10 Best Acting Schools in the World 2023

Do you want to get information about the best acting schools in the world, or you want to apply to any of these schools as a domestic or international student, then this article will provide you with concise information about these film and drama colleges and universities.  

Before you apply for admission to any school, it is important that you research and get information about the school, so that you will get the right information about the school and stand a better chance of gaining admission to that school.  

With that being said, Stay Informed Group have researched and put together some of the best drama and acting schools in the world so that students around the world who are interested in applying to any of these schools will have the information they need before their application.  

Other individuals who are only reading this article for fun or just to know about these schools will also get the information they need.  

This article promises to be a helpful one as it contains a list of prestigious acting schools around the world, and we have also provided the official link that will lead to the official website of each school.  

This will help prospective students visit the official pages of their preferred school to access updated information and get information about application guidelines for successful application.   

You will also get information about why it is important to attend an acting school, how you can become an actor and whether or not you need to attend an acting school.  

Therefore, If you becoming an actor is something you want and you want to be a prominent person in the field, then you need to attend one of the best acting schools in the world.  

Continue reading as you are about to discover more. 

Best Acting Schools in the World

Why Acting Schools?

Acting and drama schools were established to build the best actors and actresses by impacting them with the right knowledge about acting and becoming professional in the field.  

The best institutions for acting and drama are mostly located in the United Kingdom’s popular city, London.  

If you want to become a professional who would be recognised around the world, then you need to study at one of the best acting schools in the world that have been listed in this article.  

It is in an acting school that you are thought how to manage the stage while acting, how to respond to different situations while acting. You will also learn what to wear and what not to wear for specific roles.  

These are some of the reasons why acting and drama schools were established and not to mention the fact that you will receive a certification that will provide you with many opportunities as producers will always prefer those that have certification(s)  

Best Acting Schools in the World  

Being talented is important if you are to become successful in acting, but to become a professional and improve your acting skills, you need to attend an acting school. When you attend any of the film and acting schools listed in this article you have positioned yourself for a successful career in the field of acting and you will become a significant personality in the acting industry.  

Many individuals choose acting as a career part and they start out by engaging in drama and likes. Acting is an art that needs to be taught and developed like every other career path.  

During acting, the director(s) instruct the directors on how the direction of the scene should go, and the actors should follow that path. Talented actors will end up performing their given role as though it is something happening in real life.  

Basically, most of the acting schools in the world were developed to teach actors all they need to know about acting and how they can use their knowledge in acting to further their careers.  

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What are the Best Drama Schools in the World?

Subsequently, you shall be seeing some of the best acting and drama schools and universities in the world. All you need to do is visit the official website of any of the schools that you want to know more about, to get other pieces of information like a tuition fee, available programs, application guidelines, admission requirements, etc.  

Best Acting colleges and universities the World

#1. Yale School of Drama, New Haven  

if you are to mention the best acting schools in the world then Yale School of Drama is being mentioned in the second position. This is a prestigious school that has been in operation since the 1900s. The school is located in New Haven, the state of Connecticut.  

This school, since its inception, has admitted students from different parts of the world and has been at the forefront when comes to helping students achieve their dreams in the acting field.   

This is one of the drama schools that provides a discount for students in the acting program.  

#2. Juilliard School, New York City  

The Juilliard School is one of the best acting schools in the world, and on the top when it comes to drama institutions in the USA. It is also considered the number one only on the list of the best performing arts institutions in the United States.  

The Juilliard School is located in the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York.  

Founded in 1905, the school has trained approximately 850 undergraduate and graduate students in theatre, music and dance.  

The competition to enter this best acting school is fierce, so only very talented people can enter this school at the end of the day.  

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3) Oxford School of Drama, Woodstock:  

The Oxford School of Drama in the United Kingdom is considered the third-best drama school in the world. The acting university is situated in Woodstock and offers some of the best programs in acting.  

The institute has served the country for nearly 26 years. The college of acting is very strict with their selection process as they only enrol 18 people for coursework.  

#4. National School of Drama, Delhi  

Established in 1969, The National School of Drama, Delhi has considered the 4th best acting University in the world in the ranking of the top 10 drama schools in the world.  

Delhi is a famous city in India, and many Indian actors are also citizens or settled there. As a well-known school in the drama field, it has provided society with many noble names that cannot be ignored.  

If you are interested in studying in this school, then you need to visit the official website and get more information and application requirements.  

#5. Carnegie Mellon School, Pittsburg  

The school at the 5th position among the best acting schools in the world is the Carnegie Mellon School in Pittsburgh. The college offers quality acting programs that has helped develop significant figure in the acting industry.  

Carnegie College was established in the 1900s and has been serving the country since then and imparting quality drama related education.  

This college is famous for its influence on quality education by introducing innovative ideas among the people studying in the college.  

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#6. Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London  

The Guildhall School of Music and Drama is a top school in the field of acting and drama. The school is recognised around the world and offered accredited programs in the field of music and drama. The college is considered the sixth-best performing university in the world.  

Many artists and talented people come to the School of Music and Art to receive a performance education. This school has influenced people’s deep understanding of acting band drama. This is why this school ranks among the best acting institutions in the world.  

#7. DePaul University, Chicago  

This acting institution of higher learning is at the 7th position amongst the best acting colleges in the world. The is school has existed for a long and has kept its streak of providing the best acting programs for students. The Institution was founded in 1898 and is open to students who have a passion for acting.  

This Performing arts school in Chicago enjoys a worldwide reputation.  

DePaul University in Chicago welcomes both domestic and international students to come study in the school.  

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#8. The Actor’s Studio, New York City  

The Actor’s Studio is occupying the 8th position among the best acting schools in the world. The school was established in New York City, USA. The school is offering some of the best acting and drama degrees to help students become professionals in the performance art industry.  

In most cases, the acting studio has witnessed many people coming to this school to get a bachelor’s degree in acting. The college provides students with a large number of ideas and quality acting education.  

#9. Mount View Academy of Theatre Arts, London  

Another prestigious school on this list is the Mount View Academy of Theatre Arts. This is one of the schools located in London that is focused on offering quality education in acting.   

This is one of the best acting colleges ranked ninth in the top ten best film acting schools in the world. This famous college was first founded in the year 1995 in England.  

The school trains new talents yearly who will go on to become successful in the film and acting industry. The school is widely recognised professionally to be a top school offering top education in the field industry.  

As the best performing school in the world, students from different fields come here to receive an education.  

#10. National Institute of Dramatic Art, Kensington (NIDA)  

The National School of Dramatic Art is considered the 10th most popular acting school in the world. The school offers top education in the acting and field of study. The school is located in the city of Sydney in Australia.  

The school has gone on to become a top school in the acting industry. The school acceptance rate was low during the time of its inception admitting only 23 students for the academic year.  

For the sake of career development, many people leave the comfort of their countries and come to college to receive a performing art education.  

Bonus: Royal Academy of Dramatic Are – One of the Best Acting Schools in te world

In the list of the best acting schools in the world, the UK royalty is ranked in no particular order.  

Royal Academy of Dramatic Art is a quality school that was founded in 1904. Besides being considered one of the best acting colleges in the world, it may also be one of the most difficult schools in the UK to enter.  

The name of this school was given for a reason as the school is of top quality and definitely a school with royalty. The school is effective in teaching as some classes only involve a teacher and up to three students. It is said that the Beatles are famous because their managers were trained by RADA who in turn has taught them how to play drama.  

If you can enter, you will definitely receive the attention of agents and casting directors after graduation.  

Frequently Asked Question About the Best Acting Schools in the World.

Here are a few questions and answers people ask concerning this topic; you can go through to understand more about the acting career and schools.

Is acting school worth it?  

It’s only worth taking three years of standard acting courses at any of the acting schools., everything else is a waste of time. No matter which acting, drama or theatre school you attend, so long as it is a recognized course, the most important thing is getting trained. Finding an acting job after graduating from drama school has never been more difficult.  

How long does it take to learn acting?  

A good number of master’s degrees at film and acting colleges and universities take up to three years to complete; for a master’s three to four years are the standard period required to complete the program.  

Do all actors go to acting school?  

Not all the actors went to an acting school. it is not a must that you must go to an acting school or university before you can become an actor. If you want to go to school to study acting, it will have a great boost to your career. Some actors have never attended acting school, but they do a good job. 

How hard is it to become an actor?  

There is some way through which if you look at it, you will see that becoming an actor is not difficult. You don’t need any preparation to join a local community or amateur theatre. However, as an actor, it is very difficult to pursue a sustainable career, and most people who try it cannot do it. 


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