How to Write a Product Review | A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re interested or want to know how to write a good product review, then continue reading as this article shows a clear explanation of how to write and publish a good product review.

Product review goes a long way in the explicit evaluation of the quality and efficacy of a product. It’s a way of sharing one’s testimony of a product used or also attesting to the effectiveness of the product.

This review on the other hand helps other consumers to know if the product is what they want or what can be of help to them.

A product review can be for any form of service purchased such as food, accessories, clothing, properties, housing and lots more.

A person that reviews or write a product review is called a product reviewer or a product promoter.

Reviews are undaunted testimony of a product, and this helps in the marketing of a product because it boosts its credibility and the odd that the reader/prospective buyer will be more comfortable and confident to buy the products.

A product reviewer is one who hasn’t used a product he/she wants to review; but must have used such a product, seen and observed the effectiveness of the product and taken note of the necessary benefits of the product to be reviewed.

This notifies/clarifies the to-be buyer if the product meets his/her necessity at the moment which in turn promote the purchasing of the product.

Product review is mostly done by affiliate marketers who major in making more sales by driving traffic to the product listed. Apparently, anybody can also be involved in product review which also helps in generating traffic for that product especially when it’s beneficial to health and otherwise.

if you’re interested to know how to write a product review whether, for sales or to help others gain such benefits as you, it will be of necessity you read till the end.  

How to Write a Product Review

What are product reviews?

If you’ve been marketing for a minute or more, you’re probably familiar with product reviews. But let’s quickly check the definitions to be on the same page.

Reviews, as discussed here, are nothing more than product-related content that should delve deeper into the strengths and weaknesses of a particular good or service. Some full-time marketers and writers focus on product testing and reviews. They then endeavour to submit them to third party websites, blogs and platforms.

Ideally, people who should write a product review are authors who are independent. These reviewers can shed light on different products and offer a neutral and unbiased point of view. Otherwise, when reviews are made by internal content creators, they are not credible and tend to be one-sided.

Additionally, reviews often invite readers to discuss, rate and comment on products they have purchased or are considering.

How to Write a good Product Review

The role of product reviews

Understanding how to write a product review is important as product reviews not only make your product attractive; They increase the visibility of your product and make it a reference product. In fact, online reviews are essential to any business’s marketing and branding these days.

First of all, customers rely heavily on reviews, which are usually real articles written by real users. As such, reviews are social proof and aid in the building of trust and loyalty.

Second, when a product receives a lot of reviews it tends to become more transparent, which increases its credibility. People tend to trust social proof, especially when the reviewer is not affiliated with the brand and is not anonymous (i.e. can be resolved by name and searchable through their social profiles).

So when evidence of the quality of the product or service is corroborated by multiple independent sources, positive sentiment can resonate online. This increases the chances of potential buyers choosing that particular product.

With that being said, we would understand why it is important that one learn how to write a product review.

Why do people read product reviews?

Why do people even read product reviews? After all, would a smart shopper buy something without checking online reviews?

Here is an example. Imagine you are to write a product review about Headspace, a meditation app. This is a real example because I am personally a Headspace devotee and practitioner. 🙂

Or we can take another example: Let’s do it B2B this time. For example LiveChat:

So where do you start with your evaluation? People want real facts, so:

  • Talk about how the product affected you and share the first impression (and all subsequent impressions!).
  • Share your experiences with the product.
  • List the actual pros and cons of the product.
  • Let readers know if the product is for them [who the target user/buyer is].
  • Determine if the product is of the highest quality and worth buying.
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Discuss some potential weaknesses.
  • Offer alternatives.

Online reviews should address the strengths and weaknesses of a product, service, or even the entire brand so buyers understand key selling points and their strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace.

A solid written product review should clearly state what the product is for.

Another reason people read product reviews is that users want to be sure that the product is best in class. Take marketing tools for example people want to make sure they are simple, easy to use, and generally efficient.

If you want to write a product review as a professional you should talk about the alternative solutions – people are curious about alternative solutions.

Honestly, they just want to make sure that the product they are about to buy is the undisputed king of its kind. In addition, the experiences of other users are not without importance. Readers want to see opinions from different places before making any buying decision.

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What are the advantages of writing product reviews?

First, people develop trust in a product via reviews: 88% of consumers trust both online reviews and personal recommendations. Voila, positive product reviews can lead to a big boost in sales.

This is what you get when you write a review:

  • Money: You can earn additional money by reviewing products as an affiliate.
  • Authority – As a reviewer, you create authority, and if your opinion is correct, people will believe your opinion.
  • Freedom – As an independent reviewer and marketer, you alone decide what to review, what to recommend and what to write about.
  • Traffic – Your content can help you generate organic traffic and rank your website for keywords chosen in a strategical way.

There are many other pros and cons of being an independent product reviewer. Ok, now with all those reasons it’s time to find out what you can do to create real product reviews.

How to write a product review

below, we will be listing and discussing some of the vital tips that you should bear in mind whenever you want to write a product review.

These tips will serve as a guide for writing a successful and thought-provoking product review.

How to Write a good Product Review

Become an Affiliate

However, if you can, your best bet is to become an affiliate partner

This will bring additional benefits, such as paying a flat and sometimes recurring commission for every sale you refer. It makes sense to be an affiliate because you’re promoting these products anyway, so why shouldn’t you take a piece of the pie and generate some passive income?

Know your product

Once you become an affiliate by joining an affiliate program or accessing a product in other ways, make sure you do your study on the product and research the product. You want to be an expert. Stay curious and know everything about the brand and the product you are to review.

Include competitors in your research and the industry as a whole before you start reviewing.

Be the first beneficiary of the product.

To write a product review for a particular product, be sure to be a first-hand user or beneficiary of the product.

A review must be built on trust, so any prospective buyer has the confidence that the to-be purchase product has been tested by someone (the reviewer) and thus boost the confidence of the buyer making him/her comfortable in buying such a product relying on the attestation of the product by the reviewer.

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Be honest. Don’t hype

Being completely transparent is key. Eyeing the prize, keep this in mind:

People are quick to put two and two together, and if you’re not being honest, they’ll notice (and inevitably make a fuss).

From the buyer’s point of view, a product is always a better choice. There’s no point when you write a product review to trick your audience into thinking your product isn’t flawed. Instead, balance your review

Honesty earns you credibility and when you are honest users are bound to become loyal and come back to your blog or website for an honest review anytime they want to make a purchase.

Note the problems and remedies the product give in a product review

 Two things are important to note:

(1) The problems the reader is facing that made him/her come looking for such a product.

(2) The remedies such product will give to the reader. so this means, bearing in mind that you need to take note of the benefits of the product when using as to know what to review.

For instance, if you want to write a review on a product used in the treatment of ache and blackspots; you should note the information contained in the product, notice how the product you use is working on the ache on your face(if it works well or not), and also if it causes fairness or good for all skin types.

All these will help when reviewing your product so that the reader will understand and know if this is what he/she needs.

Elaborate fully in your product description and more so be specific.

Another this you also need to know on how to write a product review is that you need to describe the problems and remedies such a product can treat, try to be specific and still give a full narration of the product.

For instance, using the above-mentioned example, be sure to point out the type of product, the size, the skin types it’s good for, the amount, how long it will last, how long its effectiveness is if it has an adverse effect and so on. This will help the reader/prospective to check the information entailed inside the product.

Play against other players

Comparing two or more products are critical to any good review. They will provide your readers with a picture of the entire type of product in a clearer way. Your readers will know what options are available and will have more confidence in getting recommended models.

Talking about alternatives will give you credibility — especially if you can say more than “Hey, these are available too!”

Give a brief summary review.

Another thing you need to know on how to write a product review is that you need to write a last convincing statement about the product to your readers.

Here, you are the product, tell them as to why they should get it and more so why it’s better than others you’ve used; do not be biased here, rather be constructive enough in words when writing this). and this later is necessarily not compulsory.

Have a discussion

Whenever you post anything (not just comments), ask for feedback and spark discussion. Let people speak their minds, create a dedicated discussion space, and try to build a community.

This will motivate your readers to leave comments – and user-generated comments are very powerful. For example, millennials trust user-generated content 50% more than other media.

So, authorize users to generate that content!

The more social proof you generate beneath your own review, the better. There are also some solid SEO reasons for this. Discussion threads make a page longer, which helps it index and better ranking. This tip is like a professional tip on how to write a product review.

End the product review with a take-home message

The last few paragraphs of reviews are great for expressing your personal opinion. Here you can be a little more subjective and express your thoughts freely.

Revisit all the key points you made in your review, disclose the price and informs readers if they can get a trial (bear in mind that the word “free” interest people a lot – if applicable, use it in your article and highlight the free option so that your readers can get excited. It usually works wonders). Summarize everything and make a final verdict.

Get your target site for your review.

Search for platforms or sites where your review will be of utmost help, and also where it would be freely published without delay. Better most, if you bought your product online; it will be helpful and of great value to write a review of the product on the site. This will help the other prospective buyers or readers to know whether to buy the same product or not. 


Remember to be modest and still honest when you want to write a product review because it goes a long way to provide efficient attestation to such product and also the marketability of such product will increase.

And interestingly, if your review works for the reader, such a person might happen to come back to give your review a thumbs up thereby driving traffic to your review and better still to the product so as to be purchased by more readers/prospects.

And more engaging, depending on the sites, there are sites that give reviewers commission after seeing their reviews and thumbs up from other readers. So this can also be a way of generating passive income if you wish to write a product review when you find a product you purchased to be beneficial.


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