OPEC-OFID Scholarship for Developing Countries 2022

If you are a domestic or international student from a developing country, then you consider applying for the OPEC-OFID Scholarship 2022. The OFID scholarship is one of the international scholarships dedicated to international students who are in their master’s degree program of studies.

This article aims to provide a prospective applicants with the information they need concerning this scholarship to be able to apply and win.

This article contains information about the OPEC-OFID Scholarship for developing countries 2022 application guidelines and other important details like application closing date, scholarship benefit, and so on.

OPEC-OFID Scholarship for Developing Countries

Why the OFID Scholarship?

The OFID scholarship for international students from developing countries is an award opportunity that was established to help young and promising graduate students from developing countries achieve their academic goals.

This is popular as it is on record that the scholarship received more than 7,400 applications this year from eligible countries

Brief OPEC-OFID Scholarship 2022 Description

The sponsoring platform of this scholarship is OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) – was established in 1976 by the member states of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is an intergovernmental financial institution.

The legitimacy of OFID cannot be questioned as it was well-received at a conference held in Algiers in Algeria known as the Conference of Sovereigns and Heads of State of OPEC Member Countries.

OFID is a platform that operated in collaboration with developing countries and other donors from international communities to help propagate growth in the economy and ease poverty in all the arrears that are considered to be disadvantaged.

The platform aims to achieve all these fits by offering the resources to build important infrastructure, and promote productivity and encourage social services delivery and trade.

The OFID scholarships are a very buoyant one as four winners will be awarded a masters degree scholarship for their graduate studies. The eligible candidates must be from developing countries and must not come from an OFID Member Country).

Before applying, applicants are expected to have gained admission to study a programme that is related to a development field in an accredited university and other accredited institutions of studies in the world.

OPEC-OFID Scholarship 2022 scheme is a scholarship that aims to help motivated individuals overcome the basic challenge of graduate studies which is the cost of studies so that they can go on to have a successful career in their chosen fields of studies without their dreams being truncated by lack of finance.

We mentioned earlier that the OPEC-OFID Scholarship 2022 is buoyant and that is indeed true as the scholarship pays US$50,000 winners of the scholarship which is believed to be enough to cover their study costs.

The scholarships funds will be spread across two years of masters degree studies or its equivalent. The applicant must be studying at an accredited institution of higher education starting from the 2022 academic year.

Host Platform/Country

There is no particular country hosting this scholarship as there is a lot of developing country where this scholarship can be used.

OPEC Scholarships for International Students can be obtained in any recognized university in the world so long as you meet the requirements to study an eligible master’s degree program.

Eligible Study Levels/Fields

OPEC-OFID Scholarship 2022 is a fully-funded scholarship open for students in their master’s degree program of study in a field that relates to development or fields in energy research such as environment (desertification), the economics of development (energy, sustainable development and poverty reduction,), or fields in science and technology.

Eligible Group

OFID scholarships are open to students from developing countries studying in accredited institutions f0r their master’s studies.

We have mentioned that students from OFID member states. There is a list of eligible countries that can be accessed via the official link that has been provided below before the end of this article.

General Eligibility Requirements PEC-OFID Scholarship 2022 for Developing Countries

There are a number of criteria that should be met for applicants to be eligible for the OFID scholarship, some of which have been discussed below:

  • You must be between 23-32 years old when you submit your application.
  • Must have obtained or are about to complete their undergraduate degree, and obtained a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited college/university.
  • Should have nothing less than GPA of 3.0 on the 4.0 rating system, or equivalent
  • Must be admitted to an accredited university to study for the next academic year beginning in August/September, and must be a full time student through their masters degree program
  • Must be from a country considered one of the developing countries of the world (except for OFID member states)
  • Subject study related to OFID’s core mission must be selected, such as environment (desertification), economics of development (energy, sustainable development and poverty reduction,), or fields in science and technology.

Application Guidelines for OPEC-OFID Scholarship 2022

In the online application, the applicant must upload the following required documents. All the required materials for application including online applications, letters of recommendation and other information that would be required must be submitted on or before the application deadline.

  • Submission: Make sure you meet the OFID scholarship eligibility criteria and all necessary documents are ready to be submitted.
  • Registration: Use your email address to register in the OFID scholarship portal. Please note that you can log in to the portal as many times as necessary before submitting the final application.
  • Application form: fill out the application form. Ensure that you save data every time you update your application information. After logging in, if the page stays inactive for more than two hours, your login session will time out and this may cause you to lose data that were not saved. Only submit your application when you completed the entire application process as submitting before completion may cause you to send incomplete application which may make your application not to be considered.
  • Upload: Only upload necessary document such as CV, two letters of recommendations, highest academic certificate/transcript, admission letter for graduate courses, copy of passport and personal essay.
  • Complete application form: When your application is completed and all other documents are uploaded, your application can be submitted. After you submit your application, you will not be able to make any changes or upload more files.

Required Documents

  • An online application form that has been completed
  • A passport photograph of the applicant in a scanned form
  • The applicant’s last university degree certificate in a scanned form
  • A scanned copy of the admission or acceptance letter from the selected educational institution, confirming that the applicant has been admitted, study subject and the duration of the master’s degree program (not more than one year).
  • Provide an evidence of proof of meeting any prerequisites, including proficiency of language.
  • An English essay of approximately 500 words explaining the reason for applying for OFID scholarship, explaining your academic goals, and describing in a very easy to understand way how you will use the knowledge and experience acquired from your master’s degree study to help develop your home country.
  • Two recommendation letter from the lecturer and/or professor of the applicant’s current university.
  • Curriculum (CV).
  • Only the winner of the award will receive a notification via the OFID website ofid.org before June 2nd.

Scholarship Benefits

PEC-OFID Scholarship 2022  is a fully-funded scholarship where the applicants will receive a full-tuition award of up to $50,000. The scholarship funds will be given to winners for one year to complete a master’s degree or equivalent in an accredited higher educational institution.

Application Deadline

The OPEC-OFID Scholarship is currently being restructured and no specific date has been announced to be the deadline for 2022 applications. But the last deadline was 12 April and from all indications, it seems this deadline will be maintained for the current year.

We will do well to update this article immediately after the official deadline for this year’s application is released and it is different from this one. However, you can visit the scholarship official page via the link provided below.

No matter the magnitude of the information you get in from this article, it is always advisable to visit the official website of the scholarship to see updated information about this scholarship and the application link.


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