University of Kansas Acceptance Rate, Admissions, SAT/ACT, GPA, Tuition, Ranking

University of Kansas Acceptance Rate, admissions, SAT/ACT, GPA, tuition, and rankings have been discussed in this article including other important tips for prospective domestic, transfer and international students.

The University of Kansas is a large public research and teaching institution with 28,000 students and 2,600 faculty members on five campuses located in Kansas City, Lawrence, Overland Park, Wichita and Salina).

Its various elements combine its mission to train leaders, create healthy communities, and make world-changing discoveries.

The Lawrence and Edward campuses enrolled approximately 23,958 students in the fall of the previous academic year; KUMC (KUMC) also enrolled about 3,727 students, of which 27,685 students are spread over three campuses.

In the fall of the previous academic year, the entire university (including KUMC) has 4,776 faculty members (lecturers, faculty, graduate students, and librarians).

Are you considering applying to the University of Kansas? Here’s what you need to know about admission statistics, and acceptance rates, including average SAT / ACT scores and GPAs for eligible students.

University of Kansas Acceptance Rate

About the University of Kansas

The University was established on March 21, 1865, and was opened in 1866 by a charter passed by the Legislature of the State of Kansa in 1864 and by legislation enacted by the State Constitution in 1863 and was adopted two years later in 1861.

The University of Kansas is a leading public research university offering high-quality academic programs.

Since its inception, the KU campus has hosted international students, with more than 112 countries currently represented and more than 28% of KU students studying abroad, making KU students global among their peers and disciplines.

Student life at the University of Kansas

Four years will be very long for you if you spend all of it on campus, especially if you move to another state to study, leave your home, and your family, and start a new life with a new group of friends. It is important to understand how other students like you navigate this process.

The University of Kansas is ranked 51st among America’s Best Colleges for Student Life. This rank covers 1,612 colleges and universities across the country. They have beautiful campuses, red brick buildings and manicured landscapes.

When it comes to parties and pleasure, the University of Kansas ranked 34th among 1,612 colleges and universities in the country. When it comes to colleges in Kansas this school is the first in this category.

Part of this culture is Greek life, which ranks 47th among 824 other colleges and universities with groups and brothers.

University of Kansas Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at the university of  Kansa is 91%. It ranks 19th in Kansas with the lowest admission rate. The University of Kansas is easy to get into, and if you meet the admission requirements, you have a good chance of getting accepted. Last year, 13,678 of the 15,042 applicants were accepted.

The school has complex entry requirements for obtaining SAT and ACT scores and generally accepts 42% of students who art at the top of the test takers (SAT 1070/1320 and ACT 22/29).

The University of Kansas generally accepts and attracts B+ high school students with an average GPA of about 3.64.

Most applicants of this university graduate from high school being among the top quarter of all graduating students. 28% of applicants who are admitted end up attending KU.

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The acceptance rate of the University of Kansas compared to other schools around it?

The University of Kansas rate of admission is 64% higher than the national average which is about 56.7%.

Below are some of the acceptance rates of the school around KU.

SchoolAcceptance Rate
University of Missouri-Kansas City61.3%
Kansas State University95.4%
University of Central Missouri65.0%
Wichita State University91.7%
University of Nebraska-Lincoln78.2%

University of Kansas Admission Requirements.

The University of Kansas accepts 91 percent of applicants as we have already stated, and the admission process is somewhat selective. If you’re SAT/ACT score and GPA are within the school average, you have a good chance of getting in.

However, Kansas is looking for students who have completed challenging preparatory courses for college students. Note that some KU programs are more selective and have higher requirements for admission.

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SAT requirements and average SAT scores

The University of Kansas generally prefers applicants to be among the top 47 percent on the SAT test. The school has consistently reduced its cumulative SAT score to 1,070 from 1,600 which make getting admission into the school easier.

The estimated average combined SAT score for the accepted freshmen is 1200/1600. KU ranks second in Kansas for the highest average SAT scores. 0% of applicants send their SAT scores KU.

Average SAT Score Table

SAT Reading 25th540
SAT Math 25th530
SAT Composite 25th1070
SAT Reading 75th650
SAT Math 75th670
SAT Composite 75th1320
Average SAT Score1200

ACT Requirements and ACT GPA

Admission information available for this institution show that KU consistently admits students with an ACT of 22 or higher. Applicants who end up getting to into this academic institution send ACT scores among the top 37 percent nationwide.

Prospective students who complete a combined ACT of 26 or higher should be among the top applicants, and students who score 29 or higher are likely going to be offered admission.

The school ranks second in Kansas with average ACT total scores. A good ACT score is important because 97% of applicants submit ACT scores to colleges.

Average ACT Score Table

ACT Reading 25th22
ACT Math 25th21
ACT Composite 25th22
ACT Reading 75th30
ACT Math 75th28
ACT Composite 75th29
Average ACT Score25

Estimated GPA requirements and average GPA

Though the acceptance rate of the university of Kansas is high, applicants must have very good high school grades to qualify for KU.

The average high school GPA for freshmen at the University of Kansas is 3.64 on a scale of 4.0, indicating that the majority of B+ students will eventually be accepted and will end up attending.

The school has the highest GPA and ranks first in Kansas. If your high school grades are higher than 3.64 GPA, you have a good chance of getting in because KU accepts 91% of all applicants.

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KU Assured Admission Standards

First-year students are guaranteed being accepted to the College of Libra Arts and Sciences or KU Social Security Welfare if they meet one of the following combinations:

  • If they achieve a GPA of 3.25 on a scale of 4.0, no test results are required or regardless of reported test results
  • If they achieve an ACT score of at least 21 or SAT score of at least 1060 plus a GPA of at least 2.0.

Transfer students are guaranteed admission from a regionally accredited community college, college, or university with 24+ transferable hours and a 2.5 GPA or higher.

KU encourages all students to apply as the school evaluates each application individually based on the following factors:

  • Comprehensive high school GPA
  • ACT or SAT results, if available
  • Core curriculum GPA
  • Course intensity
  • Transcript from college, if sent

Application Deadline

Application times for students outside the United States.

  • June 1: Fall Priority Deadline, AEC Priority Deadline.
  • June 15: Final deadline for Fall
  • November 15: Spring deadline.
  • April 1: Summer deadline.

Requirements and Transfer Acceptance rate at the University of Kansas

The acceptance rate for the University of Kansas with respect to transfer admissions is 89%.

At the University of Kansas, 21% of students are transfer students, so you’re not alone.

The transfer decision raises a big question: will I be accepted? Will I be able to transfer my credit? Can I get a scholarship? What are the transfer admission requirements? Details are revealed below.

Transfer students are guaranteed admission from a regionally accredited community college, college, or university with 24+ transferable credit hours and a 2.5 GPA or higher.

  • GPA requirements entail that residents of Kansas must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher. External applicants must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • Official transcripts from each university or college you attended (faxed transcripts will only be used to make admission decisions. If you earned less than 24 credits, your high school transcript which you graduated will be required.
  • If you earned less than 24 credits, you must submit your ACT or SAT.
  • A letter of recommendation will be required if you are applying for Community College scholarships or Phi Theta Kappa scholarships (for scholarship applicants).
  • An essay will be required for scholarship applicants.
  • You will be required to pay a non-refundable $30 application fee.
  • The University of Kansas does not publish individual interview requirements.

See more information Here

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Acceptance Rate at University of Kansas International Admission Requirements

The University of Kansas does not have a separate official admission rate for international students, they offer a holistic path for admission for domestic and foreign students. The information below will help you know more about the route for international students at KU

International students at the University of Kansas have several paths to achieve their goals:

  • Students who meet the English language proficiency requirements in full will be accepted as a full-time students if they meet the requirements set by the department and the institution.
  • Students with less than full English proficiency may also be eligible to apply for and accepted as degree-seeking and apply to participate in an English language course at the Applied English Centre (AEC) currently or before the commencement of their program.
  • Students who want to improve their English language skills can study full-time at AEC.
  • Students may complete a non-AEC degree in English studies or non-degree academic studies during the Jayhawk semester.


Applicants must complete an application form and pay the application fee.

  • Students must have completed high school (grades 9-12) at the time of application.
  • The Kansas Office of Admissions requires that you submit official transcripts to the KU International admission office.
  • Students must pass an English proficiency test, TOEFL, IELTS or C1 advanced test.
  • The student must prove sufficient financial resources for one year. This is important for the applicant’s application as it is essential that the Office of International Student Services see this proof to issue the necessary immigration materials you need.

International student application portal

Proficiency in English Requirements

International students must submit the following English language test scores to enter the University of Kansas:

English language proficiency test minimum grade (UG) minimum grade (PG)

English proficiency testsMinimum Score (UG)Minimum Score(PG)
IELTS6.56.5 or above
TOEFL (IBT)7979 or above
C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency exam176 or higher176 or hihher

SAT / ACT requirements for international students

  • SAT evidence-based reading and writing score of 590 or higher
  • ACT English Section 22 or above.

University of Kansas (KU) tuition and fees

As we have already mentioned – KU is a respected institution known for offering a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and PhD programs that provide quality preparation for students – you need to know that this comes at a price and we want to take a look at the cost of attendance at KU.

Compared to tuition fees at most educational institutions, tuition fees at the University of Kansas are quite modest. According to official data students who want to complete a bachelor’s degree program at a university spend an average of about $19,600 a year.

This amount includes tuition and other fees. Housing, books and supplies, and other expenses were gathered to be $11,318, $1,212, and $3,134.

Average Cost of Attendance KU

Student typeIn-stateOut-State
Tuition & Fees$11,148$27,358
Book & Supplies$1,076$1,076
Room & Board cost$11,262$11,262
Other Expenses$3,080$3,080
Total Cost of Attendance$26,566$42,776

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Rankings of University of Kansas

Below are some of the average rankings of the University of Kansas from reliable sources on the internet.

  • #215 in Best Colleges in the U.S.
  • #202 in Best Value Colleges in the U.S.
  • #1 in Best Colleges in Kansas
  • #1 in Best Public Colleges in Kansas
  • #1 in Best Value Colleges in Kansas
  • #61 in Best Public Colleges in the U.S.

FAQs about the Admissions and Acceptance Rate at the University of Kansas

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about the admissions and enrolment rate at KU

Does the University of Kansas prefer SAT or ACT?

97% of applicants who apply to the University of Kansas submit their ACT scores when applying.

What are my chances of getting into the University of Kansas?

The University of Kansas has a 91% acceptance rate. Entrance competitions and university admission criteria are difficult. Check that your grades and scores are sufficient for entry.

What SAT points are required to enter the University of Kansas?

The average 50% of successful applicants had SAT scores between 1070 and 1320. 0% of students submit SAT scores with their application. See if your SAT points are enough in case you wish to submit your test scores.

What ACT scores are required to enter the University of Kansas?

An average of 50% of successful applicants have an ACT score of 22-29. 97% of students submit ACT scores with their application. See if your ACT scores are sufficient for entry.



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