15 Best High Schools In Scarborough Canada

Are you a parent seeking to enrol your child in one of the 15 best High Schools in Scarborough Canada or a Student currently seeking enrollment or a change of institution? If Yes, then this article was tailored to answer all your questions.

Education as we know it is one of the bedrock or foundations of success as you are exposed to information that would equip you with the various survival skills that you require to excel in life. As a parent, you owe it to your children or ward to provide them with quality education irrespective of their location.

High School Education takes a different toll on students as they are either made or marred and so a lot of factors should be taken into consideration before they are pushed into taking the next step. A lot of students who attend the best High Schools have a good edge over those who do not in terms of their performance in College or University as they are better prepared in terms of knowledgeability than their counterparts.

We have carried out research and have presented you with the 15 Best High Schools in Scarborough Canada, which you will discover if you read on.

Best High Schools In Scarborough Canada

The Best High Schools in Scarborough Canada

If you would like to know the best high schools in Scarborough Canada then continued with the list below

  1. Sir John A Macdonald Collegiate
  2. SATEC At WA Porter Collegiate
  3. West hill Collegiate Institute
  4. Agincourt Collegiate Institute
  5. Maplewood Highschool
  6. Wales College Secondary School
  7. Dr. Bethune Collegiate Institute
  8. RH king Academy
  9. Excel High School
  10. Delphi Alternative Secondary school
  11. Neil Mcneil High School
  12. Francis Libermann Catholic High school
  13. Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute
  14. Wexford Collegiate School for Arts
  15. Alathena International School

The 15 Best High Schools in Scarborough Canada

Below we are going to be listing some of the secondary schools in Scarborough Canada. If you are interested in applying to any of the schools, all you need to do is read the information provided about the schools and follow the link that leads to the official website of the school to get updated information and application guidelines.

1.Sir John A Macdonald Collegiate

Named after Canada’s very own first Prime Minister, this high school has been in existence since its inception in 1964. It was formerly known as  O’Sullivan Secondary School and is owned by the Scarborough Education board and is rightfully one of the best high schools in Scarborough Canada.

The school runs an academic program for children beginning from the 9th grade to the 12th and offers quality education to the students. The school is quite affordable with the cost totalling about 15000 CAD, yearly.

The institution runs several educational clubs for its students which enables students to participate in competitions throughout the country. These clubs include; the music club, computer club, math club, and science club. These clubs also help carve out a better niche for the students to build their dreams.

While the music club helps the students to perform in the school choir, jazz band, concert choir as well as participate in music competitions which extends from the regional to the national, the other clubs enable the students to participate in the following competitions like the University of Waterloo’s mathematics (Pascal, Cayley, Fermat, and Euclid), chemistry (Avogadro and Chem 13), and physics (Sir Isaac Newton) exams, the popular University of Toronto’s engineering exam (DaVinci Engineering Competition), and a lot of American exams

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2. SATEC at WA PORTER collegiate

This is arguably one of the best high schools in Scarborough Canada. It was established in Toronto in the year 1958. SATEC which means Scarborough Academy of Technological, Environmental and Computer Education, WA represents the name, William Arnot.

Just as the name implies, this secondary school not only grounds the students in well-rounded academic studies but exceptionally in extensive knowledge in Technology, computer, and environmental studies. Having garnered the title of being the best high school for technology severally, owing to its CISCO Regional academy award certification in CISCO Networking and A+ Computer Service Technician Certification for the senior program. One can say the institution does live up to its name.

The school runs through the 9th to the 12th grade and has a strong motto Vinci qui se Vinci which translates as ” He conquers who conquers himself”. Furthermore, they have consistently maintained their top rank as the number 1 in Toronto for Technological studies as mentioned earlier and amongst the top three for math and science. You can easily see how well equipped the institution is in terms of education.

SATEC at WA Porter also participates in various academic clubs and sports activities for the further development of the children. The most outstanding being that of the Environmental club which projects environmental studies.

Students are granted admissions into the school solely on merit based on these three important factors:

  1. the entrance test, which is usually held every December,
  2. the student’s Ontario grade 7 final report card
  3. finally the extra-curricular and leadership supplementary application

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3. West Hill Collegiate Institute

Established in the year 1995, the West Hill Collegiate Institute is also one of the best high schools in Scarborough Canada. It is a public secondary school that is highly affordable yet exemplary in its standards of education.

One notable and highly impressive factor is that this secondary school is multicultural and so rightfully accommodates students of various cultural races, from the Muslim students association, Afro- Canadian Association, West Indian clubs etc, the school emboldens its ethnic minorities. This means that the parents should have no fear of their children belonging amongst others.

The school also does exceedingly well in English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics which helps prepare them for college education.

4. Agincourt Collegiate Institute

Situated in Agincourt which is a neighbourhood in Scarborough, In the district of Toronto Canada, this secondary is not just one of the oldest but also one of the best high schools in Scarborough, Canada. It was established in the year 1915 and still maintains its high standards of Education to date.

It is a public school and so very affordable. Agincourt runs from the 9th to the 12th grade and offers advanced programs in the following courses which include;

  1. Biology
  2. Statistics
  3. Calculus
  4. Physics
  5. Vectors
  6. French

Agincourt is one of the most ethnically diverse regions in the northern part of Scarborough and speaks more French than English. The young children would find it easy to adapt and learn, leaving their parents at ease.

The children from the various grades ranging from 9 to 12 offer courses such as Informatique, dramatique, education physique, Histoire, Français, Geographie, Histoire, Arts Visuels etc

It is an interesting fact that the school is bilingual and also offers an award-winning music program.

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5. Maplewood Highschool

This high school is unarguably one of the best high schools in Scarborough Canada and was founded in the year 1967 as the very second junior vocational school in the former City of Scarborough. It is often known as Maplewood or MHS and offers quality education which like the others listed before, runs from the 9th to the 12th grade.

One highly reputable fact is that the institution also offers academic programs for special needs students who have commendable skills and determination to live independently. These programs are inclusive for these students with a commendable level of knowledge. The courses range from English Language, Mathematics, History, Geography, Science, etc.

As mentioned earlier, this high school encourages students to become independent and purpose-minded which basically sums up Education.

The high school provides the students with necessary vocational and technical training such as :

  1. Home Economics
  2. Sewing
  3. Integrated Technology
  4. Woodworking
  5. Business
  6. Horticulture
  7. Communications
  8. Maintenance etc.

Sports is also an integral part of the institution and Maplewood provides an opportunity for the students to participate in various sports activities as well as co-curricular activities where they can build interesting careers from such as :

  1. Baskeball
  2. Badminton
  3. Dodge-ball
  4. Softball
  5. Floor hockey
  6. Track and Field etc.

The co-curricular activities include:

  1. Anime
  2. Pottery
  3. Choir
  4. Student Council
  5. Band
  6. Belly dancing etc.

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6. Wales College Secondary School

As a private institution, Wales College Secondary School has maintained a high reputation of being amongst the top best high schools in Scarborough Canada. It has a reputation of preparing students for college and the students often gain admissions into the College of their choice. The students have a 100% chance of gaining admission into the universities of their choice.

The institution runs from the 7th to the 12th grade, where the 11th graders are offered university or college courses to help prepare them better for the next step.

Wales College Secondary School is very much affordable and is popularly known for being a centre for the SAT and IELTS test which can enable the students to gain admission into the university or college of their choice, be it American or Canadian.

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7. Dr. Norman Bethune Collegiate Institute

Situated in the Northwest part of Scarborough in Toronto and founded in the year 1979, Dr. Norman Bethune Collegiate Institute is simply one of the best public schools in Canada. It was christened after Norman Bethune, a Canadian doctor, and communist who served under the Eighth Route Army.

Typically like many others, the school runs from the 9th to the 12th grade and has a commendable capacity to accommodate up above a thousand students.

At this institution, the English language is offered as a second language and students who are into the modern language courses are opportune to travel to other countries for the purpose of learning.

The school also advocates for independence and development in students with special needs through the Individual Education Plan (IEP) program, which is carved out to meet the needs of all students as well students with certain disabilities such as behavioural, intellectual, communication, multiple learning disabilities.

When it comes to co-curricular activities and athletics, Dr Norman Bethune Collegiate Institute also provides varieties of sports activities, clubs, and co-curricular activities that the students would enjoy and actively participate in such as :

Student Leadership Group

  • The extracurricular activities at the school are coordinated by the Student Management Council(SAC)
  • Bethune Blaze is Bethune’s technical team responsible for audiovisual production.
  • The Bethune ESL Mentor Program is a program set uo to hekp all the new immigrants that can”t speak good english learn to nspeak good english and adapt to Canada and also provides academic related guidance.
  • Bethune REP is Bethune’s representative and helps organize parent nights and other activities.
  • All the sports events in the school is organised by the Athletic Bears Council (ABC).
  • Bethune Journal is the school newspaper that is bestowed with the responsibility of publishing the latest news and opinion columns every few months.
  • The responsibility of designing and preparing the yearbook is with the Bethune’s Yearbook team. This is also the supervising student body that speaks about student needs. It is easy to see that in terms of qualifications, this institution is simply one of the best high schools in Scarborough Canada.


  • Art club
  • ASL Club
  • Bethune Journal
  • Bethune Outdoor Club
  • Breakfast Club
  • Bethune Environmental Action Team (BEAT)
  • Cheer Team
  • Chess Club
  • Chinese Association
  • Christian Fellowship
  • Dance Troupe
  • Debate Club
  • DECA
  • Drama Club
  • Library Helpers
  • Math Club
  • science club


A variety of sports are offered throughout different seasons of the year and the students are required to choose only a maximum of 2 sports that they can participate in per season.


  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Cross-Country
  • Field Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis


  • Archery
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Floorball
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling
  • Curling


  • Badminton
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Track
  • Baseball

It is also important to note that this institution has participated and fared favorably in many national and state competitions in various fields such as Music, Math, Science, and Computer studies.

8. RH King Academy

Best High Schools in Scarborough Canada

Named after a well-renowned Canadian educator and classicist, Reginald Harold King( February 16th, 1896 – November 4th, 1962), this institution ranks as one of the best high schools in Scarborough Canada. It is the second oldest surviving institution in Scarborough. It was established in the year 1922 in the district of Toronto in Scarborough.

The Institution runs from the 9th grade to the 12th grade as do many of the other best high schools in Scarborough, Canada.

The high school offers the students a variety of subjects and extracurricular activities to partake in as well as leadership programs that often take just a few years to complete.

The institution is very much affordable and encourages students to participate fully in athletic activities such as swimming, rugby, soccer, badminton, golf, lacrosse, basketball, field hockey, cricket, and many more.

The students also participate in dance, visual arts, music which includes voice, band and guitar or strings, communication, video production, etc.

Some Other Best High Schools in Scarborough Canada

There are a lot of good high schools in Scarborough Canada which you may not see on this list. However, the ones we have listed below are some other schools you should consider.

9. Excel High school

It is notably one of the best private schools in Scarborough, Canada in the district of Toronto. The students at Excel High school are offered quality academic programs either physically in their various classrooms or online via platforms such as Zoom.

Unlike the others aforementioned, Excel high school runs from the 4th grade to the 12th, with a schedule that allows the programs to be offered full-time or part-time to encourage the students by allowing them to work earn while studying.

The institution offers a variety of online courses which include MCV4U (Grade 12, Calculus and Vector), MDM4U (Grade 12 Mathematics of Data Management), SPH4U (Grade 12 Physics), SPH3U (Grade 11 Physics), MCR3U (Grade 11 Functions and Applications), MHF4U (Grade 12 Advanced Functions), SCH3U (Grade 11 Chemistry), SCH4U (Grade 12 Chemistry), ENG4U (Grade 12 English), ENG3U (Grade 11 English), SBI130 (Biology), SBI4U (Biology), where the materials for online learning are sent to their various emails.

10. Delphi Secondary Alternative School

This is also one of the best high schools in Scarborough, Canada located in Ontario, Toronto. It is a public Alternative secondary school which was founded in the year 1981. It was formerly known as Alternative Scarborough Education 2 and was renamed Delphi Secondary Alternative School in the year 2006.

The institution offers very important academic programs that prepare the students for college. The high school runs from the 9th to the 12th grade. The 9th and 10th graders offer routine academic courses whereas their 11th and 12th graders offer university courses.

The students are also encouraged to be involved in the leadership programs and co-curricular activities.

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11. Neil McNeil High School

Established in the year 1958 this institution is one of the ranking best high schools in Scarborough, Canada. It is owned by the Roman Catholics and is an all-boys catholic secondary school. They can accommodate up to scarcely 826 students per enrollment.

The high school was named after a notable Roman Catholic Archbishop of Vancouver, Neil McNeil who was the Archbishop there from the year 1910 to 1912.

This secondary school is run by the Toronto Catholic District Board, which was formerly known as the Metropolitan Separate School Board. The grades span from the 9th to the 12th and the school is notable for the cooperative education program it offers as well as its Broad-based Technology center.

The institution encourages sports and has many influential alumni. Its sister counterpart is the Notre dame all-girls high school.

12. Francis Libermann Catholic Highschool

This institution just like the one preceding it in this article is also a Catholic secondary school and notably one of the best high schools in Scarborough Canada. It was established in the year 1977 as a semi-private school and was made a public separate school in the year 1986. 

The school was named after the priest Francis Libermann, a French Jewish who converted to Roman Catholicism in the 19th century.

The school offers very important academic courses and is quite affordable.

13. Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute

Just as the motto of this institution implies ” Vertias Omnia Vincit (“Truth conquers all”), it is a great truth that this high school is simply one of the best high schools in Scarborough, Canada. It has an affordable fee of $16000 Canadian dollars yearly. The institution was established in the year 1963 and accepted by the Scarborough Board of Education in July 1964.

The school, as the tenth collegiate, became operational on September 8, in the year 1964. They are also very much involved in Athletics.

14. Wexford Collegiate School for Arts

Situated in the Wexford neighbourhood of Scarborough, this institution is also one of the top-ranking best high schools in Scarborough. It was established in the year 1965 and was formerly known as Wexford Collegiate Institute.

It runs from the 9th grade to the 12th grade and is a well-equipped public school. As much as they are academically inclined, the school performs excellently in the programs organized for the students which range from Music to drama and arts.

15. Alathena International Academy

It is one of the best high schools in Scarborough, Canada, and is very accommodating in terms of students from various nationalities.

The school runs from the 9th grade to the 12th grade is also very much affordable. The institution prides itself on the school staff ranging from teachers to instructors who are very much accomodating.


We do hope this article was helpful to you as it contains explicit information about the 15 best schools in Scarborough Canada.


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