Lyceum Student Portal Login:

This article has all the information you need about Lyceum Student Portal Login: and other vital information you may need concerning the school and official website.

The Lyceum Student Portal Login: is where students who are either aspirants or full-time(Freshmen and returning students) students can access information relevant to their academic studies. This article will give you a conscientious insight into the Lyceum College Student Portal login.

A visual representation of the Lyceum Student Portal Login:
The student portal login

This article will also brief you on the official website, how to access the student portal login, and the benefits of using the student portal login.

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Benefits of the Lyceum Student Portal Login:

It is a known fact that most freshmen are often without enough information about the institution they are to begin their academic journey with. This is why it is necessary to have a portal where these students can access valid information about the school.

The sLyceum Student Portal Login:, helps students get acquainted with the venues for important academic activities in the university, learn about their living facilities, the libraries, administrative offices, departmental offices, and other important locations.

The information disbursed on the portal is always verified and true, therefore the student portal login plays a huge role in mitigating the spread of false information.

It also serves as a hub of information that guides the activities of the students throughout each academic session. The portal provides the students or even aspirants with valid information such as :

  • The programs offered in the institution
  • Important annoucements and news
  • Information about the institution
  • The Academic Calender
  • Application process
  • Tuition fees
  • School email and Contact Information
  • Time table
  • Results
  • Study Materials
  • Assignments
  • Examination, especially online examination

The official website of the student portal login can be found below

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How to access the Lyceum Student Portal Login:

The Student Portal login can be accessed using these easy steps:

  1. Obtain a good web browser such as google chrome, the internet explorer, Firefox etc.
  2. Key in the address link to the portal which is
  3. Once the portal opens, Log in with your username If you’ve been registered, if not create a username and password for login purposes
  4. You can now proceed to carry out the required academic activities.

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A brief history of the Lyceum college and its student portal login

Lyceum college is a private institution owned by the Education Investment Corporation (EDUCOR) and is situated in the cape town province( Johannesburg to be specific). The college is regarded as one of the best schools in south Africa. It was institutionalized in the year 1917and has maintained a standard of providing quality education in the country. The name Lyceum College (Pty) Ltd came about in the year 2003.

The school is quite affordable and offers a variety of courses some of which include:

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Disaster and Safety Management.
  2. Bachelor of Administration in Licencing Practice.
  3. Diploma in Management.
  4. Diploma in Grade R Teaching
  5. Diploma in Criminal Justice

There is no available information on the particular date when the student portal log-in was created.

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