10 Best Private Universities in Nigeria 2022

If you are looking for a list of the best private universities in Nigeria and information bout them then this article will provide you with the details you need.

In general, private university is a huge topic in Nigeria, this is because these schools appear to be the top schools in the country ranking more than a good number of government-owned universities.

One of the top reasons why students still troop into public universities is just because most of these private universities in Nigeria are extremely expensive and only wealthy people can afford to send their children and ward to these schools.

If you are considering attending a private university in Nigeria then you need to look out for the best schools. Stay Informed Group have put together the 10 best of these schools so that you can have knowledge of them and decide which one you would want to apply to.

These universities were not compiled by assumptions. We have done well-organised research to come up with this list and also the information in this article is supported by Webometrics – a reputable education and academic information providing a platform on the internet.

best private universities in Nigeria

Why study at a private university in Nigeria

In General, Nigeria has a lot of good and reputable academic institutions in the world, including private and public universities.

If you are asking which academic institution you should attend you are almost going to be recommended to study in a private institution for some reason.

Private universities in Nigeria being independent of some of the government academic bodies in the country rarely go on strike, unlike public institutions in the country that would always carry out their administration with respect to certain government rules and regulations.

Also, the lecturers at private universities are not necessarily involved with the popular union in the country the – Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), an association that is always going on strike if they have any form of fallout with the federal government of the country making the private universities to maintain a smooth run of academic activities year-round.

Top 10 Best Private Universities In Nigeria

The universities listed below are recognised by the NUC and are very popular in the country because of the fact that these schools have maintained the high level of quality education they offer in the country.

A private university cannot be said to be among the best if it doesn’t meet some criteria. The universities on this list were considered the best with respect to some of the factors below:

  • Academic standards 
  • Facilities
  • Location
  • Cost
  • Reputation
best private universities in Nigeria

Best 10 Private Universities in Nigeria

  • Covenant University
  • Babcock University
  • Joseph Ayo Babalola University
  • Bowen University
  • Redeemer’s University Nigeria
  • Igbinedion University Okada
  • American University Of Nigeria
  • Bells University OF Technology
  • Afe Babalola University
  • Ajayi Crowther University  

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1. Covenant University

Covenant University is one of the best private universities in Nigeria and is interestingly at the top of this list. The school is owned by the popular Living Faith Church and a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

The Christian school is a model academic institution that was established in 2002. Students who want to study for undergraduate or graduate programs are welcome to apply for studies.

Covenant University is based on strong ethical laws, and also train students with innovative technologies to make sure that acquire all the necessary information they need.

The school is considered by many ratings from popular platforms in the country to be the best university in the country. Students who end up graduating from this academic institution stand more chances of being employed in the future  

The university has 15,000 students and about 1,000 administrative staff.

The university implements a college system with 4 colleges; College of Engineering (COE), (CBSS), College of Leadership Development Studies (CLDS), and College of Science and Technology (CST).

Webometric ranked Covenant University as the best private university in the country and this university has maintained its strong reputation since then.

2. Babcock University

Babcock University is a very popular school in Nigeria, and one of the best private universities in the country. They have been offering quality education for quite some time. The university is located in Ogun State.

The school is managed with innovation and this is one of the higher education institutions in the believed to have students with good ethical standards Nigeria

Many Nigerian universities still hold ancient beliefs and use them for management. But Babcock is not such a place – they keep improving and evolving to meet the current demand for innovative demands and technology-oriented education.

BABCOCK is run under the Seventh-Day Adventist Education System, which is the second-largest Christian school system in the world. It has more than 10,000 students and offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Babcock is made up of 1 college and 9 schools listed below:

  • School of Agriculture & Industrial Technology
  • Babcock Business School
  • College of Health & Medical Sciences
  • School of Basic & Applied Science (formerly known as Science & Technology)

In addition, there are:

  • School of Computing & Engineering Sciences
  • School of Education and Humanities
  • School of Law & Security Studies
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Public & Applied Health, and
  • School of Postgraduate Studies.

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3. Joseph Ayo Babalola University

With a few factors in perspective, Joseph Ayo Babalola University is ranked third on the list of the best universities in Nigeria. Joseph Ayo Babalola University was established in 2004 by the Church of the Apostles of Christ (CAC) and has grown rapidly since then.

JABU University is a school that has trended the formation of entrepreneurship in Nigeria. Most parents decide to send their children to JABU so that they can learn to become independent after graduation.

JABU has been successful as an entrepreneurial school and has consequently gained recognition by the National Universities Commission (NUC) as a university that offers high-quality degree programs in various fields of entrepreneurship and that is one of the reasons it is ranked among the best universities in the world.

After the great success of entrepreneur JABU registration, the NUC program has confirmed its high

4. Bowen University

Bowen University is located in Sulphur City, Osun State, and is a private university owned by the first church in Nigeria –

Another school on this list of the best private universities in Nigeria is Bowen University. The school is a very popular one – located in Iwo, Osun State.

This academic institution is unique as it is also a federal university with extremely competent lectures. The school is located close to the University of Ibadan and Obafemi Awolowo (OAE).

The school can comfortably carry 20,000 students but has kept the number of admitted students at 50,000

Bowen Universities is made up of one college and 5 faculties:

  • College of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Science and Science Education
  • Faculty of Social and Management Science

The academic institution also offers a program at the postgraduate level of study.

5. Redeemer’s University Nigeria

Another school on this list is the Redeemed Christian Church of God owned school; The Redeemer’s University. It was established in 2005 in Ede by the Gbongan-Oshogbo road in Osun State, Nigeria. The school has been placed in the 6th position on the list of the best private schools in Nigeria.

The college implements a college system, and consists of three colleges:

  • College of Natural Science
  • College of Management Science
  • College of Humanities

The school is a very well organised school having some of the best lecturers and facilities with about 2,000 students currently in the schools and in different programs and levels (Undergraduate and Postgraduate). This is one of the best private universities Nigeria students should consider attending.

6. Igbinedion University Okada

Igbinedion University is the first private university in Nigeria and one of the best so long as offering quality education is concerned. The school was founded in 1999 and still maintains a good reputation to date.

IOU is the 6th university on this list of the best universities in Nigeria. The academic institution is located in Edo state and offers accredited degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels of study.

Some of the programs offered at the university include:

  • Law, Medicine
  • Natural and Applied Sciences
  • Business and Management Studies
  • Pharmacy, Engineering, and
  • The Arts and Social Sciences.

Igbinedion University is the first private university in sub-Saharan Africa to train doctors, and in 2006 it trained the first private university graduate who ended up making first class at the Nigerian Law School. The academic institution can accommodate 5,000 students.

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7. American University Of Nigeria

The American University of Nigeria is the first and only private university located in the northern part of the country that is on the list of the best 10 private universities in Nigeria.

This is the only university in the country that operates as an American university, it may also interest you to know that there are only two of this kind of university is in Africa.

Another African country where you can see an American university is in Egypt, the university is located in Cairo American University of Cairo.

The American University of Nigeria is located in Yola, Adamawa State and owned by the former vice president of Nigerian. Atiku Abubakar

The school is one of the Association of American International Colleges and Universities. The main partner of this school is Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The American University of Nigeria is made of three schools;

  • The School of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Business and Entrepreneurship, and
  • School of Information Technology and Communications.

8. Bells University OF Technology

The Bells University of Technology is one of the best private universities in Nigeria. The school is the premier university of technology in Nigeria. The school was founded in 2004 at, Ogun State.

This is another university owned by a politician – a former president of the federal republic of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo.

The mission of the school is to discover, disseminate and apply scientific and engineering knowledge to promote human well-being and social development.

This university has 3 colleges, namely:

  • College of Engineering & Environmental Sciences
  • College of Natural & Applied Sciences, and
  • College of Management Sciences.

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9. Afe Babalola University

Afe Babalola University is located in Addo-Ekiti, Ekiti State. It is one of the non-profit private universities in Nigeria and also one of the best. This school was founded in 2009 by the famous lawyer Afe Babalola.

It implements a college system. Below are some of the colleges that make up the school:

  • College of Law
  • College of Sciences
  • College of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • College of Engineering, and College of Social and Management Sciences

The schools offered pre-degree and degree programs have gone on to produce some of the best people in the country who are doing well in the field of science and technology.

10. Ajayi Crowther University

Ajayi Crowther University is a private Christian university in Nigeria. The school is located in Oyo, Oyo State. The school is one of the best private universities in Nigeria and is committed to the development of students in morals and academic performances.

The school was founded by the Supra Diocesan Board (West) of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Church.

The school was founded in the year 2005 and was given a name to honour the late Samuel Ajayi Crowther, as the first bishop in Africa who translated the Bible into the Yoruba Language.

This is considered to be one of the best private universities in Nigeria, which is why it is on the list.

The University offers courses such as;

  • Christian Studies
  • Computer Science
  • Actuarial Science
  • Banking and Finance
  • Accountancy /Finance /Accounting
  • Biochemistry
  • Business Administration
  • Chemistry


We believe this article has helped you discover the best private universities in Nigeria. These schools are very prestigious and are recognised in the country and the world at large.

They train students to become the best in the field of studies which is evident via the fact that alumni of these institutions are doing very well in their respective fields of studies.

All you need to do is visit the official website of these schools to discover more about them, including their tuition fees, and how you can apply to them.


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