30 Best High Paying Jobs for Teens

This article provides exhaustive and well-detailed information about the best high paying jobs for teens.

Being a teenager from the primordial stages of life is always amazing. Most teenagers love to explore life to its fullest, but such ambition can be hard to come by. The fact of being a minor limits access to personal finances, hence there is a curiosity as to when and how to make money from teenagers.

Therefore, if you are a teenager that wants to be financially buoyant, we have outlined the 30 best high paying jobs for you.

Best High Paying Jobs for Teens

First, let us begin with the following:

How Can I Find a Job as a Teenager?

The number of jobs available to teenagers is quite small, as a result of not being an adult yet. This article mainly focuses on knowing the best high-paying jobs for teens, but first, we want you to fully understand how to find suitable jobs for teenagers.

To get a job as a teenager, you will have to settle for part-time jobs as your engagement with academic activities in high school can only allow summer and part-time jobs.

Secondly, as a result of being at your tender age, you lack the experiences and qualifications to get most adult jobs. Which is a setback to securing a job to meet your financial needs. Purchasing desired items might be prolonged, due to the rate of income available to you being a minor.

Now, regardless of experiences, resume and qualifications as a barrier, the question remains, how can you find a job as a teenager. Below are simple steps to find jobs on the Internet.

Use Job Sites 

The internet is vast when searching for any information. Use job sites to locate your ideal job. You are likely to find, summer jobs for teens, jobs for teens near you, jobs for teens online and the highest paying jobs for teens.

While sites to fetch you jobs as a teen are, Monster, Glassdoor, Indeed etc.

These are job sites that provide a good opportunity to get a job than others. For instance, Indeed has the most job listings.

So here is how to use the job site “Indeed” to get a job. Log onto Indeed, type “teen” in the search box, the box indicating “What”. Type in your location into the “Where” provided search box and hit enter or find jobs.

After completing the above simple task, you are just one step closer to securing a job near you.

To search for the highest-paying jobs for teens, tap the salary estimate drop-down menu and all available jobs with pay rates will be displayed to you.

The same simple steps can be applied to find summer jobs. You can find summer jobs by typing “teen summer” and inputting your location. To find online jobs, also type “teen” and in the “Where” search box input “remote”. Taking these few steps can secure you, the best high-paying jobs for teens.

Use Google 

Google provides lots of information about almost everything. This will become not just a better alternative, but a better advantage in your quest for teenage jobs.

Type “teen “ “jobs” in the Google search bar. Always indicate quotation marks for each word, as it enables Google to find the exact match for words you are searching for.

Specified results will be made available to you, select your job preferences. Filter your options by indicating your specific location.

Common Jobs for Teens  

Allowances from parents may not be enough for most teenagers, as they vigorously engage in other cash demanding schemes.

Teenagers search for after-school or summer jobs to meet their financial demands. So here are common jobs to put some money in your pocket  

Lifeguard Jobs 

If you are a teenager good at swimming, you stand a chance of getting a job as a lifeguard at a swimming pool facility.

All that is required of you is to complete lifeguard and CPR training. Once completed, congratulations you just got yourself a job.

Restaurant and Fast Food Jobs 

Best high-paying jobs for teens might come in handy. However, the most common jobs for minors are waiters and waitresses in a restaurant. This job shows the level of humility in teenagers. Employed teens at restaurants are required to cook, clean, take customers’ orders, work the register, and more.

Public Library Jobs 

Working in a public library as an after-school job is an advantage to teenagers. Their jobs include assisting library patrons to operate the library copier or computers and also shelving books.

Office Jobs and Internships  

An interesting fact about this generation of teenagers is the exposure to technology and access to computers. If you are a teen with skills in computer or keyboarding, web, or graphic design. There are office jobs and internship jobs for you.

Retail Jobs 

High school teenagers can be employed in a retail establishment, such as a music store, shoe-store, rental video store, clothing store, etc.

Movie Theaters  

Teenagers trying to earn money can work at a movie theatre. Their primary duty includes selling movie tickets, selling refreshments, and serving as ushers. Performing sanitary duties like sweeping the movie theatre after the audience leaves are inclusive. These are some common jobs for teens.

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What Is The Average Salary For a Teen?

This is one of the widely asked questions from teenagers, not just about the best high-paying jobs for teens. Out of curiosity, most teens want to know the amount they can earn hourly, weekly, monthly, or yearly. So let us find out if these values meet your expectations.

Going by collective information from “Indeed” the average salary of a teenager by October 2020 was $430 weekly, $1,800 monthly, and an annual salary of $22,000.

These are considered national references for jobs online and not just only for statistics. Earning this amount can be of great importance in investing in your studies, saving, etc.

You can also save funds to nurture or equip your future intending profession. Most job recruiters tend to give more attention to soft skills together with your experience and education. So for you to be a potential candidate for a job, prioritize highlighting your exquisite skills in your resume.

Places You Can’t Work as a Teenager 

Jobs for minors are limited to certain areas. As a teenager, there are places restricted to you in searching for a job.

Restricted jobs 

Once you are not up to the age of 14, you are restricted from ever getting a job. The minimum age requirement to get a job is 14 years and above. Also, be mindful of the +18 and +21 

age restriction jobs and avoid them if you are not up to the required ages.

Special Position  

As a minor, there are jobs way out of your reach. These jobs are not dependent on being a teenager, rather a college degree or years of experience makes you ineligible for such jobs. 

Despite securing an online job for yourself as a teen, you are also likely to encounter some company policies from the job requesting parental consent. Ensure yours is available to avoid setbacks.

Indicating your age on your resume is vital in safeguarding your resources, time and it increases your chances of getting your ideal job.

Searching for the best high-paying jobs for teens should not be your only aim, as there are restricted places for you to get a job as a minor.

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Types of Jobs Well Suited for Teens 

Most employers prioritize consideration of age when searching for employees. This gives teenagers an advantage in such consideration, but it is only applicable for jobs suitable and recommended for teens.

Teenagers are more likely to become trainees, apprentices, and interns. Teens are favourable to nurturing the above mention position into experts of various professions.

There are no advantages to getting exposed to world work ethics or securing a summer job.  

In most cases, there are certain tasks the highly experienced employee chose to ignore. The same task can expand your knowledge and significantly aid you in your professional development.

As a minor acquiring knowledge, you can compete against the average wage of an adult. Surprisingly you are setting up a competition with your developing skills.

Advancing further to creating a website adds prestige to your resume, as you will have an attractive portfolio.  

 Securing the best high-paying jobs for teens is not the only ultimate goal, but developing skill and profession as a teen create an alternative in the market for young and enthusiastic students.

30 Best High Paying Jobs for Teens

Here are the 30 best high-paying jobs for teens.

Web Designer

Teenage web designers can earn an average salary of $18 per hour.

Graphic Designer  

Becoming a graphic designer as a teen can fetch you $15 per hour.

Baby Sitting  

Babysitting jobs are some of the best high paying jobs for teens. Teenagers in this jo can earn $12 to $16 per hour.

4 Dog Walking  

Teenagers with a dog walking job earn $12 per hour.

5 Cashier  

The primary duty of a cashier is, to ring up customers’ products and complete the checkout process. Cashier, teenagers earn $10.55 per hour.

6 Actor  

Portraying an actor/actress as a teen, you earn $11 per hour. You can also turn into a professional actor or actress.

7 Sales Associate  

Sales associates are responsible for assisting customers in purchasing items. As a teen sales associate, you can earn $11.60 per hour.

8 Server 

Serving in fast food and restaurants as a teen can earn you $11.42 per hour.

9 Caddy  

Teenagers, who work to help golfers perform simple tasks such as cleaning golf balls, carrying golf bags earn $11.74 per hour.

10 Lifeguard  

Teenagers who work as lifeguards in a swimming pool earns $11.81 per hour. This I one of the best high paying jobs for teens.

11 Retail Merchandiser  

Teenage retail merchandisers who sell company products earn $12.72 per hour.

12 Landscape Laborer  

Minors mowing the lawn and watering plants earn $13.Youths at an animal shelter. Teenage kennel assistants earn $10.54 per hour.

13 Youth Sport Referee  

Becoming a youth sports referee in officiating sports games as a teen, you earn $16.13 per hour.

14 Delivery Service Driver

If you are looking for a job as a teenager then you should consider becoming a delivery service driver. This is one of the best high paying jobs for teens. As a delivery teenage service driver, you can earn $16.81 per hour.

15 Automotive Technician  

A teen automotive technician earns $19.55 per hour.

16 Tutor  

This is one of the best high-paying jobs for teens. As a teenager tutoring can earn you $21.31 per hour.

17 Car Wash  

Teenagers who work at a car wash earn $10.17 per hour.

18 Kennel Assistant  

Kennel’s assistant provides care for dogs and cats at an animal shelter. Teenage kennel assistants earn $10.54 per hour.

19 Day Care Assistant

Consider working as a day care assistant if you are looking for one of the best high paying jobs for teens. Teenagers who work as daycare assistants in daycare facilities earn $11.19 per hour.

20 Concession Stand Worker  

By providing food and drinks to people at events, as a teenager, you earn $11.35 per hour.

21 Restaurants Host/Hostess  

Getting customers and directing them to their table at a restaurant as a teen, you can earn $11.55 per hour.

22 Barista  

Teenagers making coffee-related beverages for customers earn $11.59 per hour.

23 Camp Counselor  

Teenage camp counsellors earn $ 12.65 per hour.

24 House Cleaner  

Performing sanitary duties at residences earn teenagers $13.20 per hour.

25 Library Assistant  

Teenage library assistants earn $13.24 per hour  

26 Bloggers  

Blogging is a huge thing to go into if you are looking for the best high paying jobs for teens. Teenagers, who are bloggers earn $15.54 per hour.

27 Photographer  

Teenage photographers earn $17.18 per hour.

28 Columnist  

Teenage columnists earn $15.77 per hour.

29 Social Media Manager  

Teenage social media managers earn $16.83 per hour.

30 Freelancer writer  

Writing articles for clients as a teenager, you earn $19.47 per hour.


The initial stages of life are filled with so many inquisitive characters. Teenagers yearn to know more and how to set up the best career for their future. Their youthful exuberance can be projected to build careers, skills, and professions.

I believe this article has made a positive impact in helping you access the best high-paying jobs for teens.


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