Duke University Acceptance Rate, Admissions, SAT/ACT, Tuition, Rankings

Duke University is a household name among the most prestigious universities in the world, but its acceptance rate is a concern for intending applicants. If you have ever wanted to attend Duke University, and you are yet to find out the admit rate or entirely understand admission procedures at Duke, we urge you to read through this article.

We have analyzed the admission process at Duke University and how you can increase their chances of getting into Duke. Additionally, the requirements for application have also been included in the article.

Duke University is one of the earliest private research institutions in North Carolina. Duke is also one of America’s finest institutions and the most selective for undergraduate applications.

The university offers a collection of decorative degree programs at undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels. Duke University provides a top-quality education and research through schools and colleges scattered across Durham.

While admission procedures remain selective, new freshmen were admitted into Duke University for the class of 2026. The Early Decision at Duke is less competitive for applicants who were successful in the last admission cycle.

Duke University Acceptance Rate

About Duke University 

Duke University is a private research institution located in Durham, North Carolina. The university traces back to 1838, initially as Trinity College, founded by Methodists and Quakers. Fifty-five years later, the school was relocated to Durham, North Carolina. 

Duke University came into existence in 1924 when James Buchanan Duke, an American industrialist, established the Duke Endowment, and hence Trinity College became Duke University. 

The University functions on a semester-based academic calendar, and as of the fall of 2021, the overall enrollment at Duke University comprises 6,789 undergraduate and 9,991 graduate and professional students. 

Duke offers a wide range of degree programs at undergraduate and graduate levels through ten distinctive schools and colleges across an 8,693 acres campus in Durham. Duke-NUS Medical School and Duke Kunshan University are international graduate campuses of Duke University located in Singapore and China. More institutes and centers of the university are also located throughout Durham.

Duke University spends over $1 billion annually on intensive research, and it’s among the 10 largest research institutions in America. 

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School and Colleges at Duke University 

Here are the ten schools and colleges at Duke University.

  • Trinity College of Arts and Science 
  • School of Law
  • Pratt School of Engineering 
  • School of Medicine 
  • Divinity School 
  • Graduate School 
  • Fuqua School of Business 
  • Nicholas School of Environment
  • Stanford School of Public Policy
  • School of Nursing 

Duke University Ranking 

Duke University has built an academic reputation since its inception, and currently, it occupies top positions in state and national rankings.

According to Niche.com, here are the latest rankings of Duke University.

National Rankings 

  • 1st in Best Colleges for Public Policy in America 
  • 1st in Best Christian Colleges in America
  • 2nd in Best Colleges for Student Athletes in America
  • 2nd in Best College for Nursing in America
  • 3rd in Colleges with the Best Professors in America 
  • 4th in Best Colleges for Biology in America 
  • 4th in Best Colleges for Economics in America 
  • 5th in Best Colleges for Public Health 
  • 6th in Beat Colleges in America 
  • 6th in Best Value Colleges in America 

State Rankings 

  • 1st in Best Colleges in North Carolina 
  • 1st in Colleges with the Best Academics in North Carolina 
  • 1st in Hardest Colleges to Get Into in North Carolina 
  • 1st in Best Colleges for Students in North Carolina 
  • 1st in Colleges with the Best Student Life in North Carolina 
  • 1st in Best Colleges for Biology in North Carolina 
  • 1st in Top Private Universities in North Carolina 
  • 1st in Best Colleges for English in North Carolina 
  • 1st in Best Colleges for Nursing in North Carolina 
  • 1st in Best Colleges for Economics 

Duke University Acceptance Rate 

Duke University is one of the prestigious and most selective universities in the United States. The undergraduate admission statistics show an enrollment of 1,744 out of 49,703 applications. This is the lowest admit rate of undergraduates in any university in the United States. 

In the past few years, the acceptance rate at Duke University has been on a selective standard, with 10.8% in 2017, and dropping to a low 7.7% in the 2020 application year. 

The acceptance rate at Duke University is 5.8% which is extremely selective. Those who were admitted into the class of 2026 are in the top 10% of their graduating class.

With an acceptance rate of 5.8, Duke University only admits 6 out of every 100 applicants. Duke establish an admit rate lower than the national average for universities in the United States. 

Getting into Duke University is very competitive and challenging, with thousands of applications received and only a few accepted. If you want to be the next freshman at Duke, you should consider getting high grades and test scores while still in high school. 

Duke Acceptance Rate for Early Decision 

The Early Decision application at selective colleges and universities is always less competitive and many applicants use this medium to gain admission. 

Duke University Early Decision applicants were 40,015 and only 855 were admitted into the class of 2026. This makes the acceptance rate for Early Decision stand at 21%, less selective than the admit rate for Regular Decision.

GPA Requirement

The acceptance rate of colleges and universities shows how more or less selective they are regarding the admission process. 

Duke University has a single-digit acceptance rate, which requires the best grades and high test scores.

On average, Duke’s standard for high school GPA is 4.13. 

SAT Requirement

  • Middle 50% SAT Range: 1510-1560

Here are the statistics for the new SAT scores. 

SectionAverage25th Percentile75th Percentile

ACT Requirement

  • ACT Range: 34-36

Here are the ACT scores for the 25th and 75th percentile.

ACT Score3335

Application Requirement at Duke University

An application to the admission committee at Duke University requires essential high school documents. Applicants who applied in the last admission cycle submitted their application via the Common Application or the Coalition Application. 

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First-Year Application Requirements

All first-year applicants must provide these secondary/high school documents and apply through the application platforms. 

Application Options 

Duke University accepts the Common Application and the Coalition Application.

Application Fee 

Pay a non-refundable $85 application fee or fee waiver request together with the Common Application or Coalition Application. These application platforms accept online payment and you can pay with a credit card.

Fee Waivers: Duke University offers fee waivers for eligible students. This simply means that Duke will waive the application fee of $85 for students with financial needs. 


Duke University will evaluate the courses in your transcripts from your school curriculum. Your grade in each course, overall GPA, and class rank will also be assessed thoroughly. 

Your official transcript must be submitted by your school counsellor or other officials. 

College and Summer School Transcripts; If you have completed postsecondary or summer coursework, and it is not indicated in your high school official transcript, kindly request an official transcript from the school you attended.

Letters Recommendation (3)

Ask two teachers from your school who have taught you in core academic subjects and your school counsellor to write letters of recommendation for you.

Submit the three recommendation letters to admissions. 

You can also submit personal recommendation letters written by your mentor or individuals who can give a good account of your behaviour outside the classroom.

Extracurricular Activities 

Duke University requires that you include your extracurricular activities. During application, you will fill up spaces with your extracurricular activities. Ensure to include your involvement in school, family, work, and community.

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Standardized Test 

Duke University is test-optional for first-year and transfer applicants for the 2022-2023 application year. 

Applicants can self-report their test scores during application. 

English Proficiency Test

International applicants who are non-native English speakers or applicants who received instructions at tertiary institutions in a different language are recommended by Duke to take the English proficiency test. 

Applicants can take any of these English proficiency tests. 

  • Cambridge C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency: the average score is 180
  • Duolingo: the average score is 120
  • IELTS: average band score of 7
  • PTE Academic: average score of 70
  • TOEFL: 100 and 75 on the internet based and the revised TOEFL paper-delivered test.


If you are an applicant that has completed the Common Application, you must respond to One of Seven Essay Prompts for the 2022-2023 application year. 

While those who completed the Coalition Application will respond to One Five Essay Prompts for the 2022-2023 application year. 

Additionally, more application requirements include optional interviews for applicants and supplements for applicants with extra talent in music, dance film, etc.

For more information on this application requirement, kindly visit Duke’s official website via the link below.

Application Requirement for Transfer Students

All transfer students must meet this application requirement, for a successful transfer to Duke University.


  • All transfer applicants are eligible to apply to Duke University if they have attended any tertiary institutions within the last four years and have completed a year of transferable college work. 
  • Duke University will not consider college work completed at a vocational, technical, or performance. 
  • Transfer applicants with bachelor’s degrees will not be considered. 
  • Duke also demands academic qualifications such as a big school diploma or GED. 


The acceptance rate for transfer at Duke University ranges from 3% to 7% in the past few years. 

The admit rate is very selective and all applicants must have good grades and high test scores. Transfer applicants who were admitted to Duke University had a minimum GPA of 3.7. 

Required Materials 

All transfer applicants must submit their application either through the Common Application or the Coalition Application. 

The required material includes your college report, transcript, final high school transcript, required financial aid forms, and two instructor evaluations. 

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Undergraduate Admission Statistics

Below are the statistics for undergraduates enrolled at Duke University.

  • Applicants: 49,703
  • Enrolled: 1,744


  • White: 40%
  • Asian American: 21%
  • Hispanic: 11%
  • African American: 8%
  • Nonresident: 9%
  • Two or More: 6%
  • Unknown: 5%


  • Male: 45%
  • Female: 55%

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Into Duke University

Getting into Duke University is very challenging, due to its low acceptance rate. The latest freshmen enrolled in different programs at Duke had grades, test scores, and a worthy application profile.

Increase your admission chances by; 

#1. Apply Early Decision 

The Early Decision plan of Duke University has an n acceptance rate of 21%. Those who applied through Early Decision in the last admission cycle were over 4,000 and 855 applications were accepted. 

An application through Early Decision will enhance your admission chances, and you must be certain that Duke University is your first once admitted, you won’t hesitate to attend. 

#2. Write Interesting Essays 

Good grades will get any applicant just fine in the position of getting to Duke without much stress.

Essays are very important in your application and are considered during the admission process. We already provided the essay prompts you will respond to during your application.

The Duke Supplement essay also requires responses and you should answer them uniquely. 

Express yourself in your essay and convict the admission committee of your candidacy. 

#3. Aim for the Highest GPA While Taking Hard Classes 

The acceptance rate at Duke University is highly selective and stirs competition among applicants. Getting into Duke demands academic excellence in high school, with an exquisite application profile.

The admission committee at Duke considers GPA and course rigour. 

If you want to get a better shot at admission, aim for a high GPA of 4.0 and above or take hard classes (AP or IB courses) available in your school.

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Is Duke University a Good School? 

Duke University is one of the best and most prestigious universities in the world. It’s an institution that values academics and research, inculcating the best knowledge in students.

Duke University is basically for any student who is interested in engineering, business, and medicine. Duke University offers degree programs at all levels through schools and colleges, with graduate schools in China and Singapore.

Duke University Tuition 

Below is the estimated undergraduate cost of attendance.

Tuition & Required Fees2022-2023 2021-2022
Tuition (Trinity College and Pratt Engineering)$30,217.50 $29,042.50
UGrad First Time Registration (first-year students only)$180.00 $180.00
Student Activity Fee$144.65 $139.25
Student Services Fee$361.50 $348.50
Recreation Fee$170.75 $162.75
Health Fee$449.50 $429.00
Insurance (fall term only)$3,375.00 $3,605.00
Post Office Box Rental $36.50 $35.00
Engineering Government Dues $30.00 $29.00
Source: https://duke.edu/

Duke University Contact Address

  • School Address: 2080 Duke University Road, Durham, NC 27708
  • Phone: (919) 684-8111

Frequently Asked Questions about the Acceptance Rate at Duke University

These are some of the frequently asked questions about Duke University’s acceptance rate. 

What GPA do you need to get into Duke?

The standard for GPA is 4.13 or above. You should aim to achieve a minimum GPA of 4.13 or you can take hard classes (AP or IB courses) available at your school.

Is Harvard or Duke harder to get into?

Harvard University is more selective in its admission procedures than Duke University. Harvard University is harder to get into because of its acceptance rate.

Is Duke as good as Ivy League?

Duke University is one of the best private research institutes in the United States and the world entirely.

Duke University is ranked 9th (tie) among National Universities, according to the latest ranking by US news. Duke University is ranked above Ivy League schools like Dartmouth College (13th), Brown University (14th), and Cornell University (17th).

Is Duke a hard college to get into?

Duke University is extremely selective and difficult to get into with an acceptance rate of 5.8%. However, you can apply during the Early Decision application cycle to increase your admission chances.


Duke University is a good school for any student who wants to acquire the best knowledge in different fields of study. The acceptance rate at Duke University search for the best students from high school and other tertiary institutions.

If you are eager to join the Duke community, then you should prepare your application profile with convincing details. 



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