15 Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada 2022

Following our article on how to Study In Canada For Free, many of our readers wanted to know if there are fully funded Canadian government or university scholarships available to make that dream possible.

Here’s an article that bears good news in response to the question “Are there fully funded scholarships in Canada?”

In a simple response, yes there are many Canadian scholarships that are fully funded.

Currently, different Canadian Universities are accepting students into various degree, non-degree, and exchange courses to study on scholarships.

In this guide, we bring to your fingertips the list of fully funded scholarships from the Canadian government, universities as well as organizations in the country.

This will help you fund your tuition as well as other costs of studying in the USA.

However, note that some of these scholarships are individual or nation specific.

Therefore, while surfing for the best scholarship that suits your educational needs, ensure you are very eligible before you apply.

With that being said, I welcome you aboard Scholar!!!

Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada

Studying in Canada

Canada has just 30 universities all of which have made it to the QS World University Rankings. 

This is virtually one of the reasons why it is one of the most popular study abroad destinations.

The quality of education cannot be underrated.

Canada houses a lot of research-focused universities which warmly welcome international students. 

Another thing we do know is that studying in Canada comes with no regrets as students get to enjoy life in one of the most beautiful countries in the world as well as get a quality education as a plus.

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What’s the Cost of Living in Canada as an International Student?

First Canada is an elite city with a very high standard of living.

However, based on which state in Canada you choose to live or study in, the cost of living expenses might differ.

Living in a hub city like Toronto and Vancouver comes at a much higher cost than in some of the other cities. 

Also, living in the city outskirts can help you save a lot of money especially if you’re not studying on fully funded scholarships in Canada.

But from research, the average cost of living in Canada is about 1000-2700 CAD per month. 

Remember, there is no peg to it. 

It can go up and down depending on your lifestyle.

What are the Top Higher Educational Institutions of Canada?

Like we earlier stated, Canada is home to 30 Universities most of which are elite universities in the world.

However, amongst these 30, some hold the topmost positions when it comes to academic excellence in Canada.

The list includes;

  • McGill University
  • McMaster University
  • University of Toronto
  • The University of Montreal. 
  • University of British Columbia

Besides academic excellence, this list was based on the quality of research work being produced by these institutions. 

What’s the Cost of Tuition in Canada?

I don’t mean to scare you but 70% of students who want to study in Canada cannot afford their tuition.

The reason is that Canadian universities’ tuition fee is a little on the high side.

Following this, many students tend to go for fully or partially funded scholarships to help fund their tuition in Canada.

We do not have an exact cost of tuition of these Canadian universities because there is no one size that fits all price.

But below, you will find a list of Canadian government, non-government and university fully funded scholarships to study in Canada.

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15 Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada 2022

Here’s a list of fully funded scholarships in Canada;

University Sponsored Canadian Scholarships

Just like we said, some universities offer scholarships to very bright students to study in their university.

What this means is that by applying for these university-sponsored Canadian scholarships, you will have to study at the university.

Some of these school-specific scholarships include;

#1. University of Manitoba Scholarships

  • Renewable for: 4 Years
  • Open to: Graduate Students
  • Scholarship Worth: 28,000 CAD (Master’s), 36,000 CAD (PhD)

Every year, the University of Manitoba spends 2 million on scholarship programs for graduate students.

This scholarship is not open to undergraduate students pursuing medical programs and MBAs.

It’s a yearly scholarship, if the students maintain their own end of the eligibility criteria, they can sustain the award for the next year.

#2. University of Waterloo Scholarships

  • Renewable for: 5 semesters
  • Open to: Master’s Students
  • Scholarship Worth: 2,500 CAD per semester

Here’s another university-sponsored scholarship in our fully funded Canadian scholarships list.

Via its Excellence Scholarship Program, the University of Waterloo awards scholarships to Master’s students who have taken up a research-based program. 

There is no restriction to which course can apply.

Therefore, all applicants will automatically be considered for the scholarship

#3. University of Calgary Scholarships

  • Renewable for: 4 Years
  • Open to: Undergraduates
  • Scholarship Worth: 15,000 CAD per year

The University of Calgary offers undergraduate scholarships via its entrance awards program which is also to international students. 

To qualify, you must be found worthy in both past academic and non-academic records. 

Also, this scholarship lasts for 4 years as long as the recipient maintains an accumulative GPA of more than 2.6. 

At the end of the program, the recipient must have received up to 60,000 CAD.

#4. York University Scholarships

  • Renewable for: 4 Years
  • Open to: All Academic Levels 
  • Scholarship Worth: 20,000 CAD (GLT) 35,000 CAD (Entrance awards)

York University offers 2 kinds of scholarships.

The Global Leader of Tomorrow scholarship awards 20,000 CAD a year to all recipients. 

Whereas the entrance awards are open to undergraduate students who get around 35,000 for the 4 years of the bachelor’s program.

To maintain either of this university fully funded scholarships offered by York University in Canada, recipients will have to maintain a certain level of CGPA.

Kindly note that students from all the subject areas can apply.

#5. University of Toronto Lester B. Pearson Scholarship

  • Renewable for: 4 Years
  • Open to: 37 International Students
  • Scholarship Worth: Tuition, Accommodation & Textbooks

The  Lester B. Pearson Scholarship offers students who have shown a sense of community, leadership, and excellence a scholarship to study at the University of Toronto.

Only 37 undergraduate applicants get to win this scholarship.

Be rest assured that this is one of the fully funded scholarships in Canada that offers a full tuition fee waiver, free accommodation, and textbooks’ coverage for 4 years.

Canadian Government Fully Funded Scholarships

Below are some of the fully funded scholarships in Canada offered by the government of the country to international students studying in the country.

#6. Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

  • Renewable for: 2 Years
  • Open to: Postgraduate Students
  • Scholarship Worth: Not Specified

This fully funded scholarship is open to international PhD students in the field of natural and social sciences or health research.

#7. Canada Graduate Scholarships 

  • Renewable for: 2 Years
  • Open to: Canadian Graduate Students
  • Scholarship Worth: Not Specified

Next on our list of fully funded government scholarships in Canada is the Canada graduate scholarships.

This scholarship is not open to international students.

However, all recipients must be enrolled on a master’s or PhD at a (CGS-M allocated) university in Canada.

#8. IDRC Research Awards 

  • Renewable for: 2 Years
  • Open to: Graduate Students
  • Scholarship Worth: Not Specified

If you’re from a developing country, here’s your chance to undertake a master’s or doctoral degree at no cost.

The IDRC Research Awards sponsors graduate students who want to do a level research degree at a recognized Canadian university.

#9. NSERC Postgraduate scholarships

  • Renewable for: 2 Years
  • Open to: Postgraduate Students
  • Scholarship Worth: Not Specified

Here are another one of the Canadian government fully funded scholarships in Canada.

This scholarship is open to all outstanding students undertaking study in the natural sciences or engineering at an accredited Canadian university. 

#10. Organization of American States (OAS) Academic Scholarship Program 

  • Renewable for: 2 Years
  • Open to: Graduate Students
  • Scholarship Worth: Not Specified

This Canadian government scholarship is open to graduate students from any of the Organization of American States (OAS).

Also, this includes selected countries in Latin America and the Caribbean islands.

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Other Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada

#11. Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

  • Renewable for: 2 Years
  • Open to: PhD Students in Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Scholarship Worth: 20,000 CAD 

Now, this scholarship is not university sponsored, it’s sponsored by the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation.

It’s only open to doctoral students in Canada, both permanent residents and international students. 

All scholarship recipients get an opportunity to become a member of the Scholar’s community.

This provides them with valuable insights.

#12. Canadian Vanier Scholarship Awards

  • Renewable for: 3 Years
  • Open to: Doctoral and Joint Masters Students
  • Scholarship Worth: 50,000 CAD per year

The Canadian Vanier Scholarship Awards is one of the fully funded scholarships in Canada.

It’s strictly open to doctoral students or students who are running a master’s program which leads straight to PhD.

Usually, this scholarship favours subject areas such as humanities, health, natural sciences, or engineering. 

Under the Canadian Vanier Scholarship Awards, there are other 166 scholarships available. 

Eligible students will apply to their respective universities.

Kindly note that direct applications from the students are not accepted.

#13. Anne Vallee Ecological Fund 

  • Renewable for: 2 Years
  • Open to: Graduate Students
  • Scholarship Worth: Not Specified

Anne Vallee Ecological Fund is one of the fully funded Canadian scholarships open to doctoral international students in Canada.

All prospective applicants must be undertaking animal research at any accredited Canadian university in Québec or British Columbia.

#14. Canada Memorial Scholarship 

  • Renewable for: 3 Years
  • Open to: British Postgraduate Students
  • Scholarship Worth: Tuition, Airfares, Accommodation.

Via the Canada Memorial Scholarship, postgraduate students receive full scholarships to study at any accredited Canadian higher education provider.

#15. Surf Shark Privacy and Security Scholarship 

  • Renewable for: 4 Years
  • Open to: All Academic Levels
  • Scholarship Worth: 2,000 CAD 

Last on our list of fully funded scholarships in Canada is the Surf Shark Privacy and Security Scholarship.

This scholarship is available to students currently enrolled in Canada or another study destination as a high school, undergraduate or graduate student. 

To apply, you will need to submit an essay regardless of your nationality.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada

below are some of the questions students ask frequently about scholarships in Canada and we have provided answers to them so that you can further understand this article in a holistic way.

What are the English Language Proficiency Requirements in Canadian Universities?

Very importantly, you need proof of English language proficiency as part of the requirements to study in Canada.

English is the major language of instruction in Canada in addition to French. 

Although, some institutions are bi-lingual. 

To prove your English language proficiency, you have to take standardized tests, usually IELTS.

The exact test score is university dependent.

Therefore, visit your preferred university of choice and find out the IELTS, TOEFL or PTE requirements to apply.

Can I Work Part-time in Canada?

Yes, you can.

Students in Canada are allowed to work 20 hours a week during the semester and unlimited hours during semester breaks and vacations. 


Either of these government, university or non-governmental Canadian scholarships will help you study in Canada without having to break the bank.

Good luck with your application!!?


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