15 Dramatic Two Person Scripts in 2023

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Drama is a collective and organized effort by several individuals. Playing a character in a drama requires consistency and commitment to bring a specific character to reality. 

Generally, dramas do not have only one character. They are always several characters in plays, and each has its particular role in every scene. Whether it’s on-screen or on stage, there is always more than one character in a drama.

In this guide, we will be looking at dramatic two person scripts. But first, let us understand what drama screenplay is all about.

Dramatic Two Person Scripts

What Is Drama Screenplay?

When we are talking about drama, we have to look back to where it all began. In the 6th century BC, ancient Greek had some of the best tragedians and their works are still appreciated to this day.

Drama originated in ancient Athens and many scholars believed it all began during a festival to honour the Greek god Dionysus. A drama could be a tragedy, comedy, opera, tragi-comedy, farce, melodrama, or musical.

A drama consists of several characters assigned to different roles. Dramas can be performed in any location, provided that there are actors available to play each character.

An actor in a drama given a play script. With the play script, it’s easier for the actors in a drama to play their characters. Play scripts are written by playwrights and then handed over to the actors.

Sophocles, Euripides, and Aeschylus were among the great playwrights of ancient Greek.

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15 Dramatic Two Person Scripts

Here, we will be looking at some of the dramatic two person scripts. These dramas (plays) consist of two or more characters.

So, let us look at the first drama (play).

#1 At Least I Won’t Die Alone

This scene right here consists of two characters, which is Diane and Ginger.

Diane: I made her just for you.

Ginger: Ok, that’s right. You made her for me, she is my rag doll. Now, go make yours.

Diane: Ginger, can you hand her over to me?

Ginger: No, why should I?

Diane: Give me the rag doll right now.

Ginger: No Diane. Why do you want my rag doll so bad?

Diane: I need her, at least I won’t die alone.

Ginger: No, I can’t give you my rag doll.

Diane: Why can’t I have your rag doll?

Ginger: Diane you know why.

Diane: I do not.

Ginger: I need my rag doll, I can’t let her go.

Diane: But you have Darren now, and you shouldn’t be bothered.

Ginger: I know, but it’s not the same.

Diane: it is not the same?

Ginger: why are we even having this conversation?

Diane: Please, don’t leave me without Muffin.

Ginger: I think it’s time for me to go.

Diane: Please, I need her.

Ginger: And so do I, Diane.

Diane: is this what you want?

Ginger: Yes, I need her.

Diane: And so do I.

#2. It’s a Quiet Place to Chat

“It’s a quiet place to chat” is one of the dramatic two person scripts. In this one-act drama play, there are three characters. The characters in this drama include Kendra, Darla, and Sam. Kendra tells her mom that she is seeing someone. She tells her mom about a guy named Sam.

Darla: And then what, what happened?

Kendra: we talked for a while.

Darla: And then, what happened?

Kendra: Sometimes we just go for a walk. There is a nice park across the road and there is where we spent time together.

Darla: My dear you are putting me on.

Kendra: Mom, just stop.

Darla: You need to take off that dress right now before I’ll do it myself.

Kendra: Ha, ha, ha, Mom, you wouldn’t dare to do such a thing.

Darla gets up from the couch.

Darla: You need to take off my dress right now.

Kendra: No, I will not.

Darla and Kendra struggle with the dress. The dress is mistakenly ripped by Darla.

Darla: Oh! Look at what you have done.

Kendra: Mom, what did you just do? Why Mom, why did you do this to me? You know I have a date tonight with Sam.

Darla: Who is Sam?

Kendra: He is the guy I have been talking to for some time now.

Darla: How long have you been talking to this Sam?

Kendra: I don’t know Mom.

Kendra quickly runs upstairs to her room.

Darla: You are not going out tonight.

Kendra: Yes I am going out tonight.

#3. There’s That Word I Hate

Next on our list of dramatic two person scripts is “there’s that world I hate”.

This drama is about a high school student named Byron. Byron is a young entrepreneur who wants to establish a bike company. As a high school student, Byron still has a long way to go. Byron’s parents are strict and this is one of the challenges he has to go through.

Byron: There’s that word I hate and is very annoying. I know what I want and it’s not to become a banker or lawyer. Am sorry to disappoint you and dad, but I desire to follow my dreams.

Father: Watch your tongue young man, that’s enough.

Byron: You want to control me, you want me to become a lawyer or banker.

Mother: Listen to me son, you are under my roof and will obey me as your mother. You have no choice but to obey my decisions.

Byron: Oh Jesus! I think I will go crazy if I continue to stay here.

Father: Improve your performance at school and we will see how things unfold. Your mother and I need to see a positive change in your grades. If your grades improve, we will allow you to start your business.

Byron: Dad, it’s May already and there is nothing I can do to raise my grades now.

Father: So, are you headed for summer school?

Byron: Perhaps.

Father: Listen up young man, if you think you will be going to summer school, then the deal is off.

Byron: Dad, what are you saying?

Father: Listen, son, you did not admit to your mother and me that you may be going to a summer school.

Byron: I am not going to summer school, Dad.

#4. It’s Nice to Know there’s someone in This House

This is one of the dramatic two person scripts and in this play, Marva compares her son to her grandfather. The two characters in this one-act play are Marva and Tobey.

Marva. Do you want to go out?

Tobey: I will be on the porch where I can hear you if you need my attention. Is that OK?

Marva: it’s lonely in here. It’s good to know there’s someone in this house. On a scale of one to ten and ten being the strongest, how determined are you to go outside?

Tobey: Twelve.

Marva: What, a twelve?

Tobey: Perhaps a fifteen.

Marva: Oh my God.

Tobey: Can I?

Marva: Open that window a bit wider.

Tobey: Please explain to me why I have linguine legs.

Marva: You got that from your grandfather. He looks just like you or should say you look like him.

Tobey: Was my grandfather small?

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#5. Thought I could make it Out Here on My Own

This is one of the dramatic two person scripts and it involves a runaway teenager. The runaway teen in this play is Carlotta who is working for an experienced hustler.

Kendra: What’s wrong with you girl?

Carlotta: Am alright.

Kendra: What are doing here and why are you sniffing? You know I can hear you.

Carlotta: You can hear me?

Kendra: Yeah, my room is just on the other side of this window. I can hear things five hundred feet away from where we are standing. So, why are you crying my dear?

Carlotta: I miss my mother so much.

Kendra: I thought she died.

Carlotta: No, I’m sorry I lied to you.

Kendra: It’s alright, your business is your business as long as you don’t mess with mine.

#6. You should be More Careful Driving in the Rain, Mr Moss

“You should be more careful driving in the rain, Mr Moss” is one of the dramatic two person scripts. Three characters are in this drama (play). The characters include Elizabeth, Harry, and Mary. 

Elizabeth: You should be more careful driving in the rain, Mr Moss.

Harry: Why is that?

Elizabeth: Shouldn’t we all?

Harry: Yes, of course.

Elizabeth: Mother, you don’t need to be here.

Mary: no?

Elizabeth: I think I like his face.

Mary: Are you sure about that?

Elizabeth: Of course.

Elizabeth leaves the room and complains about her mom’s interference. Harry then responds. 

Harry: Interfering with what?

Elizabeth: You are a smart guy and you should know that.

Harry: Of course am not stupid and I know that.

#7. Do You Know How You’re Getting Home?

There are two characters in this play, Harrison and Tiffany. In this play, Tiffany likes Harrison, but she doubts if the whole thing will work out.

Tiffany: Do you know how you are getting home?

Harrison: I think I’ll take the light rail.

Tiffany: I can’t invite you.

Harrison: Why?

Tiffany: You won’t understand, it’s complicated.

Harrison: Is it because of your mom?

Tiffany: Yeah, sort of. I like you and am trying to give you that chance, but I don’t see this getting anywhere.

#8. How Do We Know it’s true?

This is a dramatic scene out of a one-act play. There is Gesebel and Jeffrey in the scene.

Gesebel: How do we know it’s true?

Jeffrey: And what is true?

Gesebel: How do we know that theories created by men and things we imagine are valid?

Jeffrey: But math is true.

Gesebel: Yeah, maths makes sense, but that doesn’t mean it’s true.

Jeffrey: OK, how do we know what is true?

Gesebel: The truth is we don’t.

#9. Our Town is the Pits

“Our tow is the pit” is one of the dramatic two person play scripts. This play describes the plight of inhabitants close to a lake. They have seen the population of the lake and how it affects the environment.

Dawn: Our town is the pits. Because of the population, half of the people are sick. Do you remember Billy?

Chizel: Yeah, I remember him.

Dawn: He told me about this before he died.

#10. You Were Giving Up

This scene began when Chad decided that college wasn’t for him and Lia is trying to know why.

Lia: You know you are capable of doing more than you are allowing yourself to be.

Chad: I don’t, I feel trapped.

Lia: Don’t worry, I’ll help you.

Chad: How are you going to help me, Lia?

Lia: I know you want to go to college Chad and it’s time you face your fears. We can fill out applications together and also look at some grants or loans.

#11. How Did You Find Me?

This scene involves a father and his son. He was lost, but his son found him.

Billy: How did you find me?

Rob: We always knew you were here.

Billy: Alright, how old are you?

Rob: I’m eighteen.

Rob passes his beer to Billy.

#12. Did You Study for That Shakespeare Exam? 

Paula and Dean are the two characters in this scene.

Dean: Did you study for that Shakespeare exam?

Paula: Sort of, I mean I haven’t studied in a while.

Dean: no?

Paula: All I have been doing is just listening in class.

#13. I’ve decided to Stay Alone Ever Since

The two characters in this play are Matt and Ginger.

Matt: I’ve decided to stay alone ever since.

Ginger: Who was the girl?

Matt: Kimberly Johnson.

Ginger: What did the boys do to her?

Matt: I think they touched her and she didn’t like that.

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#14. Why Should Your Opinion Matter to Me?

Sean and Douglas are the two characters in his play.

Sean: I don’t have parents, I only have grandparents and they are the ones taking care of me.

Douglas: It’s alright, you still have someone who cares about you.

#15. You Ever Listen To Blues?

In this scene, Kyle meets Scarlet while in detention and the two starts liking each other.

Kyle: You ever listen to blues?

Scarlet: Yeah, I have heard it, but never listened to it.

Kyle: You should come with me and try it out.

Scarlet: Ok, I think I might give it a shot.

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Dramas are performed by actors and they are most appreciated by the audience. Whether it’s comedy, tragedy, musical, farce, tragi-comedy, melodrama or opera, it requires the best actors to bring important characters to the screen.

As we said earlier, dramas can also be performed in any location. Although is more appropriate to perform on stage.



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