How to Join Google Meet: All You Need to Know  

How to Join Google Meet has been explained in this article including other important tips you need to know about joining a meeting on your PC or Mobile.

In the past six months, Google Meet has become one of the leading video conferencing solutions. It is free, does not force you to jump through the hoop, and is as safe as you wish.

If you are a working professional or student, your workplace or organization has most likely moved to Google Meet or will be moved in the next few days. So with this in mind, let’s see how to join a Google Meet meeting immediately in an emergency.

How to Join Google Meet

Do you need a Google account to join a Google Meet meeting?

You may already know that if you want to learn more about the world of Google Meet, it’s important to have a personal, work area, or educational account.

However, under special circumstances, you can join a Google meeting without actually having a Google account.

First, this option is only available for Workplace account users. If you don’t have a Google account, you won’t be able to join a personal Google Meet meeting.

Second, if you do not have a Google account, you won’t be able to join a Workplace meeting from your mobile device.

You need a PC to do the same. Finally, if you don’t have a Google account, you won’t be able to join the meeting right away.

you must be granted access by the organiser of the meeting before you can start participating.

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There is code that is unique to a Google Meet meeting that can be used to identify a particular meeting.

This meeting code allows you to join a particular meeting and being able to view thousands of sessions at the same time.

This meeting code is generated every time a meeting starts and can only be accessed by the meeting organizer.

Therefore, to get the meeting code, you need to ask the meeting organizer to go to “Meeting Details” and access the meeting link. Then, they can simply send it to you and you can continue the meeting.

How to Join Google Meet

Or, they can invite you to use your email ID. In this case, you will receive the invitation link in your email inbox.

How to join a Google Meet meeting

There are a lot of ways to connect to any Google Meet session, and we have taken time to discuss them below as they apply to PCs and mobile devices.

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It may be easiest to join via the meeting link. All you have to do is to paste the meeting link into the address bar of your browser, click “Enter”, click “Request to join”, and then wait for the meeting organizer to let you join.

How to Join Google Meet

Once they do, you will be taken directly to the meeting window.

Remember, if it’s a personal, non-Workspace meeting, you need to log in with your Google account before proceeding.

Although unconventional, mobile users can also use the meeting code to access the meeting. If you get the meeting code via SMS or Internet messenger push, just click the link to directly enter the meeting.

Now, check your audio/video settings, set virtual background or background effects as needed, and click “Ask to join”.

How to Join Google Meet

Remember, you still need to install the Google Meet app on your phone, because the entire process is ultimately controlled by this app.

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Join by meeting code

In the previous section, we discussed how to join the meeting by clicking the link. In this section, we will learn how you can get accurate results with the Google Meet app.

First, launch the Google Meet app and make sure you log in with an account normally used for official or educational purposes.

Now, the next thing you need to do is click “Join” using code button in the upper right corner of the screen.

How to Join Google Meet

Here, you need to enter the entire meeting URL, or you can enter the 10-letter identifier used after the original meeting URL-“

After entering a valid code, click “Join” in the upper right corner of the screen.

On the next screen, you will get the option to choose a virtual background or apply a blur effect. Click any selection. Finally, click “Request to join” to get the host’s permission.

How to Join Google Meet

Join through the Google Meet website

Since PC users do not have a dedicated app to work their way around—unlike Android and iOS—the only viable option they have would be to go through a supported web browser.

First, go to the official Google Meet website and find the text field next to “New Meeting.” Now, enter the Google Meet meeting code in this area and click “Join”.

How to Join Google Meet

Considering that you are already logged in with your Google account, all you need to do is click “Ask to join”.

How to Join Google Meet

After the organizer of the meeting allows you to enter, you can join the conference.

Invite to join by email On the computer

As mentioned in the previous section, meeting participants can choose to invite you to their meeting via an e-invitation letter. After receiving the email, you will be able to click the invitation link and go directly to the meeting URL.

After carefully checking your camera and microphone options, click “Request to join” and wait for the organizer to let you in.

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Invite to join by email On mobile

Unlike PCs, mobile users have the right to use a dedicated mobile application to host and join meetings.

Whenever you receive a meeting invitation on your phone via email, you just need to click “Join Meeting” and select “Meeting” as the default application to join the meeting.

Then, check your audio/video options, choose a virtual background or background effect as needed, and then click “Request to join”.

Join via Gmail On the computer

You may have noticed that Google has also integrated Meet into Gmail, making it very easy to create and join meetings. To join a meeting via Gmail, first, visit the Gmail website and find the dedicated “Meetings” section on the left.

Click “Join Meeting”. Finally, enter the meeting code-the entire link or the 10-letter part after “”-and click “join”.

This will open a separate Google Meet window. Adjust your audio/video options etc. before clicking “Request to join”.

Join via Gmail On mobile

The Gmail application has also been updated to natively support Google Meet. Indeed, it is just a good old redirect, but it does solve the problem well. After launching the Gmail app, you will find the Meet label in the lower right corner of the screen. Tap it to launch the Meet application.

Then, go to “Join using code” and enter the meeting code/link as shown above.

Next, enter the meeting code and click “Join”.

Finally, check your audio/video options, select a virtual background if necessary, and click “Request to join”.

Join via Google Calendar On the computer

Google Meet also supports scheduling meetings through your Google Calendar. If you are invited to an upcoming meeting, just go to the meeting event and click “Join Google Meet”.

Join via Google Calendar On the mobile

Of course, Google Calendar is also available on Android and iOS devices. After launching Google Calendar, go to the events on the calendar and tap “Join Google Meet.”

Check your microphone/camera, choose a virtual background if you like, and click “Request to join” to continue.

Why can’t I join Google Meet?

After completing the above sections, the process of joining a meeting on Google Meet should not be easy. However, if you still cannot access the meeting, please keep the following points in mind.

1. The organizer will not let you in

Even if you are invited to the meeting and have a link to the meeting, you need to obtain the final approval of the meeting organizer. As long as they do not approve, you cannot participate in the meeting.

2. Create a Google account

For non-Workplace Google Meet meetings, everyone needs to have a valid Google account. If you don’t have an account yet, creating one is very easy.

3. Unreliable Internet connection

To make any video conference work flawlessly, you need an almost spotless Internet connection. Therefore, before you get frustrated with Google Meet, be sure to check your internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Why can’t I join a meeting without a Google ID?

If you want to join a meeting hosted by a personal account holder (not Workspace), you won’t be able to join without a Google ID. You must log in to your ID before you can ask the host to let you in. To join without logging into your Google ID, you need to be invited by a Google Workspace user (a user with a paid license for Google Workspace). This is the only way to enter the meeting without logging in.

Why can’t I change my name before joining Google Meet?

To change your name before joining the meeting, you must find a way to skip the log in process. This is impossible without an invitation from a Google Workspace user. Therefore, if the meeting you are trying to attend is not hosted by an advanced Workspace user, you will not be able to change your name. Before joining, get an invitation (to join a meeting they hosted) from a Google Workspace user to change your name.

Can you join a meeting without the Google Meet app?

You must already know that Google Meet comes with dedicated apps for Android and iOS devices. However, this does not mean that you must own the app to use the services provided by Google Meet. Google’s most popular service, Gmail, currently provides an outlet for those who don’t have the Google Meet app. By entering Gmail, you can easily access the Google Meet interface. We have discussed the above process in detail.
If you don’t have a Gmail application either, you’re sorry. In this case, you must download the Google Meet or Gmail app to join the meeting.

How to participate in a Google Meet meeting for beginners

Google Meet is a very simple service that provides you with many options. First, you can visit and join the meeting from there. Next, you can use Gmail (app and website), and finally, you can join through the Google Meet app on your phone. We have discussed all the methods in the above section.

How to join Google Meet without a Google account

To join a meeting in Google Meet, you must ensure that the host of the meeting is an advanced Google Workspace user. Only Google Workspace users can invite non-Workspace users to join the meeting and have them skip the sign-in process. You can also set your name before the meeting starts. This way, you don’t have to provide your real name in a room full of people you don’t know.
Click “Request to join” to send the request to the host.

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