10 Best Medical Supply Companies in 2023

In this article, you will discover the best and largest medical supply companies currently in existence. Analysis of different medical equipment and their sole purposes have been discussed thoroughly. 

If you intend to know more about the newest technology used to diagnose and treat patients in today’s healthcare system, then read this article to the end. Before we go further into more details, let us take a scope at medical supplies.

Best Medical Supply Companies

What Are Medical Supplies?

To have a better understanding of the main subject it will indeed be crucial to shed a little light on medical supplies. The proverb ‘Health is Wealth’ is a fine and constant reminder of how important staying healthy is. 

Getting the best and most affordable medical equipment is necessary for tackling health challenges collectively. Medical supplies keep the healthcare system functional and stabilize the rate of successfully carried out medical procedures.

Without medical supplies, simple medical procedures such as putting bandages on a sprained wrist or ankle, running a diagnosis on patients, and providing emergency medical attention will be impossible.

Every area in the medical field operates with medical supplies, from dentistry to ophthalmology, radiology, and gynaecology function effectively with them. Medical supplies can be used by paramedics, clinicians in a local clinic, opticians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals.

With the help of a medical supply, illnesses are diagnosed, treatment monitored, and the disabled are assisted. 

We have come to understand the essential need for medical supplies because of the Covid-19 Global Pandemic. The need for medical supplies at peak of the pandemic skyrocketed and medical supply companies were required to increase production.

Massive testing was carried out in different countries with testing kits and several human fluid samples were taken to conduct a series of tests. The Pandemic made the need for surgical masks to be essential among healthcare professionals and other persons in the medical field.

The need for medical supplies is important to areas with a reoccurring outbreak of infectious diseases as they can only be contained and treated with it.

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List of medical supplies 

Medical supplies range from medical equipment used in medical emergency services to surgeries etc. Most of these items are manufactured by medical supply companies.

  • Ambulance 
  • Antiseptic 
  • Oxygen mask
  • Surgical mask
  • Stethoscope
  • Eye chart
  • Pregnancy testing kits
  • Blood pressure monitor 
  • Resuscitator
  • Compression bandage
  • Paramedic
  • X-ray
  • Scalpel
  • Stretcher 
  • IV
  • Thermometer
  • Denture
  • Needle
  • Pill
  • Wheelchair
  • Defibrillator
  • Tweezers
  • Medical clamps
  • Crutch
  • Cane
  • Gurney

Diagnostic Equipment

Diagnostic equipment is a variety of medical tools used by healthcare professionals in hospitals to diagnose a patient’s illness. Once a patient describes the types of symptoms experienced, a fluid sample is taken and a diagnostic test is carried out by a trained healthcare technician.

To successfully run a diagnosis on the patients, the appropriate medical supplies are used to examine the internal organs of the patient. The diagnosis is performed to identify abnormalities in the affected organs or other parts of the patient’s body.

Most of the equipment used in diagnostic testing is manufactured by medical supply companies. Now let us look at some diagnostic equipment.

This diagnostic equipment is used in medical clinics and laboratories.

Medical imaging machines

To analyze the internal structure of the human body, laboratory technicians use a Medical imaging machine. This technology displays the interior of the human body for better medical evaluation.

Other medical devices that fall under the category of medical imaging include X-ray machines, ultrasound scans, MRI scans, CT scans, etc. Few other medical imaging tools such as stethoscopes, pulse oximetry, or dopplers can also perform diagnoses on patients. These few handy medical devices are manufactured by medical supply companies. 

Durable Medical Equipment

The healthcare system requires all the medical equipment and the workforce needed to keep it afloat. There is an endless list of medical equipment, each serving a particular purpose respectively.

Durable medical equipment is majorly used to give therapy to patients with traumatic conditions and illnesses. This medical equipment is designed to aid patients to rehabilitate from a traumatic experience as prescribed by a health professional

There are no limits as to where this equipment can be used. The equipment can be used in hospitals and at home to aid the patient in their rehabilitation process.

Below are types of durable medical equipment. Most of these are sold at the best medical supply companies. 

  • Manual or electric wheelchairs
  • Pressure mattresses
  • Hospital beds 
  • Walkers (canes, crutches, etc.)
  • Insulin pumps
  • Breast pumps
  • Traction devices 
  • Patients lift 
  • Nebulizers 
  • Bili lights and blankets
  • Kidney machines
  • Oxygen concentrations ventilators

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Life Support Equipment 

Patients in critical condition as a result of chronic diseases are kept on life support equipment. Trauma patients with GSW (gunshot wounds) are also put on life support equipment if their injuries are life-threatening.

If life support equipment were not in existence, patients with breathing difficulty, premature infants, and patients suffering from kidney failure would not have stood a chance to be alive.

Life-supporting equipment assists patients with these life-threatening injuries and diseases to recover. A variety of life-supporting equipment exists in today’s healthcare system.

A quick checklist on some life-supporting equipment.

Dialysis machine

Kidney diseases are common among middle-aged individuals. Dialysis is a medical procedure for extracting toxins from the blood of patients with kidney failure. When a patient is diagnosed with a kidney infection, the damaged organ is unable to function properly.

Dialysis is designed to assist patients with kidney diseases 


Naturally, newborns are delivered in the 9th month and premature infants are delivered earlier. Incubators are medical devices used to provide intensive care for premature newborns.

An incubator serves as a replica of the environmental condition and care, convenient for a newborn.

Heart-lung machine

During surgery, heart-lung equipment is used to keep the lungs and heart of patients functioning. This medical device controls blood circulation and oxygen in the patient’s body during surgery. 

Medical ventilators 

We are all familiar with ventilators during the peak of the Covi-19 pandemic. Ventilators are medical devices aimed at assisting patients to circulate breathable air in and out of their lungs.

Medical laboratory equipment 

These are equipment commonly manufactured by medical supply companies and used in laboratories or clinics. To successfully run a diagnosis on a patient, the laboratory technician or doctor takes fluid samples from a patient, and diagnostic tests are performed.

Here is a list of medical laboratory equipment commonly used in the healthcare system.

  • Urinalysis analyzers 
  • Drug testing analyzers 
  • Electrolyte analyzers
  • Haematology analyzers
  • Blood collection supplies
  • Blood gas analyzers
  • Chemistry analyzers
  • Coagulation analyzers 
  • Different counters
  • Microbiological system

5 Medical Device Companies 

Innovating ideas to treat medical conditions, illness, injuries, or congenital abnormalities, have been a task for physicians even before the medieval period. Progressing with time has also made the enhancement of medical devices more efficient.

Today, there are lots of medical devices serving various purposes in the medical field and these devices are manufactured by the best medical device companies.

#1. Medtronic

Medtronic is a medical device manufacturing company established in 1949 and its headquarters are located in the Republic of Ireland. Medtronic’s executive headquarters can be found in the U.S state of Minnesota where the company generates more of its profit. 

Medtronic became the largest medical device company in the world in 2018 and they operate in over 140 countries around the globe. The number of employees at Medtronic is estimated to be over 86,000 and the company operates by splitting into four units of businesses.

Medtronic minimally invasive therapy

Minimally invasive therapy is the company’s first business unit that involves robotics. Medtronic uses robotics to perform a more advanced minimally invasive surgery on its customers. Minimally invasive therapy intends to initiate up to 80 products, generating almost $4 billion.

Medtronic restorative therapies group

The restorative therapy group is the second unit. This unit utilizes strategies such as neural modulation in advancing restorative therapies.

Medtronic diabetes 

The diabetes unit is among the most important groups at Medtronic. This unit has managed to produce an insulin pump to aid diabetic patients to stay healthy.

Medtronic Cardiovascular

The cardiac unit is the largest and oldest unit. This unit specializes in electrical stimulation to manage and treat cardiac rhythm diseases.

We are not deviating from the main subject which remains 10 medical supply companies. Just scoping out the best medical device companies.

#2. Philips

Philips is a Dutch-owned company headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Philips is among the largest electronic enterprise globally and, it concentrates mainly on healthcare and lighting. 

The company started by producing carbon-filament lamps and other electrical products such as vacuum tubes and razors. Philips operates in over 100 countries with almost 75,000 employees.

Philips is among the companies manufacturing medical devices. The company’s healthcare consists of two major divisions, professional healthcare, and consumer healthcare. Philips initiated a healthcare business when it purchased Optivia Corporation and renamed it Philips Oral Healthcare. 

Philips bought other healthcare-focused companies to expand its dominance in the healthcare system. The company intends to fortify its position in non-invasive surgery and medical imaging.

Philips has been buying off companies producing medical devices and it invested about €1.61 billion in research and development. Clinical informatics, body imaging products, oral health products, and mother-child care products are among the healthcare products manufactured by Philips.

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#3. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is an American-owned multinational medical device company established in 1886. The company is headquartered in New Jersey and has over 250 subsidiary companies scattered in more than 175 countries globally.

Several companies are under Johnson & Johnson and the company is divided into three divisions. 

Consumer health

Johnson & Johnson consumer health is a division that concentrates mainly on products for baby care, hair skin, vision aiding devices, and oral health. 


Pharmaceuticals is the second division aimed at producing medication for the healthcare system. This division provides the necessary medications for the proper treatment of illnesses or diseases. 

Indeed Johnson & Johnson can be classified among medical supply companies.

Medical devices

Johnson & Johnson uses the majority of its resources to improve treatment and provide patients with the necessary medical aid. The company has prioritized engaging in technological advancement to produce new medical devices for patients.

#4. Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health is an American-owned healthcare company that was established in 1971. Its headquarters are located in Dublin, Ohio, and the Republic of Ireland. The company provides pharmaceuticals with other medical products and is committed to delivering cost-effective solutions to strengthen medical supply.

Cardinal Health Foundation is a charity organization owned by the company and through this foundation, the company donates more than $9 million annually throughout the globe. 

#5. GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare is an American-owned company established in 1983 and its headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois. Initially, GE Healthcare began as an electric company by producing X-ray machines. 

Currently, GE Healthcare is among the companies providing medical supplies and leading in the area of radiopharmaceuticals and diagnostic equipment in healthcare.

10 Medical Supply Companies 

Medical supply companies are responsible for providing every essential medical equipment needed in the healthcare system. In every medical field, medical supplies are needed to treat patients, run diagnoses, and manage and control illness. 

Now let us look at the largest medical supply companies in the world.

5 Largest Medical Supply Distributors

#1. AmerisourceBergen

AmerisourceBergen is an American-owned medical supply distributor and one among the finest in the healthcare system. With its headquarters located in Pennsylvania, AmerisourceBergen is one of the top dogs in medical supply.

The company produces up to 20% of all medical supplies sold and distributed in the U.S market. AmerisourceBergen also operates and distributes its products in 52 countries scattered all over the globe. 

#2. McKesson Corporation

McKesson is one of the most senior medical supply companies in the U.S and they wholesale surgical supplies, packaging, Gloves, Plasma syringes, etc.

McKesson headquarters are located in Texas and the company was established in 1883 initially as an importer and wholesaler of botanical drugs. Presently, it is estimated that McKesson provides more than 4,000 medical products in over 16 countries, employing up to 80,000 people and with a yearly turnover of $231.1 billion.

Henry Schein

Henry Schein is an American-owned medical distributor providing a wide range of medical products used in the healthcare system. In the International market, Henry Schein is considered the largest healthcare distribution.

Headquartered in New York and employing over 20,000 people globally, Henry Schein is involved with over 120,000 medical products and operates in more than 190 countries.

#3. Cardinal Health

We have previously shed a little light on Cardinal Health in this article.

Cardinal Health is one of the top medical supply companies in the U.S and a manufacturer too. The headquarters of Cardinal Health is located in Ohio and Dublin, Ireland.

Cardinal Health provides over 75% of medical products used in hospitals across the U.S.

#4. Pipeline Medical

Pipeline Medical is an American medical supply company in collaboration with the largest medical companies in the world to provide top-quality medical tools. 

Pipeline Medical is presently one of the fast-growing medical supply companies in the U.S.

#5. Baxter International

Baxter International is an American-owned healthcare company located in Deerfield, Illinois, and established in 1931. The company mainly concentrates on medical equipment to treat kidney diseases and other acute medical conditions. The 2017 sales at Baxter across BioScience and Medical Product were $10.6 billion.

The company’s BioScience business produces blood plasma proteins to treat patients with haemophilia or other bleeding disorders.

 The Baxter Medical Products business manufactures intravenous medical products and other products used intravenously to administer drugs to patients.

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Other Medical Supply Companies (online suppliers)

Vitality Medical

Vitality Medical is an American medical supply company offering over 100,000 medical products in 12 warehouses across the United States, but cannot ship to Hawaii or Alaska.

Save Rite Medical

Save Rite Medical provides lots of medical supplies at affordable prices and also offers discounts via its subscription program. Category of medical supplies available at Save Rite Medical includes diabetes supplies, breast pumps, durable medical equipment, enteral feeding pumps, gloves, insulin therapy, orthopedics, ostomy supplies, incontinence, etc.

Discount Medical Supplies

This is one of many medical supply companies that provides more than 20,000 medical supplies at affordable prices. The company offers various categories of medical supplies from daily living aids to wound care, respiratory, and urological. Lots of these medical supplies are available at Discount Medical Supplies.

Betty Mills Company

Betty Mills Company is one of the medical supply companies that provide various disposable medical supplies used in clinics or hospitals.

Some of the disposable medical supplies include items used for wound care, skincare, health and wellness, mattresses, respiratory-related products, and lots more. 

Allegro Medical

Allegro Medical is a medical supply company that specializes in orthopaedic supplies. The company sells almost 1,400 orthopedic supplies with a rating system aimed at assisting customers to make the best selection.


Medical supplies are essential to the health management of society. It would be impossible to remain healthy and treat illnesses without medications.

Infectious diseases, epidemics, or pandemics are contained with the aid of medical supplies, and there is an endless demand for these supplies in healthcare. 

Medical supply companies exist to provide healthcare professionals with the necessary medical equipment needed to perform essential medical procedures. \



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