10 Driving Schools for Adults in the USA 2023

Most USA adults think it’s absolutely not necessary to undergo a driving class in any of the driving schools.

The reasons are not far-fetched.

They already know how to drive.

However, if you own a vehicle and you do not know how to drive, it becomes a necessity for you to learn to drive.

Going to driving school is not just about learning how to drive.

However, its classes extend to familiarising with the rules and regulations on the road.

And it might interest you to know that without knowing the rules, you won’t get licenced and that means you cannot legally drive your vehicle.  

If you’re confused about what driving school to attend and the requirements you need before attending a driving school, then this is the article you need. 

Driving Schools for Adults in the USA
Driving Schools for Adults in the USA

What is a Driving School?

Just like the name implies, a driving school is an institution where you’re taught how to drive basically.

Besides driving, a driving school will teach you the controlled operation and movement of a vehicle. 

Depending on the kind of vehicle you drive, driving schools in the USA have programs for cars, buses and even trucks for adults.

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Why Should I Attend a Driving School?

Most people believe that once you know how to drive a car, you can hit the road and zoom off to wherever.

However, attending a driving school for the particular vehicle you intend to constantly drive is ideal.

Here are some reasons why attending a driving school is ideal;

  • Because drivers are at the verge of risks, faulty vehicle problems and accidents, a driving school is where you learn how to avert these risks.
  • With driving training, you would be able to eliminate bad driving behaviors such as using mobile devices while driving, drunk driving, and driving when there’s a lack of sleep.
  • Also, driving schools will coach you on how to be comfortable while driving on the road. 
  • In addition, driving school instructors give you tips and recommendations on how to reduce fatigue while driving. 
  • Also, you will get tips on how to handle emergency situations on the road.
  • Another important skill you will learn is road awareness. This helps you recognize situations that could cause accidents and how to avert it. 
  • Also, the best way to learn about the road regulations such as traffic laws, road safety, and reading the traffic signs is to enroll in a driving school

What are the Requirements to Attend a Driving School?

Here are what you need to apply to USA driving schools for adults; 

  • Photocopy of passport and residence visa page.  
  • A photocopy and original Emirates ID card.
  • 2 photographs. 
  • Eye test report. 
  • No objection letter from the sponsor (if required by the related traffic department).

These are the basic requirements you need.

However, you should know that the requirements will vary according to the driving school you intend to enrol in. 

Therefore, once you’ve made a choice of driving school, the next is to look up the requirements specific to the institution.

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How Do I Know a Driving School is Good for Me?

Before you make a choice of driving school there are strategic things you need to look out for besides the signboard which reads “XYZ Driving School ”.

Here’s how to spot if a driving school is good for you;

  1. Visit the facility to know if the school suits you and find out if they have certified driving trainers, well serviced cars and good personnel. 
  2. Ensure that the driving school has taught parents and respectable people who teach people how to drive.
  3. Also, ensure that the school does not rush their learning process.
  4. Furthermore, take a review from previous clients to ascertain if their behind-the-wheel training is thorough.
  5. Last but not the list, ensure that this driving school of choice is certified by the US Government to train people on how to drive.

10 Driving Schools for Adults in the USA

Driving Schools for Adults in the USA

Below is a well-researched list of the best driving schools for adults in the USA.

In a bid to help you get easy access to these schools, I have made available the links for each driving school.

This will help you figure out what your choice of driving school is right at the comfort of your home.

The list includes; 

#1. DirtFish Rally School

Location: Snoqualmie, Washington DC

At DirtFish Rally School, would-be drivers get hands-on learning driving skills at an affordable budget.

A driving course takes two to three hours a day and you can schedule it according to your preference.

Besides vehicle driving classes, DirtFish also offers rally racing courses.

This is a tiny bit of the vast advanced and private programs they have to offer.

#2. Skip Barber Racing School

Location: New Jersey

Skip Barber is one of the popular adult driving schools in the USA.

Basically, they focus on enhancing your skills in driving, racing, track racing, and other driving experiences.

They do use varieties of current models of vehicles to give you the best learning experience.

At Skip Barber, students get to practice raving in over 20 of the finest race tracks across North America, including the Lime Rock Park Race Track.

#3. BMW M. School

Location: Spartanburg, South Carolina

At BMW M. School you have varieties of course options including a one-day course to an advanced racing course.

Here, instructors focus on high-speed acceleration, braking, cornering, and drifting.

All these you learn using a brand new BMW M. model in either the Spartanburg track in South Carolina or the Thermal track in California.

BMW M. School is the best place to become a skilled driver.

Hence it’s one of the best driving schools for adults in the USA.

#4. Bridgestone Winter Driving School

Location: Steamboat Spring, Colorado.

If you find it hard to drive during winters then you need to take some classes at Bridgestone winter driving school.

Bridgestone will teach you how to navigate your car in winter road conditions such as icy and snowy roads.

You will get to learn the art of driving in snow-covered tracks.

In addition to that, you take safety and performance classes on the best snow- and ice-covered tracks.

#5. Radford Racing School

Location: Chandler, Phoenix, Arizona

Radford is one of the driving schools for adults in the USA.

Before time it was known as Bondurant Racing School named after Bob Bondurant a popular American racer.

Radford is the largest driver training centre in chandler built for performance enthusiasts.

All training is done on a 3-mile built track. 

Radford is recognized as one of the world’s expert authorities in driver training and safety. 

They offer the best services available in the country.

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#6. Team O’Neil Rally School

Location: New Hampshire’s the White Mountains

Learning the art of driving at Team O’Neill is conveniently ideal. 

Besides the affordable cost they offer, Team O’Neil has a wonderful atmosphere and top-quality driving coaches to give you an unforgettable driving experience.

You can take a day course or a five days rally.

Also, there is private training as well as government training.

Team O’Neill ensures they instil confidence among new drivers and rally racers.

#7. Exotics Racing

Location: Las Vegas

Exotics Racing is the ideal driving school in our list of USA driving schools for adults for people who cannot afford Lamborghini and Ferrari.

At Exotics Racing you get to earn professional driving using luxurious supercars. 

Also, using the state of an art facility, you learn acceleration, steering techniques, proper driving skills and braking.

While getting this out-of-the-world experience, they maintain the highest level of safety and service.

#8. Porsche Driving Experience

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, and Los Angeles, California 

Here you will hone your driving skills with Porsche’s supercars.

You get to learn professional driving using a Porsche on a track designed by the company itself.

Also, you will learn both the basics as well as advanced driving techniques.

Porsche driving coaches would guide you in every possible way to give you the best driving experience.

#9. Golden Key Driving School

Location: New York City. 

Golden Key driving school focuses on showing you how to be a responsible driver.

They have welcoming and comfortable instructions that will help you learn to drive in fresh, clean cars at your town speed.

If you’re a beginner or an anxious driver, this is the driving school for you. 

Golden Key driving school is one of the best driving schools for adults in the USA.

#10. Motivation Driving School


Here, Chuck and Alan transcend you from being a novice or inexperienced driver to an expert.

You will learn the fundamentals of driving and technical driving tactics, defensive driving, and insider knowledge on passing the road test. 

Besides adults, motivation driving school trains teens, senior citizens, and nervous drivers.

Other Top Rated Driving Schools for Adults in USA

  • Top Driver
  • Bronx Driving School
  • Bliss Driving School 
  • Best Driving School 
  • Allstate Drivers’ Ed 
  • Ann’s Driving School 
  • Abel Driving School  
  • Valentino Driving School
  • Sky Auto Driving School
  • Maxwell’s Driving School 
  • Jersey Safe Driving School 
  • D.C. Star Driving School 
  • Road Ready Driving School 
  • West Point Driving School
  • Norman’s Auto Driving School

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Frequently Asked Questions About Adult Driving School in USA

What is an Intensive Driving Course?

Intensive driving courses refer to driving classes that take up to 5 -10 day periods.

Usually, they involve getting on the road quite frequently during the time.

In addition, the lessons last for 6-8 hours, with breaks.

Do I Need to Pass the Driving Theory Test Before I Can Start Taking Lessons?

No, you don’t have to.

Actually what we do recommend is that you take the theory while learning the practical. 

Can I choose to have a female instructor?

Yes, you can as long as the driving school has female instructors.  

What Age Can I Enroll in A Driving School?

Generally, teens can start driver’s education at 15 years. 

However, it is state-dependent. 

Some states allow you at 15, others at 16.

How Much Does It Cost to Enroll in A Driving School?

The typical cost of a driving school varies between states and cities. 

Also, the cost is also affected by the cost of gasoline.

However, a classroom driver training costs about $30 and $180. 

Whereas actual road training costs $50 and $150 per session. 

An all-inclusive package can cost between $200 and $800.


So, when it comes to learning to drive, choosing the right driving school is the most essential step.

Therefore, go through this list and make a choice.


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