How You Can Get Back into Work After Having Kids

How you can get back into work after having kids has been discussed comprehensively in this article, including other pieces of information.

Many people end up pressing pause on their careers when they have kids. While it might be antiquated, it does tend to be the mothers that end up staying at home with the children for the first few years.

Often, once the kids are in school, the mothers start trying to get a foothold on the career ladder again. However, getting back into the world of work after an absence is difficult. Luckily, there are a number of things that you can do to boost your employability and make the transition easier, so let’s take a look.

how you can get back into work after having kids

Refresh Your CV

Firstly, when it comes to trying to get back into the professional realm after an absence, it is important that you take the time to refresh your CV. Depending on how long you have been out of work, your skills or experience might be a little outdated, especially if your area of expertise is in a continually evolving industry. Start by reading up on any industry developments that might have occurred during your absence.

In preparation for re-entering the workforce, you could even look into gaining a new qualification or two by taking a course; this will help you get back into the swing of things and show potential employers that you are proactive and can use your initiative. There are a number of courses online from renowned and respected providers that cover a number of areas, from digital marketing to construction. This is more like a passive way to get back to work after having kids

Think About Volunteering or Taking an Entry Level Position

Returning to work after an absence is daunting. It can be draining, especially if you’ve taken the time off to bring up children. Some women prefer to ease themselves into the professional realm slowly, and this can be done in one of two ways. You could start by taking a volunteer position in a local charity for a few hours a day or week, depending on your schedule. It allows you to revitalise your skills, perhaps learn a few new ones and give you something else to pad out your CV.

Or, you could take an entry-level position within the industry that you are experienced in or want to work. Entering the workforce at the same level that you left can be difficult after a prolonged absence, and it can also be overwhelming. Choosing a job beneath your experience or qualifications can help you get back into work mode. It allows you to get to grips with things when the stakes are a lot lower.

After you build up your confidence, you can begin to look for positions more in line with your skill, experience and qualification level. This is one of the paramount ways to get back into work after having kids

Consider Freelancing

If you aren’t sure whether you want to go back to work full time, then, depending on your skills, you could choose to start freelancing. Obviously, your qualifications and marketable skills will come into play here. However, you could even start freelancing on a more casual basis by starting a small work-from-home business.

Everyone has skills to offer. Freelancing or starting a small work-from-home business allows you to dictate your working hours completely, which means that you can schedule your work around your other commitments and obligations, working when you can. Freelancing can also give you something else to add to your CV and build a portfolio that can be used when job hunting. There are many freelancing sites  where you can list your skills, or if you choose to start a work-from-home business like baking, you can advertise on your social media channels.

Widen the Net by Developing Your Transferable Skills

If you are concerned about your employability or about re-entering the same industry that you left, you might want to consider working on your transferable skills. These skills, as the name suggests, can be used across job roles and industries, which does allow you to widen the net on your employment prospects. There are a number of soft skills that can help to make you more desirable, and they are easy to develop too; they are things like your communication skills, timekeeping, adaptability and problem-solving, et cetera. Showcasing these skills in your CV can help you to stand out.


Taking time out of your career in order to care for your children is commendable. It is often taken for granted by society. It isn’t seen as the sacrifice that it can be. Getting back to work after a few years off is incredibly daunting.

It is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed. If you are prepping to go back to the world of work, then be sure to take on board the advice above. Remember that there is no timeline that you need to keep to; just make sure that you and your family are comfortable and happy with the change.

Hope this topic on how you can get back into work after having kids was helpful. We wish you the best in your endeavours.


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