Why Should a Firm Hire Dedicated Development Team?

Today a lot of businesses prefer to hire a dedicated development team instead
of onboarding in-house programmers. Read this article to find out the reasons.

Why Should a Firm Hire Dedicated Development Team

Why does a company need to hire a dedicated development team?

When a company is planning to launch a new software product, it is always very important to find the right team and the right experts who have the necessary qualifications and skills to offer the best solutions based on the provided requirements.

The question of how to hire software developers is a very pressing one for many businesses regardless of their type and size, especially for startups, companies that have never had an in-house software development team, and those firms that have limited budgets. That’s why if you are starting your own business or just have any ideas for a startup, this article can be very useful for you as here you will have the possibility to find some tips on establishing cooperation with programmers. 

One of the most popular approaches to working with software developers is outsourcing. These services not only provide a unique chance to establish cooperation with specialists from all over the world but also to significantly reduce your expenses and optimize costs.

Though there are a lot of IT outsourcing models, one of the most feasible and flexible variants is hiring dedicated development team.

But before we tell you how you can hire dedicated development team and explain how you will be able to benefit from this model, let’s focus on some basic information and peculiarities of this variant.

Dedicated software development team model: Definition

When companies hire dedicated development teams, they need to cooperate with an outsourcing agency that will provide such services to them. In other words, instead of hiring each specialist separately, you just need to establish cooperation with one company that will already deal with the hiring tasks.

You, as a startup founder or business owner, will need to prepare a list of requirements regarding the composition of your future development team, their skills, knowledge, and qualifications.

You can also indicate the desired previous experience of each team member. All these requirements and parameters will be taken into consideration by your outsourcing partner that will search for the best candidates for you.

After that, you will have the possibility to communicate with each candidate, conduct interviews, and choose those people who will perfectly cope with your tasks and bring the highest value to your project.

The approved candidates will become members of a newly created dedicated development team that will stay fully focused on your project. Please do not worry that when you just start your project, your requirements are quite unclear.

It is not a problem when you are hiring dedicated development team. Even after the development process has started, you can easily introduce any changes you wish to the team composition. You can either expand it with new members or, vice versa, scale down your team.

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Why do businesses hire dedicated development teams?

As you can understand, the popularity of this engagement model and the growing interest in such services from the side of absolutely different companies are related to a wide scope of new opportunities and businesses that companies can enjoy when they opt for this variant.

It is crucial to understand that not only those firms that have nothing in common with software development work with dedicated programmers today but also those who already have their in-house developers quite often turn to this option. It happens when they do not have enough resources in-house or want to find some rare or exclusive skills that can’t be found locally.

Let’s have a look at the key advantages of this business model.

  1. Possibility to get rid of the hiring routine. You just need to find a reliable outsourcing company that will do everything for you. Of course, you need to devote your time to market research and analysis when you are looking for such an agency. Nevertheless, all the tasks related to recruiting and onboarding will not be your responsibility. As a result, you will be able to save a lot of resources that you typically need to allocate for such routines.
  2. Optimization of your IT budget. Outsourcing is always a good way to optimize your labor costs. Due to the fact that rates can significantly vary in different regions, you can find highly professional developers who work at rates that will be comfortable for you. Moreover, you can always plan your budget in advance and there are no hidden costs. As you can change the composition of your dedicated team, you can manage your expenses as well.
  3. Full focus on your project. While you can stay concentrated on your core business tasks, your development team will focus on your project which will positively impact the quality and speed of their work. That’s something that you can’t expect from freelancers. 
  4. Unique expertise from all over the world. Outsourcing helps to break borders. When you hire a dedicated development team, your recruitment zone is not restricted. It is extremely important when you are looking for some rare skills. But at the same time, it also helps to find the most appealing financial terms.
  5. Full-cycle software development services. Your dedicated team can provide you assistance at all the steps of your development process. And even when the product is launched, you can continue cooperation with experts who will maintain, update and support your software.

Who needs to hire a dedicated development team?

Though given the whole range of benefits that we’ve mentioned above it may seem that it will be a universal solution for all types of businesses, it is not really so. Yes, this model will be a good choice for a wide range of companies. However, we’d like to mention a couple of categories of companies that will be able to benefit the most from working with dedicated programmers. Spoiler: young companies and startups are also on our list!

  1. Businesses with limited budgets. The dedicated development team model allows entrepreneurs to have full control over their IT budgets. You always know beforehand how much you need to spend on the dedicated software development services this or that month. The final amount is calculated based on the rates that each team member has. As a result, you can manage your expenses on your own.
  2. Startups. It is obvious that startup owners usually are not ready to take a risk and to hire in-house teams. Working with dedicated developers doesn’t presuppose signing any long-term contracts with employees, which makes this option extremely attractive for startups. If you, as a startup owner, see that your idea is not perfect at the moment and you want to put your project on pause, it won’t be a problem at all if you work with a dedicated team.
  3. Actively expanding companies. When your business is actively growing, you may need to launch new software products, develop new apps, or modernize something that you already have. However, you should understand that even if your business is expanding really fast these days, it can’t guarantee that its growth won’t slow down in the future. And it also can’t guarantee that if you hire 100 in-house developers because you need their help now, you will be able (and it will be sensible) to support such a huge team in a year, for example. In such a situation, it also will be rather feasible to start cooperation with dedicated programmers in order to solve the ongoing tasks.
  4. Companies that have specific needs. If you have a quite specific project, you may need to work with specialists with unique expertise. And it will be a pure coincidence if you find such programmers locally. That’s why to find the necessary skills, it can be a good idea to turn to the global pool of talents. In this case, the dedicated team model can bring a lot of benefits, especially if you have a long-term project.

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The composition of the dedicated development team

As we’ve already mentioned, working with dedicated teams, you can get full-cycle development services which is explained by the fact that among your team members, you can have not only developers but also all other specialists whose skills and knowledge are typically required for building a software product.

Below you can have a look at the list of positions that are typically included in the composition of dedicated development teams.

  1. Frontend and backend developers
  2. UI/UX designers
  3. QA engineers
  4. Testers
  5. Business analysts
  6. Project managers
  7. DevOps

It absolutely doesn’t mean that when you hire dedicated development team, you need to include all these members. Your team can be very small and include, for example, just 2 or 3 developers if other help is not required. Nevertheless, if it is needed, a whole project team can be created for you by your outsourcing partner in full accordance with your requirements.


If you want to fully enjoy all the advantages of this business model, first of all, you need to deeply analyze your case in order to make sure that this model is a good option for you. Secondly, you need to choose a professional outsourcing partner and make sure that you can trust this company. These are two crucial pre-conditions that can be viewed as the first steps to your project’s success. We hope that you will make the right decision! And we wish you good luck!


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