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Brandeis University Acceptance Rate admission and other information you need about the admission and academics at Brandeis have been discussed in this article.

Last year’s Brandeis acceptance rate was 31%. This shows that only 31,100 applicants were accepted. In this article, we will like to review the summary ​​of how competitive Brandeis is academically currently, including some of the most important details about the admission process in this school.

Although Brande is easier to access than some of the country’s toughest schools, such as Ivy League schools and recognized public universities, acceptance rates in this school across different programs are still relatively low.

Brandeis University Acceptance Rate

About Brandeis University

Brandeis is a leading mid-sized research university that offers students a unique combination of resources and access.

The Brandeis was founded by the American Jewish community in 1948 when Jews and other minorities faced discrimination in higher education. The visionary founders of this school created a non-religious research university that has always welcomed talented faculty and students from all backgrounds and beliefs.

Students in this school develop strong relationships with faculty and a vibrant student community by studying one (or more!) Of the 44 majors and more than 50 minors. Brandeis is also proud to offer students the opportunity to complete research and independent projects under the guidance of faculty mentors.

The collaborative nature of the school society allows students to conduct interdisciplinary research in a variety of disciplines. The path you choose at Brandeis is really yours.

Is Brandeis University a good school?

Basically, any student asking if a school is a good school has different reasons for asking this. There are a few things we will consider before giving you an answer we think will satisfy you.

Brandeis University acceptance rate and admissions would be discussed in detail subsequently, therefore we will not stress it here.

In general, Brandeis University is a good school. The school is a medium-sized university of excellence, which means that its students benefit from a combination of resources and access that they cannot find in larger institutions.

Here you can develop close relationships with the faculty and a vibrant student community that is equally interested in improving and striving for the greater good. You will find unparalleled undergraduate research opportunities. You will find the flexibility to combine a variety of academic interests or pursue graduate studies. The path you choose in the Brandeis is really yours.

What you should look for in a school that is good for you, and to do that you need to ask yourself what really motivates, and drives you. You may find students from Brandeis in the classroom, in clubs and events, and all over the world who share these passions. In Brandeis, you will find and learn many different methods to bring about change in the world.

Whether it’s groundbreaking scientific discoveries, volunteering in your community, or just changing the status quo, the school gives you the opportunity to make an impact – and deliver results in your lifetime.

Brandeis University Acceptance Rate

The current acceptance rate at Brandeis University is 30%. This is a very competitive school and qualified applicants have less chance of getting in. Its suburban campus had a total of 5,532 student enrolments. Its faculty members are leaders in their specialities – they are passionate about imparting knowledge as well as mentoring students to become their best.

Brandeis is one of 62 members of the Association of American Universities, an organization of top American research institutions. It is a community of scientists and students eager to acquire knowledge and pass it on from one generation to the next.

The institution has more than 43 major and about 50 minor subjects, and two-thirds of bachelor’s classes have 20 or fewer students. Brandeis education is an active exploration of critical analysis, creativity, and self-expression. This School of the Arts consists of 24 departments and 22 interdisciplinary subjects, offering a total of 43 major and 47 minor subjects.

How hard is it to get to Brande?

In the selection period, 2020-2021 about 11,798 students applied and about 3,657 were accepted, corresponding to an acceptance rate of 31%.

Brandeis University acceptance rate is relatively low as we have discussed, but the chances you have personally depend on your profile and suitability for college.

There are a few Free Admission Calculators such USnews, Niche, or CollegeVine admission calculators that will help you find out your real chances of being accepted and get tips to improve your profile!

What are your chances of getting into Brandeis University?

While the Brandeis University admission process is competitive, depending on your combination of test scores, grades, recommendations, extracurricular activities, and more, your chances of admission may be better than other students.

To better understand your chances of getting into Brandeis University, we recommend using a free admission calculator to better understand your chances. The calculator takes into account your grade, your academic profile, your extracurricular activities, your education, and more to evaluate your admission chances

We recommend that you provide all the necessary documents that may be required during application. Also, if your high school grades are not good, you can make up using your test scores and extracurricular activities.

Most popular academics at Brandeis

As for some of Brandeis ’most popular programs, here are some that are considered the school’s strongest:

  • #22 for Public Policy
  • #30 for Global Studies
  • #44 for Film and Photography
  • #45 for International Relations
  • #50 for Physics
  • #62 for Biology
  • #63 in Chemistry
  • #75 for Math

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Admissions at Brandeis University

The admission process at Brandeis University is very selective and the current acceptance rate is 30%. Students can report ACT or SAT scores at this school. The score in the 1320-1510 SAT or 31-33 ACT range is among the 25-75 percentile points for admitted students.

Based on the GPA sample data collected and used, the average GPA range for students admitted to the University of Brandeis is estimated to be approximately 3.75 to 3.89.

Due to the reasonable number of applicants and increased competition for admission, only 30% of applicants will be admitted to this school. More information can be found on the school’s official website.

The usual deadline for participating in the Brands is 1 January. Interested students may apply to the Early Decision program. The deadline for the Brandeis University Early Decision is November 1.

Admissions at Brandeis Application requirements

Another very important thing to keep in mind when preparing to apply to a school is that you have everything you need to fill out your application accurately at that school. While the requirements are the same for all applications, few are exactly the same. Below is a brief overview of Brandeis’ requirements for admission application:

  1. Fill in the Completed Common Application
  2. Official copies of all high school transcripts and /or GEDs. To complete this compulsory section, transcripts must include official grades from all high school years.
  3. Applicants can meet the testing requirements in three ways. See their Test-Optional Policy for more information.
    • Submit SAT or ACT.
    • Pass three subject-based exams from the approved list.
    • Submit an evaluated analytical essay to a grade 11 or 12 class.
  4. Official copies of the transcript of any course taken after secondary school.
  5. The mid-year report includes the grades of all classes in your final year. Early Decision Class I students must meet this requirement during the first quarter or first semester.
  6. Letters of recommendation from teachers who teach your major academic subject.
  7. School report and letters of recommendation from a high school representative.
  8. Application fee of $80.00.
  9. If you are applying for Early Decision I or Early Decision II, you must complete the Early Decision Agreement Form

Brandeis University Admission Deadlines

If you are applying for a graduate or undergraduate program at Brandeis the deadlines below will give a time frame of when you should submit your article:

SemesterApplication Deadline
Early decision INovember 1
Early decision IIJanuary 1
Regular applicationJanuary 1

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Brandeis University International Students Admission

The Application Requirements for International Students would need them to take further steps than the normal application method for domestic students.

How to apply for a bachelor’s degree at Brandeis University as an international student:

  • International applicants must attach a personal statement or essay to their application.
  • They must submit an official transcript. Printouts should include official grades in grades 9-11.
  • Test results from standardised exams must also be submitted by International applicants to study in the US.
  • They must also demonstrate proficiency in English.
  • Two LORs are required.
  • If the applicant is applying for financial support, he/she must complete a CSS document containing all financial documents and demonstrate the funding to support the first year of education.
  • Brandeis University also offers basic courses for students with excellent English skills. This requires early entry into the Gateway English course, after which applicants are not required to submit their English proficiency scores.

Proficiency in English Requirements for International Students

Below are some of the scores international students need to demonstrate in an English proficiency test to be qualified to be accepted into Brandeis University:

English proficiency testsMinimum Score (UG)Minimum Score(PG)
IELTS6.5 or above7.0
TOEFL (PBT)550600
TOEFL (iBT)100100

How Does Brandeis University Compare?

The acceptance rate for Brandeis University is lower than the national average for other colleges around it by 19%. The average acceptance rate of the schools around Brandeis is 56.7%.

Below is the acceptance rates of the school found around the university:

SchoolAcceptance Rate
Lasell College83.7%
Bentley University46.7%
Regis College79.3%
Babson College26.4%
Wellesley College21.6%

What is it like to study at a top university like Brandeis?

Brandeis Education offers you an extensive art education in an exploratory, intellectually rich and experiential environment. Here, wherever you go, you can acquire the extensive and in-depth knowledge and practical skills needed to change the world.

Unprecedented access to world-class institutions. An experience-based bachelor’s degree program that opens the doors to hands-on research, internships, field trips, and community participation.

A flexible academic program that allows you to pursue a variety of interests and create your own unique path. A team of workforce experts who know your name and are ready to make sure that wherever you go, you’re on your feet.

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Financial Aid at Brandeis

Brandeis University responds 100% to proven undergraduate financial needs and offers the opportunity to apply for financial aid as needed. Students must submit to the FAFSA to receive federal and state support and complete their CSS profile to receive support based on college needs.

Students are automatically eligible for merit-based scholarships such as:

  • the Brandeis-sponsored Merit Scholarship
  • the Stroum Family Waltham Scholarship, and
  • the Brandeis International Business Scholars Scholarship.

Students can also apply for college scholarships such as the Leonard Bernstein Scholarship, the Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Fellowship, and more.

Majors at Brandeis University

Location & Contact

  • Address: 415 South Street
  • PO Box 549110
  • Waltham, MA  02454-9110, United States
  • Contact: Jennifer Walker, Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 781-736-3500
  • Fax: 781-736-3536

Brandeis University Acceptance Rate FAQs

Below are a few frequently asked questions students ask about the Brandeis acceptance rate and admission process. We have tried to provide answers to these questions to make this article more comprehensive.

What are the minimum entry requirements for Brandeis University graduate programs?

Eligibility requirements vary by program. All courses require a completed application form and application fee, as well as appropriateness, a CV, transcripts, and previous research papers.

However, admission to Brandeis University is not based on meeting the minimum requirements, but on a thorough assessment of the applicant’s profile.

When can I expect an admission decision?

Applicants can receive an admission offer approximately six to eight weeks after the end of the application period for the program. Since each program department has its own application treatment period, it is advisable to ask them for an estimated time.

Admission decisions are published on the student application status portal. Students will also be notified by email. The Application Office of the University of Brandeis cannot notify applicants by telephone.

What is the acceptance rate for Brandeis University?

The university’s acceptance rate is low at 3o%, indicating that admission processes are highly selective.

Which teacher should write me a recommendation letter?

Recommendation letters must come from teachers who teach core subjects such as math, science, English, history and/or foreign languages.

What tests do universities accept as proof of English proficiency?

The university accepts DET, TOEFL or IELTS as proof of proficiency in English.

How long does it take the university to announce its decision?

Depending on the course chosen, universities may take six to eight weeks to announce their decision.

What is the application fee at Brandeis University?

The undergraduate application fee is $80 and the graduate student fee is $75.

Can I submit some supporting documents after the application deadline?

Yes, you can send supporting documents after January 1st. But be sure to apply before the deadline. The deadline is 15 January for the submission of all supporting documents.

Is the interview compulsory?

Yes, an interview is required. You can interview through a third-party InitialView or Verikant. If students are unable to interview through these parties, Brandeis University will offer an opportunity for a Skype interview.

When is the interview deadline?

Interviews for Early Decision I must be sent to the University by December 1 and interviews for Early Decision II and General Decision by January 15.

What documents should I submit if I graduated from high school a year ago?

If the applicant has completed high school for a year or more, he or she must submit a statement explaining his or her activities after high school.



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