Best 30 Travel Websites to Prepare for Your Dream Trip

Thinking of going on that long-awaited dream trip, you should know the top travel websites to prepare for your journey. 

It’s always nice to prepare for a trip. As a person, you need to prepare before travelling to a destination you have never visited. You need to plan your journey to avoid delays or disappointments.

It’s important you know where to go and how to get there within the expected time. Also, it’s important to find the best place to stay, eat, and relax while on your vacation. This is where travel websites come in to provide the comfort you need to enjoy a wonderful trip.

Stay with us as we list the best travel websites to prepare for your dream trip.

Travel Websites

What Is a Travel Website?

Travel websites are websites that provide travel reviews or trip fares. A travel website makes it easier for individuals to book their trips.

According to statistics, more than 1.5 billion people book travel in a year and 70% of those booking are done online. This show the importance of travel websites and how often people use these websites.

A travel website helps you avoid delays and journey-related issues. With travel websites, you can easily find tickets, hotels, shops, etc. Everything you need to make your journey stress-free is found on these websites.

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What Is the Purpose of a Travel Website?

A travel website offers valuable information that is related to local and international tourist destinations and lots more. When you want to go on a trip to a place for the first time, you need to know about the place. Through travel websites, you get to know more about your destination.

With travel websites, you can prepare and make reservations for hotels, restaurants, and transportation to make that dream trip memorable. These sites give you the relaxation you need when you are on a trip.

What Should a Travel Website Include?

Firstly, a travel website must provide adequate and accurate information for users to find their way in a new environment.

Secondly, a travel website must serve the purpose of being a guide to tourists and anyone else visiting a place for the first time.

A travel website must also include these;

  • A summary of a specific destination, including highlights of important places.
  • Hotel recommendations with web links to hotels, as well as booking sites.
  • Guide to arts and culture with museums, theatres, etc.
  • Packing tips
  • Public transportation information
  • Airport information
  • Important tips on language and local dialect
  • Maps and guide
  • Information about recreation and outdoor events

List of the Best Travel Websites to Prepare for Your Dream Trip

  • Skyscanner
  • Trivago
  • Rome2rio
  • HotelsWorld
  • WanderFinder
  • AlltheRooms
  • HotelTonight
  • Airbnb
  • HomeAway
  • CampAGlam
  • Couchsurfing
  • Lastminutetravel
  • Airfarewatchdog
  • AllegiantAir
  • Flightfox
  • Travelmath
  • Horizon
  • Uber
  • Turo Car Rental
  • SecretFlying
  • Wikitravel
  • Swissotel
  • Skiplagged
  • TripIt
  • Google Maps

We have listed the best travel websites for you to prepare for that dream trip. These travel websites are unique and provide various information to thousands of people. 

#1. Skyscanner

First on our list of travel websites to prepare for that dream trip is Skyscanner. This travel site is not known by many, but it’s one of the easy sites to start. Skyscanner combines multiple airlines and airline booking sites into an easy-to-find, easy to to use flight finder.

This travel website is unique with its easy-to-use and its search customization options. You can use Skyscanner to find an airline, flight duration, and direct flight and departure time.

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#2. Trivago

Trivago is a travel site that searches every major hotel booking site. Through Trivago, you can find the best hotel option in an area and the cheapest places to book hotels.

You can search for hotels by city, star ratings, or distance to a particular area. This is one of the best travel websites for you to prepare for that dream trip.

#3. Rome2rio

Rome2rio is a unique travel site that provides transport information and also makes travelling easier for a lot of people.

With Rome2rio, you have everything in one place and you are likely not to search for other travel sites to research and compare travel options.

#4. HotelsWorld

HotelsWorld has thousands of properties in over 160 countries across the world. When you are on a trip and need a place to stay, HotelWorld provides several options for you.

Search for the perfect place that suits your taste and style in any location you find yourself.

#5. WanderFinder

If you are looking for the perfect place to suit your taste and style, WanderFinder got you covered. WanderFinder is what you will call a vacation matchmaker.

This travel website categorizes vacations by budget, climate, and all kinds of activities. The site gives you what you want based on your preference.


Booking is a travel site that provides services based on an individual’s interest. This travel website is organised into categories that include everything from vacations close to a theme park to top travel destinations.

In general, booking also facilitates online communication in popular cities. This simply means you can connect and interact with travellers on the road.


Tripzard is a travel website that offers services to thousands of travellers. It assists you with the planning of your journey to your preferred destination. With Tripzard, you can schedule your trip with ease.

This travel site helps you plan for vacations based on your preference, budget, interest and lodging preferences.

#8. AlltheRooms

AlltheRooms is a travel site that aggregates deals from several websites. They show these deals from multiple websites in one place.

Through this travel website, you can choose your preferred hotel rooms, vacation rental homes, apartments, cabins, bed and breakfasts, boats, as well as non-traditional accommodations.

#9. HotelTonight

Next on our list of the best travel website to prepare for your dream trip is HotelTonight. This is a travel website that offers day-of-last-minute deals at hotels.

HotelTonight provides services to thousands on vacation.

#10. Airbnb

This is one of the top travel sites currently used by thousands of people who need to find accommodation in cities across the United States. Airbnb is a popular travel site where people find apartments and homes to rent.

With Airbnb, you can find your preferred apartment, whether it’s a tree house or a gipsy camper, whatever you need can be found on Airbnb. If you think of relaxation for that dream trip and need to prepare for it, Airbnb is one of the best travel websites for you.

#11. HomeAway

If you are not interested in staying in hotel rooms and wants a house instead, HomeAway is the right place to look. It’s quite understandable for people to not be interested in staying in a hotel room. Perhaps booking a house is more conducive for them.

If you prefer a house over a hotel room while on vacation, then you should visit HomeAway. This travel website lists beach houses, condos, cabins and lots more.

#12. CampAGlam

CampAGlam or “glamping” is a globally recognized directory for luxury campsites. This travel website is designed for people who love and enjoy spending more time in the wilderness.

Glamping lists tipis, log cabins, tents, vintage caravans, etc.

#13. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is considered one of the riskier housing options as it allows travellers to spend nights with other travellers.

However, it’s safe for travellers to spend the night with others. This is because the Couchsurfing community provides a safe and supportive environment for everyone.

#14. is a travel site that offers services to individuals searching for resorts, vacation rental properties, and hotels. This travel site also offers deals to its users.

For instance, if you use this travel website more often, you can sign up for rewards to increase your stay.

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#15. Lastminutetravel

If you have planned for months for a vacation idea and never got to buy the tickets, you may want to check out offers on Last Minute Travel.

This travel website offers deals on hotels on short notice and the exciting part of it all is that members get more savings.

#16. Airfarewatchdog

Airfarewatchdog is a travel site that offers deals on airfare to users. Through this travel site, you can get the best deals on airfare by searching and comparing rates on different websites.

In addition, you can also set up alerts for deals on flights to specific destinations.

#17. AllegiantAir

Allegiant Air makes it to our list of best travel websites to prepare for your dream trip. It offers low fares, all-jet service and premier travel partners.

If you are looking for low-cost flights, Allegiant Air got you covered.

#18. Flightfox

If you have been searching for the best deals on airfare, then you should consider visiting Flightfox. Flightfox is a marketplace where flight experts assist individuals to get the best deals on airfare.

#19. Travelmath

With the Travelmath Trip calculator, you will be able to compare distance, time and cost of driving with flying.

The Travelmath Trip calculator compares the difference between driving and flying.

#20. Horizon

Horizon is more about the community and connecting friends. Through Horizon, you get to find a place more like a community with friends and people you can trust.

#21. Uber

Uber is available in more than 60 countries and 400 cities across the world. In general, Uber is cheaper, more reliable and comfy than taxis.

You can easily get around with an Uber when you are on vacation.

#22. Turo Car Rental

Turo car rental allows individuals to rent from people instead of a rental car company. This makes it easier for you to rent cars and you can do so in over 56 countries across the world. 

#23. SecretFlying

Secret Flying is a travel website where you can find cheap flight deals. These flight deals are found by Secrets Flying and they are posted on their website. Once Secret Flying finds a flight deal, they post it on their site and all you have to do is follow the link to book your flight.


Cruise Sheet is one of the best travel websites for anyone to prepare for a dream trip. This travel site offers cheap cruise fares by crawling the web.

According to statistics, Cruise Sheets tracks more than 20,000 cruises. They do this to find the best and cheap cruise fares for you.

#25. Wikitravel

Wikitravel is considered an excellent resource for knowing about your preferred destination culture. It serves as a guide on how to find your way around, know which local food to taste, as well as safety tips.

#26. Swissotel

Swissotel is a guide to worldwide etiquette. This travel website is a guide that describes the do and don’ts for all culture. 

What are the things am not allowed to do in a particular place as culture forbids it? This site will keep you updated with all you need to about cultures and more.

#27. Skiplagged

Skiplagged is a travel site that offers hidden city pricing. In addition, this simply refers to booking a flight where the layover city is your destination.

#28. Clear

This is one of those situations where you are verified at the airport with facial recognition. Clear uses facial recognition to verify travellers at the airport irrespective of airline boarded.

#29. TripIt

TripIt is a travel organizing application that transforms all flights, rental car confirmation emails, and hotels into a master itinerary. 

#30. Google Maps

And the last on our list of travel websites to prepare for your dream trip is Google Maps.

With Google Maps, it’s much easier to find important places in a location you are visiting for the first time. Google Maps are handy to find directions to places and the time to get to each location.

It’s also important you Google a location before you begin your journey.


A dream trip well planned prevents hassle and disappointment. These travel websites make things easier for everyone. Through these travel sites, one could make reservations for hotels, transportation, restaurants, etc.

Statistics show that over 1.5 billion people book travel in a year and 70% of these bookings are online. Travel websites are there to offer and provide services to thousands if not millions of people.

We hope this guide on the best travel websites to prepare for your dream trip was helpful.



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