How to rewrite text quickly and correctly

How to rewrite text quickly and correctly has been discussed in this article including other important tips

Many people who work with text, especially students, wonder what are the best ways to pass the anti-plagiarism check. Of course, the easiest way is to write a brand new text yourself or get someone to write my paper for me on writingapaper if you want to be sure about its originality and uniqueness. If you have decided to use some existing text and worry about plagiarism you can try a few ways to fix it.

One of the most effective ways is to rewrite the text. Today we are going to share with you some tips that will help you to improve the uniqueness of the text.

How to rewrite text quickly and correctly

What is a text rewrite?

Before answering what is the text rewriting, it is necessary to find out under what conditions you have chosen this method of increasing the originality.

If you want to get high results and you have time and desire to work with the finished text additionally, this method is definitely for you.

Rewriting is the result of a modified work through deep processing of the text. And the notion of rewriting refers to the process of changing the material.

Rewriting is important both for students when submitting a paper for Anti-Plagiarism, and for people involved in content writing.

Do you probably know about the rewrite exchanges? If not, we can tell you that there are some platforms on the Internet, where freelancers offer their services to improve uniqueness.

You can apply to the performers, laying out your order, while specifying an adequate price and time for the work. Many exchanges have dumping, which allows you to assign a small price.

Always prescribe the required percentage of originality in the terms of the order so that the work is done in good faith. Otherwise, you will be able to complain about the performer, for which they will be sanctioned.

Why do you need to rewrite the text?

The answer to the question: why do we need to rewrite the text – can be extended, or simple.

The simpler version: because it is one of the most effective and popular methods of increasing the uniqueness of the text.

In the extended version, we’ll start by explaining why you need a high percentage of originality.

Firstly, nowadays almost every scientific work of students are obliged to be checked for anti-plagiarism before being admitted for defence. This determines whether the student can pass the uniqueness threshold and participate in the defence, or whether they will go to rewrite their work on sabbatical.

There is no sense in the copied work of the student because it does not bring any results in science and does not allow you to check your level of knowledge, so teachers now ruthlessly put the conditions for students, according to which the level of originality must be necessarily higher than 70-80%.

Besides in high educational institutions, it is standard now to publish term and diploma papers. It has to do with copyright law. Imagine that you have done huge research work on your topic. And then a year later your thesis or dissertation is “stolen” and someone else’s name is used to represent it. An unfair attitude to the work of others has forced the developers of the program anti-plagiarism to invent a secret algorithm that does not allow the appropriation of intellectual products of other people.

The next area that needs a successful anti-plagiarism pass and a high level of originality is the web sphere.

Internet sites need to constantly populate their web pages with original content. The fact is that the relevance of the site, or relevance to queries, depends on the uniqueness of the texts and the saturation of search keys.

Speaking in simple terms, for the site to remain popular and to be displayed at the top lines in the browser, the articles must be 100% responsive to the given topics and problems of users, as well as absolutely independent and interesting.

In addition, the most popular search engine Google can impose sanctions on services for the use of borrowed texts. Some materials that were not checked for borrowing, were not allowed for publication. In the worst case, the site that “stole” the content will simply be deleted.

Thus, you should understand that almost all written materials are subject to anti-plagiarism checks. However, not everyone is able to come up with independent articles and research papers, which is why you have to rewrite the text. To avoid being accused of plagiarism, you need to learn how to correctly use the methods of increasing your uniqueness.

How to properly rewrite the text?

In order to rewrite text correctly, it is necessary to understand what the process of rewriting consists of.

The tools for rewriting include:

1. Replacement of words with synonyms, i.e. it is necessary to choose synonyms for almost every word. There are a huge number of them, there are types such as quasi-synonyms, contextual synonyms, style synonyms, semantic synonyms, etc. In addition, you can substitute words for stable word combinations. You can also use broad concepts instead of single-syllable terms.

2. Use indirect speech instead of direct quotation (“so-and-so said that…”, “according to so-and-so…”). Thus, you need to use compound sentences instead of the structure of direct speech. For example, take the words of the famous philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer: “In solitude, everyone sees himself as what he really is.” Let us present these words in indirect speech: “The great philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer believed that each person in a state of solitude sees in himself what he really is”.

3. Use word forms, and rearrange words and sentences in the text. Try to change the gender of a noun or its number. Word transposition should be almost constant so that the anti-plagiarism software will not detect attempts to bypass the system.

4. Changing the stylistic tone. This tool is suitable for those who work within the field of SEO. Students should only use a scientific style to write a paper, but no one can prohibit you to be a little writer and change the small phrases of a scientific paper to a more artistic or colloquial style, for example: “In the view of many linguists slang is used only among young people, but many modern studies prove that thanks to Internet communication adults often operate in conversation the same vocabulary as teenagers”. Change the style of speech for this sentence: “Scientists’ opinions that only teenagers speak slang are long outdated because the current generation of adults doesn’t want to give up the simple language teenagers use in informal online correspondence”. Yes, such language is more simplified, but the change in style also leads to a change in the words and the order of language units in a sentence.

If you are working on the text yourself, you can expand your text with comments or additional examples. You can also narrow sentences or delete parts that are difficult to change.

To properly rewrite the text, you need to use almost all of the tools that we have laid out for you. With practice, you will begin to get better and better, and you will be able to pass the anti-plagiarism check quickly and easily improve the uniqueness of the text.

Rewriting software: is it worth using?

One of the options is a program for the rewrite if you are not ready to use someone else’s work for money, and your efforts have already run out of work to write. Let’s see if it is worth using this resource.

Of course, most such programs exist under the name synonymizer. They offer to replace all the keywords in the text with synonyms that are in the dictionary of the program. This technique allows you to increase the uniqueness of the text, but the automatic enumeration of words can break the semantic coherence. You can see for yourself that the text is not coherent when you get acquainted with the results of processing. You will have to correct most of the synonyms yourself.

One of the options for using the program can be called online services, which offer themselves to choose a suitable synonym from those selected through the dictionary. This option helps if you can not remember any suitable variant.

The third program to improve the originality of the document is an application for online rewriting. There are few such applications. Often they practically do not differ from the usual synonymizer. The main difference is that some are able to set the number of characters in the text and save the processing materials.

Thus, available online programs for rewriting (not synonymizer), practically do not exist, we were able to find only one. Is it worth using a synonymizer online to check the text for anti-plagiarism? We believe that it is not worth it. Because you will still have to fix the result of processing, it is better to arrange synonyms yourself. If you want to increase the uniqueness of the text, you need to pick up another option, but do not use automatic replacement of words for synonyms.

BONUS: The retelling method

As a matter of fact, rewriting remains one of the best and most effective ways of increasing the level of originality of the text. However, there are other methods to increase uniqueness without rewriting. And retelling is one of them.

This method will require a little effort on your part. You have to read a part of the text, rethink it and state it in your own words. Remember, this method you were taught back in school when you were asked to tell a story with your own words or write an essay on some topic. You certainly know how to do it. Try to practice with someone. A person from a third party will help you to convey your thoughts more accurately.


Today we have considered the most effective way to bypass the anti-plagiarism program. The rewriting of the text, as we have found out, combines a complex of different tools, which is why it remains one of the most popular methods of working with text in different spheres. It does require some effort and time, so you have to be patient. Otherwise, just look for some paper writing service Reddit reviews to find a reliable professional writer. So, choose the most suitable way for you, and may your college life be easy!


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