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Google Apprenticeship Program and the requirements to get in have been discussed in this article. Read on to access the complete information.

It is obvious that Google has influenced the way we basically access information on a daily basis.

They support a variety of products, from maps to email to self-driving cars. Through its apprenticeship program, Google apprentices can learn about different fields and Google teams, as well as acquire qualifications and improve their skills.

The Google Apprenticeship program opens the doors to one of the most innovative technology companies on the market.

Google Apprenticeship Program

Does Google offer apprenticeships?

Yes, Google offers career apprenticeship programs based on Build Your Future with Google. These programs are available to people from all walks of life, religions and races around the world.

Currently, in the US, Google has internships in all major offices.

About the program

The Google Apprenticeship Program is one of the profound ways to move your career forward and gain more quality experience in 2022.

Most children’s dream is to work in a big company. You can achieve this dream by becoming an intern or apprenticeship at Google. During the program, you will gain more digital skills and earn a decent amount of money. Yes, these apprenticeship programs and internships are paid.

In this article, we explain everything you need to know about the 2022 Google Apprenticeship Program.

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Is this paid training?

Yes, all Google apprenticeships are paid and the participants receive a competitive salary package that includes benefits and stipends. The UK government must pay all apprentices the minimum wage.

The salary of Google apprentices depends on the level and type of apprenticeship and the position.

Requirements for Apprenticeship at Google

If you are interested in this program, there are a few things you need to bear in mind and below is the list of the things that are required to participate in this apprenticeship.

  • You must have a valid work permit in the country you are applying for.
  • You must speak and write fluently in English and the local language (if not English).
  • You must have a high academic record in subjects relevant to the field of apprenticeship you are applying for at all levels of education.
  • You must provide the following materials:
    • updated resume
    • a cover letter or a short essay (with respect to the apprenticeship) explaining your interest in becoming a Google apprentice.
  • International students and university graduates are eligible to apply.

When does the program open?

In the United Kingdom, you can apply for an apprenticeship position yearly in October for the following year’s recruitment.

This means that applicants recruited in October will start apprenticeships at Google in 2023.

Apprenticeships range from 15 to 25 months and are available through a number of apprenticeship frameworks. Past admissions include apprenticeship positions in subjects like software developer, Infrastructure technicians and Digital marketing.

Google likes to single out differences for celebration, and students are part of its mission to create great products for everyone.

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2022 Google Apprenticeship List

  • Software Development Apprenticeship
  • Google France Apprenticeship Program
  • Application Development Apprenticeship
  • Infrastructure Tech Apprenticeship
  • Higher Level Degree Apprenticeship in Software Development

Google provides many types of apprenticeship programs in for example India, France, Ireland, Switzerland, the USA, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, etc.

Below are some of the programs for 2022;

Software Development Apprenticeship

Location: Dublin

This is an apprenticeship program in NFQ 6 (Advanced Certificate) for 2 years. Applications open from autumn to early autumn next year.

Google France Apprenticeship Program

Location: Paris

Google offers apprenticeships in a variety of fields, including PR, engineering, human resources, global business, and more. You can start submitting your application in March 2022.

Application Development Apprenticeship

Location: Zurich

Google partnered with Noser Young Professionals to create this four-year program to help individuals who are interested in building great apps gain more experience in the field.

Students learn the basics for a year before joining Google for various projects. You can start applying in August 2022.

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Infrastructure Tech Apprenticeship

Location: London

In this program, Google collaborated with Just IT. The program includes both online and offline training and lasts 15-18 months.

The application is open for autumn (September 22-December 21, 2022).

Higher Level Degree Apprenticeship in Software Development

Location: London

Is becoming a great software developer while learning some you are interested in, gaining practical skills and earning an accredited qualification? Then it will be right for you get in to this two-year program. Applications open in the fall.

How will one be chosen to do apprenticeships at Google?

  • Make sure you are eligible to apply for the program you are applying to
  • Visit the application page via the link below
  • Submit your resume and cover letter or essay responses.
  • Accepted applicants will be contacted by email.
  • Successful applicants will go through a selection process that may include a series of face-to-face interviews, or by phone.


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