Windows 11 Apps You Must Install on Your Laptop

Ever since Windows 11 came out, it has been gaining massive popularity amongst all the users. This is predominantly due to its impressive features that are definitely unlike its predecessor Windows 10. The thing that we absolutely love the most is that Windows 11 allows you to install third-party apps from Microsoft apps. Not only this, but it also lets you download and use Android apps, which is great news for the android users out there who have been waiting eagerly for such an upgrade. You can now have all your favourite apps easily installed on your big screens and start using them from there.

However, here is the catch, in order to download these apps or even to use Windows 11 to the fullest, as in installing updates, using the web, streaming video-based content, playing online games, or just carrying out the general online activity, you need an internet connection.

Now, you might be wondering which internet provider should you go for since there are so many options out there. Of course, it can get quite challenging to pick the one that meets all your needs and also does not cost you a lot of money. This is why we recommend you to look into Spectrum and its fantastic internet plans and packages that make the whole experience a piece of cake for you.

Spectrum is available in more than 40 states, which means the chances are quite high that your locality falls under its serviceable area. Now, why should you go for this internet service provider, you might ask? Well, it is a no-brainer because this ISP offers a superfast internet connection and that too without placing any data caps. If you are well aware of how annoying data caps can be, then you will prefer it any day, anytime.

In addition to this, this ISP offers highly affordable plans and packages. After all, once you have already spent a hefty amount on laptops, you don’t have to go all crazy on getting yourself an expensive internet service that does not even provide you value for your money.

Windows 11 Apps

List of Windows 11 Apps You Must Install on Your Laptop

  • AVAST One
  • Internet Download Manager
  • ProtonVPN

Now that you have this tool, without further ado, let’s jump right into the list of all the apps you must install on your newly installed Windows 11.


First things first, it is extremely important in this digital age to provide the utmost security to your laptop and the data inside of it. Although many leading ISPs offer you a security suite with your internet subscription it never hurts to get the extra protection by installing antivirus software on your laptop.

Everyone knows the significance of an antivirus. While using a laptop that is connected to multiple devices as well as the internet, your device can become highly vulnerable to viruses. It can corrupt your files or even some people hackers might take advantage of you not having an antivirus by simply hacking into your system and stealing the valuable information stored on your laptops.

In this case, AVAST One provides you protection from malicious files, and viruses and protects your privacy online. It does all that and more without asking you to pay a hefty amount. If you are installing it only on your laptop, then it is completely free to use. However, to use it on multiple devices, you will be required to pay $4.19 as a subscription fee per month. Just FYI, this is a promotional offer.

Internet Download Manager

Obviously, you will be using your laptop for downloading purposes a lot more than you can ever expect. Downloading large files is pretty much a part of using a laptop. It can sometimes become challenging as well given that you might not have permission to download files right from the internet.

Some of the browsers might let you download files from their platforms without posing any hindrances. On the other hand, sometimes you might need to download multiple files at the same time. And this could come off as a problem.

In this case, Internet Download Manager is your guy because this download manager lets you download more than one file. Even if you get disconnected from your internet for a while and then gain back the connection, this app will still make sure that your download should resume from where it stopped. Also, you can pause, resume and even schedule downloads on the internet download manager.


All those of you who are avid users of the internet and actually got a laptop and Windows 11 with the purpose of using the internet in mind, must also make sure that you are taking all the necessary steps in privacy and security. This includes getting a Virtual Private Network on your laptop.

For this, ProtonVPN is truly one of the best choices out there as it lets you stay safe on the internet without revealing your identity. Don’t worry, you can go for its free version because it doesn’t come with any limitations. It offers you access to over 24 locations in three different countries. You can use this VPN to get access to content that is restricted in your area, stream videos, and games, and also carry out all your online tasks.

Final Words

With a new laptop and windows at your hand, you need to make sure that it is fully equipped with all the essential apps that make the experience of using it a whole lot more fun and enjoyable. So, to do so, get these above-mentioned apps for your Windows 11 and enhance your experience right now. These apps are good enough to make your experience an enjoyable one.


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