York University Acceptance Rate, Admission, Tuition, Ranking

Do you intend to study at York University or want to further your education at this research institution, then you should know the acceptance rate and admission process at YorkU.

York University is one of the best and largest research institutions in Canada and a preferred destination for high schoolers and graduate students. York University offers degree programs at undergraduate and graduate levels in engineering, liberal arts, business and health sciences.

The Toronto-based university attracts thousands of domestic and international students. If you are an international student seeking admission to York University, there is a possibility you will find students from your country out of 178 nations on campus.

In this article, you will find valuable information about admission requirements, the application process, tuition, and the acceptance rate at York University.

York University Acceptance Rate

About York University

The establishment of York University began in 1959. The university was incorporated in 1959 and set up campuses across Toronto to educate the growing population of the city.

The enrolment at York University was predicted to reach 7,000 in 1980. Surprisingly, the enrolment by that predicted time exceeded 25,000. Since then, York University has emerged as the fourth largest university in Canada.

The university’s main campus spans 460 acres in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The university also has other campuses in Glendon and Markham. Currently, the overall student enrolment at York University comprises over 55,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

YorkU is home to thousands of international students from over 170 countries. York University offers undergraduate and a variety of graduate degree programs in different areas of study.

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Faculties at York University

York University is organized into eleven undergraduate and graduate divisions.

They include the School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Health, Lassonde School of Engineering, and Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies.

Osgoode Hall Law School, Schulich School of Business, Faculty of Science, and Glendon College complete the list.

York University Ranking

York University is a highly recognized research institution in Ontario, Canada and beyond. YorkU occupies notable positions in recent university ranking.

According to U.Snews and World Report, York University is ranked as the 17th best global university in Canada and 456th worldwide.

York University subject ranking (U.Snews & World Report)

  • # 104 in economics and business
  • #188 in psychiatry/psychology
  • #326 in social sciences and public health
  • #235 in space science

Campus Life at York University

York University has a diverse and accommodating community with the perfect environment for the best college life experience. YorkU provides the basics for college beginners to settle into a new home.

Across all campuses, YorkU provides up to 70 housing options for students. Wherever you decide to live on campus, you will find cohorts that are supportive and share the same academic ambition.

A robust and diverse community needs all nutritious and healthy meals to stay active. YorkU ensures that everyone on campus gets the best refreshing meals, and with the new YU Eats programs, there is more to enjoy and share with friends.

YorkU provides more than 300 student clubs and organizations, student jobs, and supportive resources in career building.

York University Admissions

York University is a bit selective when it comes to admission. The acceptance rate at York University is challenging, and applicants are required to satisfy certain requirements before they will be considered for admission.

If you intend to secure a spot at York University, you must meet the institution’s admission requirement based on your educational system and program of choice.

All intending applicants seeking admission to York University must present an excellent academic record to prove they are worthy candidates for admission. YorkU is also interested in students eager to explore new possibilities and positive contributors to the community on campus.

Presenting an impressive academic record might not be enough to get you into York University. Remember you are competing with thousands of applicants, and you need every resource you can get to stay ahead in the race.

The Acceptance Rate at York University

Over the last few years, the acceptance rate at York University has been unknown to the public. At some point, the acceptance rate at York University was estimated at 27%, which is extremely selective.

YorkU is known as a public research institution with a large student enrolment. In the last admission cycle, about 55,000+ students enrolled at YorkU. About 10,000 international students were among the new students.

The acceptance rate for undergraduate students at York University is approximately 89%. Looking at the admission rate for undergraduates at York University, it is understandable why the institution has a large undergraduate student body.

York University does not release its official admission statistics to the public.

Why Should I Study at York University?

There are several reasons why you should study and obtain a degree at York University. YorkU is among the top public schools in Ontario, Canada. It has a world-class learning atmosphere with the best facilities and laboratories to engage students in intensive academic research.

York University is a dream school for high schoolers and the destination for international students from over 170 countries. At York University, you will learn from qualified faculty members, interact with a diverse and supportive community, and get mentored in choosing a future career.

York University has one of the highest graduate employment rates in Canada. The university’s graduate employment rate stands at 93%. This means there is almost a 100% chance of getting a job after graduating from YorkU.

YorkU has the best interests of its students at heart. Many students dream to attend this university, and those who have graduated had a memorable experience. You stand to benefit a lot when you attend York University.

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First-Year Admission Requirement and Application Process

As a first-year applicant seeking admission at YorkU, you are required to satisfy the university’s admission requirements. All first-year must meet this requirement before applying to York University.

So, what are the admission requirement?

Official Transcript

You will need to provide your official high school transcript. This is part of the admission requirement at York University, and you must present your official transcript to be considered for admission.

Course Description

This is a requirement for students who attended secondary/high school outside North America. You have to present your secondary/high school course description for proper course evaluation at YorkU.

Language Proficiency

The official language of instruction at YorkU main (Keele) campus is English. At the university’s Glendon campus, programs are offered in English and French. 

First-year applicants to YorkU are required to demonstrate proficiency in English before they will be admitted to the university.

Below are the English proficiency test and required scores.

  • TOEFL Internet-Based Test: minimum score of 83 or above
  • IELTS (Academic Module): minimum score of 6.5 or above
  • Pearson PTE Academic: minimum score of 60 or above
  • Canada Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL): minimum score of 60 or above
  • Cambridge English language Assessment: C1 Advanced 
  • Duolingo: minimum score of 115

Supplementary Application

Supplementary application for students applying to the Faculty of Education, Social Work, Schulich School of Business, School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design, and the Lassonde School of Engineering.

How to Apply to YorkU as a First-year Student

Know the application deadline before applying to York University. Gather your application materials and follow these application steps, for a successful application to YorkU.

Step 1. Choose Your Academic Program

York University offers a variety of undergraduate programs. With the YorkU Program Search, select your program of choice. Make sure you know every single detail and prospect of your program of interest.

Step 2. Check Admission Requirement

There are several admission requirements you must meet based on the academic program you intend to study at York University. Your program of choice might have additional requirements attached to it. Find out these requirements before you apply to York University. 

Step3. Submit Your Application

Students registered in Ontario high schools should apply to YorkU through the Ontario Universities Application Centre.

The application fee to submit your application through the York University application is 130 CAD. After receiving your application, the university will send notifications to you via email, and you will have access to monitor your application with MyFile.

Step 4. Submit Required Documents

Lastly, submit and upload the required documents to York University. These academic documents include your official high school transcript, a supplementary application, course description and language proficiency scores.

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Admission Requirement for International Student

York University shares a diverse community with over 170 countries represented on campus. There is an equal opportunity for all applicants to YorkU as there is no preferential treatment based on student nationality, religion, race, or language.

As an international student seeking admission to York University, you must have graduated from secondary/high school and earned a certificate appropriate for university admission in your home country.

International students are not left out when it comes to meeting the admission requirement at YorkU. This university is home to thousands of international students and has specific admission requirements based on the educational system of any country.

To find out the admission requirement for your country’s educational system, click here

What Is the Acceptance Rate for International Students at York University? 

With more than 175 countries on campus, international students make up to 10% of the entire student body at York University. The international students at York University are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

York University keeps its admission statistics hidden from the public, and regarding the acceptance rate for international students, this institution has no official admission rate for international students.

However, the opportunity to study at a top public research university and the graduate employment rate at York University attracts thousands of international students to this school. Once the students satisfy the admission requirement at YorkU, they have a chance to study at the fourth largest university in Canada.

Scholarship, Awards, Bursaries for International Students at York University

To properly answer the question of why you should study at York University, here is a little benefit. International students enrolled at YorkU are entitled to scholarships and bursaries.

Once you enrol at York University, all you have to do is to review funding for international students and apply for scholarships you are eligible for. 

YorkU has several scholarships and bursaries for international students. As an international student studying in Canada, you will need all the help you can get to finance your education. For you to be considered for this university scholarship, bursaries and on-campus employment, you need to submit a Student Financial Profile online application form.

The Student Financial Profile online application form can be used to apply for several scholarships and bursaries offered by the university. International students enrolled at York University complete the Student Financial Profile at the beginning of each academic session.

These benefits await you at York University.

Below are other awards and bursaries for international students (undergraduates) at YorkU.

  • Entrance Scholarships
  • International Undergraduate Student Bursary
  • Financial Support and Resources for International Students
  • York University Continuing Student Scholarship

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York University Tuition and Fees

The tuition for most academic programs at YorkU is 7,123 CAD for domestic students, while that for international is 32,502 CAD.

Here is the estimated cost of attendance for other programs at YorkU.

$10,020 – Design$30,349 – Design
$9,619 – Business$33,961 – Business
$9,705 – Commerce$34,628 – Commerce
$9,653 – Computer Science$29,958 – Computer Science
$10,608 – Engineering$37,345 – Engineering


YorkU Contact Address

  • School Address: 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, ON M3J1P3
  • Phone: 416 736 2100

Frequently Asked Questions about York University Acceptance Rate

Here are frequently asked questions regarding the acceptance rate at York University.

Can I get into York University with an average of 70?

The admission requirement at York University varies depending on the academic program you intend to study. To get into science and engineering programs, you must have an average in the high 70 or even better mid-80 as required by most faculties.

How difficult is it to get into York University?

The estimated acceptance rate at York University stands at 27%. The admission rate for undergraduates at York university is approximately 89%. YorkU has a large undergraduate and graduate enrolment across all campuses. The university acceptance rate and admission statistics are kept hidden from the public.

What is the acceptance rate for graduate students at York University?

The acceptance rate for graduate students at York University is estimated at 11%, which is very selective. About 11% of the student body at York University are graduate students.


York University covers various areas of undergraduate and graduate study. Stretching across the city of Toronto and the fourth largest university in Canada, YorkU is the perfect place to study and nurture a future career.

Home to thousands of international students, YorkU has supportive resources sustainable for students of different educational backgrounds. With the information we have provided so far, we believe you are familiar with the admission requirement at YorkU and the application process.



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