Outstanding Cheapest Universities in Toronto for International Students

Are you on the search for the cheapest universities in Toronto for international students with a cheap and slightly affordable budget?

Do you want to study in Toronto but have some financial constraints to foot your academic bills? Do you want a way out of ditching your academic dreams?

Here’s an all-inclusive guide that gives you direction on how to study in cheap and affordable universities in Toronto.

These schools have a tuition cost lower than most universities in the state.

Also, we have included links that will help you visit the school official website once you’ve made a choice of instituition.

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Cheapest Universities in Toronto for International Students

Toronto Overview

Toronto is the capital of Ontario, Canada.

The city is more of an urban than a rural settlement.

Many regard it as a safe haven for travellers, especially for aspiring international students.

The country is blessed with so much goodness, one of which is the presence of world-class universities.

Each year, these universities keep drawing the attention of international students.

Therefore, it’s one of the most popularly applied study abroad states in Canada.

If you are an international student wishing to study in Toronto and want to do so without paying a lot, then you should consider the cheapest universities in Toronto.

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Is Toronto Good for International Students?

Toronto is one of Canada’s blissful states full of many prospects and contacts.

It’s more likely to say that Toronto houses a lot of “people’s want” whether it is in visual art, fashion, journalism, cinema or photography.

Besides its physical and natural attractions, here are a few reasons why studying in Toronto wouldn’t be a bad idea;

In Toronto, chances are that students have a higher range of succeeding due to numerous possibilities that attract international students.

The city is so vast that it houses plenty of incredible options for creative students.

Students get to volunteer work or go from internships to real-time jobs.

Also, some Toronto universities have blogs and journals which helps students participate and develop experiences.

Also, Toronto is home to a unique and intriguing culture.

Most students find the state’s culture very fascinating.

Also, if you love art and visuals, Toronto bids you welcome.

You can visit Nuit Blanche from time to time for various exhibits and exhibitions throughout the city. 

That’s a lot of inspiration for an art maker.

Aside from that, academically, Toronto has a lot of knowledge to offer international students and most of these universities are some of the cheapest in the world.

Studying in Toronto universities is one way to foster your career and increase your knowledge and experience for a job in the future.

So no matter how you view it, Toronto is a good place for you to study. 

Different schools in Toronto have a lot of courses under different programs and levels.

However, below is a list that international students study more in Toronto universities;

  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Business

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What are the Necessary Documents for Applying to Toronto Universities?

When applying to the universities in Toronto you need to put together the essential and required documents.

And depending on the level of program you’re applying to, the requirements will definitely vary.

Undergraduate students have different application requirements from masters and PhD students applying to any of the Toronto universities.

Also, depending on the university you’re applying to they may have university-specific requirements.

However, below you will find a general list of the requirements you need to apply to Toronto Universities as an international student.

Undergraduate Student Application Requirements

International students applying for undergraduate programs must provide the following;

  • Proof of senior/Grade 12 equivalent studies. 
  • Proof of English language proficiency through tests such as IELTS or TOEFL. This is a requirement for international students who do not have English as their first language.

Graduate Student Application Requirements

For graduate programs, the documents differ by department and university. 

Therefore, we recommend you look up this information on the websites of universities and programs you are interested in.

How Much Does It Cost For International Students to Study in Toronto?

In Toronto, international students do not pay the same as residents.

Annually, international students get to pay tuition anywhere between $7,262 to $26,909 (CAD 10,169 to 37,680). 

This fee excludes other fees such as fees for books and lodging. 

To some international students, this fee is on the high side, that’s why a lot of you look out for universities in Toronto with a cheap and affordable cost.

However, if Toronto is far-fetched, you might want to know How to Study in Canada for Free or you can take the US counterpart by knowing How to Study in the UK for Free.

Either way, it will help you study at a low cost.

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10 Cheapest Universities in Toronto For International Students

Here are some of the affordable universities in Toronto;

#1. Seneca College

  • Year Established: 1967
  • Student Population: 11,000
  • Annual Tuition Fee: USD $7,262 
  • Location: 1750 Finch Ave E, North York, ON M2J 2X5, Canada

The Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology has campus branches throughout Toronto.

We have the Newham, York, King, Markham and Peterborough campuses.

Each offers its own unique programs.

Seneca College offers all program levels including certificate courses, diplomas, baccalaureate, and post-graduate degrees.

However, its major programmes are in Business and Health Sciences.

Courses such as animation, creative arts, media, biology, chemistry, English, and information technology are offered on the other campuses.

#2. Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD)

  • Year Established: 1867
  • Student Population: 4,000+
  • Annual Tuition Fee: USD $7,262 
  • Location: 100 McCaul St, Toronto, ON M5T 1W1, Canada

OCAD is one of the cheapest universities in Toronto for international students.

Over the years, it’s been the country’s largest and oldest school for art and design.

Just like the name signifies, its major degrees are in Fine Arts, Visual and Critical Studies, and Design.

These courses are open to undergraduates and graduate courses.

At the master’s level, courses are more focused on Art Media and Design, Criticism and Curatorial Practice, Strategic Foresight and Innovation, and Inclusive Design.

#3. George Brown College (GBC)

  • Year Established: 1967
  • Student Population: Not Specified
  • Annual Tuition Fee: USD $12,254 
  • Location: 3 full campuses in downtown Toronto (Ontario, Canada)

George Brown College is one of the institutions that came into existence as a result of the Ontario Government’s decision to adopt a community college system.

The University offers 35 diplomas, 31 advanced degrees, and 8 baccalaureate degrees.

GBC offers courses across various fields such as business, education, health science, and hospitality. 

All these at cheap tuition for international students.

With its cheap fees, it is regarded as one of the cheapest universities in Toronto for international students.

Depending on your course, you may be assigned to the GBC campuses in St. James, Waterfront, Casa Loma, and Ryerson University.

#4. Centennial College

  • Year Established: 1966
  • Student Population: 26,000
  • Annual Tuition Fee: USD $13,116 
  • Location: 941 Progress Ave, Scarborough, ON M1G 3T8, Canada

Another one of the cheap universities in Toronto is Centennial College.

Via its various campuses, the Centennial college offers over 260 programs spanning across diploma certificate courses, and bachelor, post-graduate and baccalaureate degrees. 

Some major courses at the university include; Information Technology, Nursing, and Public Relations Management.

Regardless of its cheap tuition, Centennial College is known for its technological innovations in the State and the world at large.

#5. Humber College

  • Year Established: 1967
  • Acceptance Rate:
  • Student Population: 20,000
  • Annual Tuition Fee: USD $8,356.00 to $27,300.00 
  • Location: 205 Humber College Blvd Etobicoke ON M9W 5L7 Canada

Humber College is a publicly-funded college that has in its archives 150 programs spread across 40 disciplines.

When compared with other universities in Toronto, Humber College offers more baccalaureate degrees.

Most of her undergraduate programs include; Applied Arts, Business, Commerce, Creative Advertising, Journalism, Music, Child & Youth Care, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Music, Public Relations, and Social Science.

The College has a lot of campuses, the one in Humber North and the Lakeshore campus.

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#6. Trent University

  • Year Established: 1964
  • Student Population: 11,000
  • Annual Tuition Fee: USD $15,272 

Trent University is a public university with a focus on liberal arts.

It’s one of the most affordable universities in Toronto.

This university uses the reputable Oxbridge college system and teaches students in small class sizes.

Trent has many colleges such as Catharine Parr Traill College, Champlain College, Lady Eaton College, Otonabee College and Peter Gzowski College.

Its tuition is very affordable making it enrols as one of the cheapest universities in Toronto for international students.

#7. Ryerson University

  • Year Established: 1847
  • Acceptance Rate: 25%.
  • Student Population: 15,000
  • Annual Tuition Fee: USD $27,218 to $36,610 
  • Location: 350 Victoria St, Toronto, ON M5B 2K3, Canada

We find this university along Yonge-Dundas Square.

Ryerson is one of the Best Business Schools in the World.

Ryerson offers a variety of degrees in courses such as accounting, finance, business management, retail, and hospitality management.

Its faculties houses various schools and undergraduate degrees

#8. York University

  • Year Established: 1959
  • Acceptance Rate: 27%.
  • Student Population: 77,000
  • Annual Tuition Fee: USD $26,975 
  • Location: 4700 Keele St, Toronto, ON M3J 1P3, Canada

2275 Bayview Ave, North York, ON M4N 3M6, Canada

York University is the third-biggest institution in Canada with a large student population as well.

This affordable university in Toronto has 11 faculties; Business, Law, Education, Health, Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, Engineering, Science, Environmental Studies, and Fine Arts. 

These faculties work together to offer 120 undergraduate degrees.

Despite the cheap tuition, the University offers high-quality education which places it well in many school rankings. 

#9. Tyndale University

  • Year Established: 1894
  • Student Population: 2,500
  • Annual Tuition Fee: USD $21,381
  • Location: 3377 Bayview Ave, North York, ON M2M 3S4, Canada

Tyndale was first established as a Bible Training School.

Following different merging with different other institutions, the university was renamed Tyndale University. 

At Tyndale, there are varieties of bachelor’s programs such as the one in Arts, Religious Education, and Education. 

However, it’s important that you know that this cheap university in Toronto is a theological school.

Therefore, it specializes in graduate degrees in Theology, Ministry, and Divinity.

So, if you’re looking for the cheapest universities in these courses, this is open to international students in Toronto.

#10. University of Toronto

  • Year Established: 1850
  • Acceptance Rate: 43%
  • Student Population: 20, 000
  • Annual Tuition Fee: USD $49,800 
  • Location: 27 King’s College Cir, Scarborough, Toronto

When we refer to the most prestigious institution in Canada, we refer to the University of Toronto.

Although it was first established as King’s College in 1827, it was renamed the University of Toronto in 1850.

The University of Toronto through its 18 faculties offer 700 undergraduate and 200 graduate programs.

U of T offers top-calibre education.

Also, there are a lot of Scholarships Offered by the University of Toronto For International Students. 

These scholarships are a means to help international students study for free.

Official School Website

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Without a doubt, you can agree with me that you can study in Toronto without breaking the bank.

Because it’s possible, go through the list of the cheap and affordable universities in Toronto we’ve made above and make a choice of institution and start your journey of studying that profession without thinking much about finance.


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