Building a career while studying in college – is it realistic?

All you need to know about building a career while studying in college has been discussed in this article, including other important tips.

A modern person needs vast and in-depth knowledge and skills in a progressive society. And often, in order to be a successful person in the future, you have to combine work and study in the present. Thus, student years are a time not only for studying but also for the first career steps. If students get a job in the field they are majoring, the chances of further career growth double.

Building a career in college is an opportunity to successfully combine education with gaining practical experience. So, young people do not delay their employment. But they sometimes strive to combine it with education. They doubt and ask themselves questions, i.e., How to build a career? How to combine education and career? Why should I start early? Is it possible to combine full-time studying with a busy schedule? It is pretty realistic.

All the students need is tremendous willpower, patience, and perseverance. If you possess these integral components of success, then you will succeed.

Building a career while studying in college

What to expect while building a career?

Choosing to study and work at the same time, students have to be ready to adapt to tough life circumstances. You should abundant some activities and make compromises. Do not quit your studies.

If you receive a decent education, you increase your chances of building a career with a high salary. Working during your student years is commendable, as it will characterize you as a serious and independent person. Do not forget that you will have difficulties from time to time. If you want to minimize them, be sure to stick to the following recommendations:

1. Talk to professors about the possibility of combining work and study

Tell your teaching staff that you work in parallel with your studies. There are professors who react negatively to such news. They are convinced that it is not possible to complete a course without constant attendance of lectures and seminars.

A student makes a mistake when he does not visit classes and then comes to the exams and tries to explain to the teacher that he is working. In such cases, conflicts often arise.

To avoid this, it is best to talk to the teacher at the beginning of the term, explain the situation, say that you will try to rewrite all the notes and study on your own, and submit the required writing assignments on time. And, believe that in 90% of cases the teacher will understand your motivation to start your career earlier. The main thing is to keep the promise because you may not be given a second chance.

Talk to professors about the possibility of combining work and study

2. Ask for help

One of the things to bear in mind while considering building a career while studying in college is that you need help. One of the most common challenges students face is a lot of writing assignments to perform. As students should focus on their careers, they do not have enough time to write flawless essays and course papers. They find alternative ways to solve essay writing issues. There is nothing shameful if you pay for homework. Do not hesitate to ask for online help and address EduBirdie in Canada, as it is a great option to get a perfectly-written paper. Top writers are always ready to write your assignment from the scratch. Thus, you have more time for your career and do not spend sleepless nights doing your homework. What is more, students feel less tension and stress if their academic performance does not suffer because of their careers. As a result, students are more productive, studious, and confident.

3. Keep friendly relations with group mates.

You should be sure that you can rely on your group mates at any time. In this case, you will be able to stay abreast of the latest news that is happening in your educational institution. Ask your group mates what is going on during lectures at college. If possible, try not to miss engaging and useful classes.

Submit papers on time, and meet individual and course deadlines. So you do not fall out of the educational process, and you do not waste unnecessary emotions and time, but instead, you work for the development of your career.

4. Look for balance

Employers also realize that a student needs time to study. Be honest about your needs to avoid misunderstandings. Responsible companies already create comfortable conditions for working students. They are flexible schedules, the possibility to work partially remotely, and a reduction of tasks during the exam session.

they still do not come to meet you, look for another place of work. Life is about balance. It is a balance of study and work, rest and stress, pleasure and necessity. Everything will definitely work out.

5. Avoid perfectionism

If you have started working while studying, you must be aware that this is already a challenge. Trying to be the best student in the group, the perfect worker, a social activist, running a half-marathon and winning a chess tournament is the shortest path to emotional burnout. Set priorities and remember the principle of Pareto optimality – 20% of effort for 80% of the result.

6. Plan your time

Is it possible to combine work with study? Yes, as it is not that difficult. You need to plan your time wisely. If you follow a certain action plan, you can successfully earn money and develop in terms of education. Plan everything down to the minute. Keep a diary and write down all your daily and weekly actions. Do not write too big plans. Everything should be as feasible as possible.

7. Prioritize tasks

Divide all your actions into three categories. The first one is a particularly crucial issue that you have to complete as soon as possible. The second one is quite an important goal, but it can be completed tomorrow. In case there is not enough time.

The third one is secondary matters that can be forgotten for a while. It is advisable to assign a colour to each group. Cross out completed plans. Make sure that the completed work is crossed out in the diary. So it will be easier to accept the remaining goals. Be sure that nothing is impossible, and those who do not try do not win.

The world is open to your talents. Have the courage to pursue your dreams, set goals, and achieve them. When there is a goal and action, obstacles disappear by themselves.

8. Allow yourself to rest occasionally

Do not exhaust yourself too much with work and study because it is so close to a nervous breakdown. Rest should be useful for health. For example, evening runs will be beneficial. While doing them, you can think about the plan for the next day.

Work, which can be combined with studies, always requires the allocation of time to minutes. Rest, but remember that there is time for work and for pleasure.

As you are building a career while studying in college do not forget to allocate the necessary number of hours for sleep. It is also essential to eat well and handle the workload. You cannot allow the combination of study and work to affect your health negatively.


University or office is a choice often faced by a modern student. You have to cope with both work and studies successfully. And the main thing is that one should not interfere with the other because a career and education often ‘play a tug of war’. Therefore, combining these two directions is a challenge at the highest level.

The main thing is to understand why you need all this. Remember that neither work nor study makes sense if you do not have a purpose. The goal can be any. Look for incentives, inspiration, and motivation. But remember that you can stop at any moment.

Working together with studying is not so scary. Hard work to achieve the intended goal – a worthy education that will bring high income in the future – is the necessity of further success.

We hope this article on building a career while studying in college was of help. Do well to visit the tips page for more important information.


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