Women in Business Equal Pay Scholarship at Nexford University 2020

There are tons of scholarships open for application in the month of November 2020, and one of  those scholarships is Women in Business Equal Pay Scholarship at Nexford University.

Women in Business equal pay scholarship is offered bye the Nexford University in Washington DC, USA.

If you are an international student and you are a woman you should try out the scholarship.

This content will encompass the brief scholarship introduction, host nation of the scholarship, eligible countries of the scholarship, scholarship benefits, eligible study field, and application guidelines which would help you to apply and win the scholarship.

After reading the information in this content, it is important that you visit the official website which will be made available at the bottom of the content to officially apply for the scholarship.

Brief Women in Business Equal Pay Scholarship Data

As described by the sponsors of the scholarship, Women in Business Equal Pay Scholarship – Equal Pay Day is when women symbolically start to work for free. Women are 51% of the worlds population, so they are giving women 51% of degrees.

Women in Business Equal Pay Scholarship


Why Women in Business Equal Pay Scholarship at Nexford University?

A degree can open doors. At Nexford University, located in Washington DC, They believe that everyone should have the right to quality education. They are licensed in Washington DC by HELC and are accredited by ASIC, offering a 100% online BBA or MBA focused on the job skills needed for today’s workplace.

They are a global company who focuses on developing countries, they are looking to increase awareness of Nexford and enrol more learners.

They are offering/launching a Women in Business Scholarship during November, open only to women in light of the continued inequal pay between genders.

Host Nation

nexford University Scholarship

Nexford University, is a Washington DC based University, 100% online. They have offices around the world, working virtually. The scholarship is hosted in the Washington DC, USA.

Eligible Group

As they are an online university, they offer education globally, therefore every country is eligible. This implies that the scholarship is open to any student from any part of the world, so long as you are a woman and seeking an MBA or BBA degree program.

Eligible Study Field/Level

The WOMEN IN BUSINESS EQUAL PAY SCHOLARSHIP offered by Nexford University is on to students in MBA or BBA study program

Women in Business Equal Pay Scholarship General Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to apply for the scholarship you must:

  • Be a woman
  • Want to study an MBA or BBA and
  • Meet Nexford’s admission criteria.

Women in Business Equal Pay Scholarship Benefits: 

Women we are estimated to be 51% of the world’s population, cognizance of these Nexford University offers women the opportunity to obtain a BBA or MBA paying 51% less in tuition fee at the university.

They offer 51% off your BBA and MBA tuition!

Application Guidelines

To be able to apply for this scholarship it is important that you take notice of the information below:

Application will depend on your school/university grades, your level of English proficiency, your answers to the scholarship questions – your passion, creativity and drive.

Application Period and Deadlines

It is important that you apply as soon as possible, because the application period of this scholarship is not as long as other scholarships. The WOMEN IN BUSINESS EQUAL PAY SCHOLARSHIP at the Nexford University opens on 14th November and closes on 30th November.

Scholarships Links

It is important that you visit the scholarship official website to see further information about the scholarship, it’s sponsor and the tenable University. You can as well go straight to the application link and apply for the scholarship

Scholarship Official Website: here

Scholarship Application Link: here



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