UICC Technical Fellowships (UICC-TF) 2021

Apply to the continually open UICC Technical Fellowships for masters and Ph.D. students in various study fields. This article contains the application details

Since the start of this UICC Technical Fellowships  in 1976, the UICC fellowships have helped to the development of the professional ability of over 4,000 UICC Fellows from more than 110 countries by helping the facilitation of appropriate person-to-person training in particular areas that are relevant to enhancing cancer control activities including clinical management that are conducted in the students home countries.

The sole aim of the UICC technical masters fellowships is to propagate the international exchange of knowledge and to cause development of skills in cancer control, including its prevention and treatments and to allow for the acquisition of sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic clinical expertise that would be applied in the fellows’ organisations upon their return to their home country.

UICC Technical Fellowships
UICC Technical Fellowships

Brief UICC Technical Fellowships Description

The Fellowship are is offered for Research Fellow/ Scientist degree in fields relating to Etiology, Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis, Early Detection, and Prognosis Treatment,, Survivorship, Cancer Control, and Research about the Health Policy and Outcomes Advocacy.

You can apply to this scholarship via the link at the end of this article. 

The deadline for the submission of your application is is not stated but students are allowed to submit application whenever they wish the Scholarship application is always open.

This fellowship is made available by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC).

Host Platform

This Fellowship is sponsored by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to:

  • Facilitate and help the international exchange and advancement of technical know how and skills in all dimension of cancer control
  • Build value of the individual and home organisation through the appropriate application and use of the newly acquired in the home organisation of the fellow upon return
  • Contribute to the development of networks relating to cancer control professionals for the progressive sharing of the best practices and knowledge, including the informal provision of progressive, guidance, support training

Eligible Study Level/Field

  • This fellowship is open to Research Fellow/Scientist.
  • Applicants must hold at least an MA or MSc.
  • Ph.D., and pure medical students are not eligible to apply for UICC Technical Fellowships

Eligible Group

This fellowship is open to international students from all nationals except Americans.

General Eligibility Requirements for the UICC Technical Fellowships

  • Students applying for the Fellowships should be career professionals in their early stages of career like implementation, pathologists, cancer advocates, and transnational researchers,tobacco control activists, epidemiologists, public health investigators, and cancer registrars.
  • Applicants must hold at least an MA or MSc.
  • Nurses and Clinicians established in oncology practice and should hold at the very least an MD degree, for doctors or RN, for nurses, can also apply.
  • Ph.D. and pure medical students are not eligible to apply for UICC Technical Fellowships

Scholarship Benefits

The winner of the Fellowships will consequently receive US$ 3,400 for the least expensive travel internationally and living costs

Application Guidelines for the UICC Technical Fellowships

  • To win this Fellowship applicants must have to be enrolled as a PhD degree student at an accredited university. After being confirmed, the individual can now apply for the award.
  • Interested students may be asked to provide a personal statement or a letter of motivation (see how to write a scholarship motivational letter here), or to provide a recommendation letter, CV or research thesis.
  • Applicants should provide previous certificate with good grades,to be able to apply for this fellowship
  • Applicants will be required to provide evidence of proficiency in English Language to apply. 

UICC Technical Fellowships Application Closing Date

There is no stated deadline for this scholarship. The applications for the Fellowships is always open and can be submitted anytime in the year. the providers of the scholarship will contact the applicants on any subsequent activities to be taken.

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