the country, Brown is the right place for you to go. Students from more than 100 different countries study here. Furthermore, Brown is among the highest in terms of racial diversity, even among Ivy League schools.

Endless off-campus activities and entertainment.

You will find enough restaurants, cultural centres, cafes, museums, shops, libraries and much more without worrying about polluted and crowded cities. When visiting the city, be sure to bring a student card. You never know the kind of opportunities that can be out there for you as a Brown student! You need all the discounts you can get as a student who is always in need of money

Is Brown University a good school?

Brown University, while not as famous as some of the most popular Ivy League schools, is still one of the best schools in the country. In fact, as we mentioned earlier, it is currently one of the top 15 universities. There is no doubt that Brown is an excellent school with great offerings, opportunities and resources for students.

How hard is Brown University?

As a famous Ivy League school, Brown University is undoubtedly a challenging school. However, there are some features that make it a little easier than other universities.

First, the Brown University acceptance rate is higher than many of the more demanding Ivy League series. Second, the open curriculum gives students more freedom to choose subjects in which they are genuinely interested, which facilitates success.

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What Is The Brown University Acceptance Rate?

Brown University is one of the most highly competitive institutions with relatively low acceptance rates compared to how people rush to apply. To be one of the few accepted among the many applicants, your application must stand out from the crowd and meet the minimum requirements for the next freshman class.

Brown University currently has an acceptance rate of 7% and a GPA of 4.0 or higher. All students coming to Brown must submit an SAT or ACT score.

Details about Admissions at Brown University

Brown University acceptance rate is very high at 7% as we have mentioned. Students admitted to Brown have an average SAT score of 1440-1560 or an ACT average of 33-35. Brown’s standard application period is January 5th. Interested students can apply for early admission decisions. The deadline for the early admission decision to Brown University is November 1st.

Brown is looking for students with a strong curiosity and desire to make an impact. To determine which 7% of talented and successful applicants would best meet this criterion, the university avoided all model evaluations and instead embarked on a complete holistic application process.

According to Brown’s application office, this process forces them to explore how each applicant promotes and benefits from Brown’s vibrant academic, community and recreational activities. They look at how your unique abilities, achievements, energy, curiosity, perspectives and personality fit into Brown’s ever-changing tapestry. “

Brown listed the following eight categories as “very important” for the admission process: high school record, talent/ability, character/personality, classroom grades, GPA, standardized test scores, essays, and references.

The following are rated as ‘’important’’; extracurricular activities rated, including interviews, first-generation status, geographical residence, legacy status, state residence, race/ethnic status, volunteering, work experience and legacy status.

  • 95% of accepted students are among the top 10% of their classes in high school.
  • Students from all 50 U.S. states are accepted.
  • 17% of students who are admitted are the first in their family generation to attend the school.
  • There are 1,703 high schools represented among the admitted students – 58% of the admitted students come from public schools, 31% come from private schools and 11% come from parochial schools.
  • 55% of accepted students are people of colour.
  • 69% plan to apply for scholarships and other forms of financial aid.

Studies show that even with these current statistics, Brown’s acceptance rate continues to decline, even as competition intensifies. It is important to understand the entry requirements.

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Academics at Brown University offer?

Brown University offers dozens of majors. All students must complete 120 credits in 30 courses to graduate from this university.

This includes their basic sciences and arts courses. Brown has an impressive 6: 1 student-to-staff ratio. In addition, 70% of classes have less than 20 students.

Brown also has a high retention rate, which is a good indicator of student satisfaction. 98% of students graduate from this college. Some of the most popular majors are modern culture, French and Francophone studies, development studies, Hispanic Literature and Culture, and media.

Each school year begins on September 6th and ends on or about May 19th.

What are the admission requirements for Brown University?

To be one of the happy 7.% of Brown applicants, you must first submit a complete application that includes:

  • Complete the Common Application, answer Brown’s additional questions, and pay the $75 application fee.
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • SAT Subject Test scores from two tests
  • High school transcript, including grades, GPA, and class rank.
  • Forms from Guidance Counsellor
  • Graded paper from a humanities or social studies class
  • Two letters of recommendation from teachers of academic core subjects
  • Submission of introduction video or conduct face-to-face interviews with alumni

What Is The Brown University Acceptance Rate for International Students?

The general brown university acceptance rate is 7% and that is the same for international students.

The International Students Resources website has links and information on support services that will give you an idea of ​​what to expect as a Brown prospective international student.

There is no separate application for foreign applicants. Fill out an application that matches your status as a first-year or transfer student. You must indicate your citizenship status to be the same as the one in the passport that you will enter the US with.

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Brown University Undergraduate Tuition Fees

Brown’s annual tuition is $77,490. However, this figure applies to the spring and autumn semesters and includes all participation costs. This amount includes everything from tuition and textbooks to rooms, etc., and there are little few reserves for personal expenses.

Brown is proud to offer a generous package of financial aid that is completely debt-free. This means that the average student has to pay less to get an education in college. The school said it meets 100% of its student needs each year.

Below is an overview of the what it will cost you to attend:

Total Cost$38,745$38,745$77,490

How to apply for admission to Brown University?

In particular, you can send an application to Brown through an online application through The Common Application. The online system will guide you through submitting confirmation information that matches your freshman or transfer candidacy.

The Common Application is required to be completed by the first-year student as stated by Brown University. Please read the Apply section before beginning the application process. There you will find questions about Brown’s essay.

If you do not stay in the US, see the International Applicants section to be able to go through with your application.

Furthermore, the Resumed Undergraduate Education Program is for those who have stayed out of school for the past six-year, it is a program you may want to consider.

Brown University Acceptance Rate FAQs

Below are a few questions and answers students frequently about Brown’s admissions and other related thoughts on the academics and acceptance trends at the university.

What are the trends for Brown University’s acceptance rate from 2017-to 2021?

The admission trends for Brown University 2017-2021 are as follows:

  • 2017-18: 8.49%
  • 2018–19: 7.67%
  • 2019-2020: 7.07%
  • 2020-2021: 7.67%
  • 2021-2022%

What scores do you need to get into Brown University?

Students with ACT scores of 31-35 or SAT scores of 1460-1570 are admitted to Brown University.

How to get into Brown University?

The application process at Brown University is simple and comprehensive. This process includes submitting resume information forms, writing personal essays, following deadlines, completing and passing standardized exams, and ensuring that your school provides teacher recommendations and academic information.

How do international students apply for admission to Brown University?

International students can apply to Brown University through the Common Application as Brown stated that there are no other forms of application required.

How do international students apply for scholarships after entering Brown University?

If an international student is denied a scholarship application when applying to Brown University, he or she may apply for a college scholarship if:

  • Death of the parent who is responsible for fee-paying
  • Civil War in the student’s home country
  • Geological natural disasters in the student’s home country affecting the student’s family.

Does Brown University offer housing for students?

Yes, there are 11 residence halls for first-year students, 22 residence halls for second-year students and off-campus housing options offered by Brown

When are the admission deadlines at Brown University?

You must apply no later than 11.59 (applicant’s local time) on November 1, if you are applying for the early decision. The deadline for general decisions is 11:59 on 2 January (local time of the applicant).

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