Prices for Driving Schools (How to get the best deal)

The prices for driving schools can vary with respect to how sophisticated that driving school is and the structure and quality of the driving lessons they offer. It is important that you consider other factors when choosing a driving school and not only the price.

In this article, we have discussed the prices of driving schools and other important factors that may affect this price and how you can get the best deal and package while paying a relatively cheap amount of money. But before we move into this proper – let’s talk a little about why it is important to go to a driving school.

Your teenager is 16 years old and wants to learn to drive. Learning to drive and obtaining a driver’s license is a symbol of freedom and a rite of passage for young people. Driving a car gives them a sense of independence. 

Once you are sure that your child has self-confidence and driving skills, you can let your child run errands and so on. But first, it is a good idea to let him/her join a driving school, which can teach them what they need to know about driving a vehicle.

Prices for Driving Schools

Why go to a driving school?

The driving school provides a certain amount of driving time and road safety classroom courses. Driving schools can ensure that your teenagers get a lot of supervised practice. They have age restrictions on when teenagers can/cannot drive, which means that your teenager’s driving experience grows with their driving skills. 

However, if you want to join a driving school to learn to drive, the cost and prices for driving schools may be a problem. Generally, the cost of driving to school varies according to the state and city you live in, and it also depends on the cost of gasoline. You can pay approximately US$50 to US$180 for each driving lesson. Most driving schools offer all-inclusive packages with prices ranging from US$200 to US$1,800. In addition, you must pay between $50 and $150 for each road test. 

Therefore, if you want to choose a driving school for your teenagers, or even to improve your driving skills to become more familiar with American driving rules and regulations, here are some tips to help you choose a reasonably priced driving school that will meet your requirements.

How You Can Get the Best Deal Irrespective of the set Prices for Driving Schools

Attending a driving school is advised for anyone who wants to gain the skills needed to pass a driving test in your state. The driving school mainly focuses on the written test and road test part of the state driving test requirements. Moreover, it is important to find a good driving school, which offers all these at a favourable price.

Compare Driving Schools

There are many driving schools, and their teaching and costs vary. It is best to check with different driving schools in your area and compare the costs and teaching methods of different driving schools. Check the services provided by the driving school, their rate of success and the evaluation of past students.

Compare the Prices for Driving Schools

Compare the services and fees of various driving schools in your area to get a good idea of ​​which driving school is the most cost-effective. Determine the budget you are willing to spend and your expectations when looking for a driving school. 

Check with your prospective driving school if they have a refund policy. In addition, if you fail the driving test, please check whether the school offers the option of retaking courses for free. This guarantee can make the cost of driving to school more worthwhile.

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How much does the hourly driving course cost?

The prices for driving schools have a lot to do with the cost of the individual driving lessons. Cost of a driving course or lesson is approximately $80/hour; however, in some states, it may be cheaper. Generally, the average cost of a driving instructor is about US$50 to US$55 per lesson, which includes picking you up at home or any other location. 

Usually driving schools recommend that you take a driving course or lesson of about 6 hours, because this is the shortest time required by several states, and those with a learner’s permit must complete this time before the DMV road test.

Some driving instructors charge by lesson, while others may charge by the hour. For example, the school may charge $80 per class, but you must attend a class for at least two hours. Schools can also provide access to online course materials at a discount to help you take the state driving test or exam. 

You can also check prices for driving schools and the package discounts offered by driving schools in your area. For example, you can pay $100 for a 2-hour driving lesson and up to $275 for a 6-hour driving lesson. And, if you need 8 to 10 hours of a driving lesson, you may have to pay up to $450. Some driving schools also offer road test exercises to prepare you for the road test. Normally, the cost of test practice on the road within the range of $125.

Consider a Driving School Having a Vehicle

A good number of driving schools make use of their vehicles for you to learn to drive and road test, while others may ask you to make use of your own car. A driving school that provided classes with vehicles and lessons are very suitable for young people who are learning to drive for the first time. 

Generally, when it comes to prices for driving schools, the cost of 5 classes and the door-to-door shuttle is about 275 USD. But if you are taking these 5 classes with the car that you can also use for the road test, then it will cost about 375 USD for 5 lessons. 

 You will pay approximately US$530 for 5 lessons that include pick-up and drop-off service, pre-licensing lessons, and a car that can be used for driving tests. And, if you are in search of a long-term course for you and your child, the cost of 20 lessons is approximately $1,000.

How Many Driving Lessons Do You Need?

Prices for Driving Schools

The amount of driving lessons and classes you need depends on your driving skills and your level of comfort and your experience in operating the vehicle. If you just want to improve your defensive driving and improve your driving skills, then 2-3 lessons will do. This will allow you to adjust the driving speed according to the road and weather conditions and help you move quickly to avoid accidents. 

If you are just a beginner and want to practice for your permit or license, it is a good idea to take at least 5 lessons before taking your theory and then your driving test. Generally, most driving schools provide a package of 5 lessons per week for beginners. You can choose to drive all day a week or 4 days a week and 1 day on weekends.

In a situation where you are not comfortable on the road after you have taken 5 lessons, then it is advised that you sign up for additional lessons as it is better to focus more on getting better in driving and not just the prices for driving schools. In a normal circumstance, your driving instructor will evaluate you after your course and tell you what driving skills you must master so that you know what to work on before your next driving lesson. 

Engaging in a consistent driving schedule will be of help to you in familiarizing yourself with the traffic conditions in your neighbourhood and cities. When you are just starting out, you may be more comfortable driving on roads and less busy areas. 

Once you become accustomed to driving and you’ve been able to build self-confidence, you will now be able to drive on narrow streets, busy areas, highways, and increase speed. Your driving instructor may require you to drive past obstacles in open areas or parking lots so that you can practice sharp turns.

Prices for Driving Schools: Driving Lesson Packages

You will be provided with packages of up to 10 lessons in some driving schools, and you can choose to start at intervals according to your requirements. But, in a situation where you want to familiarize yourself with how to operate the vehicle, it is recommended that you have about 2 lessons a week. If you are practising to obtain a driver’s license or permit, then you should upto3-4 lessons weekly. 

Parking skills are some of the things you can learn, such as small space parking, parallel parking, reverse parking and street parking. In addition, please pay attention to the rules and timeframes for parking in specific areas. You should understand these rules and regulations to avoid fines and retain your driving privileges after obtaining a permit/license.

Do You Need a Theory Test Before Your Driving Lessons?

Before you want to obtain a driver’s permit, you need to take a theory test in the United States. After passing the theory test and taking the driving test, you can practice driving and then return to the DMV to obtain a driving license. Once you have a driving permit, you can only drive your car with a licensed driver. In some states in the US, you need to hold a driver’s license for at least 6 months to apply for a driver’s license. 

To get a driver’s permit you should not be less than 15 years old. In addition, you must take a theory test to ensure that you understand the rules of the road and the meaning of road signs. If you are under 18, you must go to the DMV accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to verify that you are eligible for a driver’s permit. You are expected to take a driver education course and pass an exam to be able to obtain a license. You will have to pay a must-pay fee to the DMV to take the theory test, which is usually less than $100 in most of the states in the country.

Find the Driving School That’s the Best Fit for You

Usually, driving schools provide courses fit for a wide range of ages and purposes. They offer driving classes for teenagers and adults, as well as defensive driving classes and traffic violation classes. By participating in these courses, people can learn driving, rules of the road, and can also practice driving with trained instructors under professional supervision who have been trained to teach students of all ages.

How much does the hourly driving course cost?

Don’t Consider Only the Prices for Driving Schools

In most cases, prices for driving schools is the main factor most people consider when searching for a driving school; however, this factor should not be the only criterion to be considered. Some schools may have lower fees. This may be because their classes are not intensive, or they have hired unqualified teachers or instructors

Visit the Website and Driving School

After checking prices for driving schools also visit the official website of your prospective driving school. Be sure that the school in question is licensed by the state, which tells that the school complies with national regulations and laws. The school should be able to answer positively to all your questions and also do well to rate customer service. You may as well visit the driving school and check it yourself. The goal is that you must be satisfied with both the driving school and the staff. 

 Be sure to talk to the chief instructor at the school and ask questions about the schedule to see if it works for you. Some driving schools offer morning, noon or evening classes, and some go on to offer lessons during the weekend. Therefore, you should find a package that fits your schedule.

Check the Vehicles Used

Apart from checking the prices for driving schools, you also need to check out the Vehicles. A good number of driving schools provide vehicles that you can use for classes and driving test and exams, while others allow you to use your own vehicle. If the driving school provides a vehicle, make sure that the vehicle you are learning with is similar to the one you plan to drive after learning. Check whether the school provides only cars or other types of vehicles.

Check if they have a manual vehicle or an automatic vehicle. When choosing a driving school, pay attention to the experience of the instructor, courses and price. After you have gotten all the information about what to look for in a driving school, you can confidently choose one for your child or yourself.


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