Study at the 10 Outstanding Medical Schools in Spain For Med Students

Are you studying medicine and you’re probably on the lookout for the best Spanish medical schools with good tuition and programs in Spain? Do you want to know how medical students are trained?

What are the odds of studying medicine in Spain? Is Spain even a good choice?

Among many European countries, Spain offers world-class medical school programs at a really cheaper rate.

Besides that, the cultural assortments, great weather, out-of-the-world kinda food, good standard of living, and an excellent location makes it interesting for students who want to study abroad.

Because the need for more doctors keeps rising, it’s without a doubt we say that becoming a doctor or any other medical professional will never go out of style.

If you intend to study in Spain, it’s ideal you know that this profession is a competitive part of education in the country. We believe to get the best training as a doctor, you need to be trained by the best folks and spain houses a lot of great teachers.

Therefore, in this guide, we have come up with a list of Spanish medical schools ideal for you as well as the tuition cost in Spain.

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best medical schools in spain

Studying in Medicine Spain: What is it Like?

If you’re looking at studying any medical program, Spain would be a good consideration, especially for students who have struggled with finances.

This is so because Spanish universities have reasonable tuition prices. Besides that, many love Spain because of the following reasons:

  • Comfortable and warm weather.
  • Availability of English taught programs.
  • It’s a home to some world-class universities.
  • Spain welcomes international students regardless of Nationality.
  • Tourist attractions such as the museums, libraries, sites, architecture, and cuisine, making the experience of education even more pleasurable
  • Spanish medical schools work with top-class educators, affiliate hospitals, and professional staff.
  • Studying medicine in Spain comes with good international connections.

Does Spain Accept International Students?

Yes, international students are welcome to study medicine in Spain. In fact, Spain is one of the prominent study abroad destinations because of the inexpensive tuition fees and good education. 

Currently, there are over 194,000 international students in Spain. Actually, this figure grew by 27% in the last 3 years. This includes students from Europe like Italy, France, Hungary, China, Columbia, Ecuador, etc

This clearly proves that Spain is a good choice for students who want to study medicine. However, you might want to check out the tuition cost of medical schools in Spain before making a choice.

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Medical Schools in Spain Accademic Medical Curriculum?

It’s important you know what you’re signing up for is not like the other courses of study in Spain. According to MedEdPublish, Spanish medical schools run an entirely different curriculum from other professions.

If you’re studying medicine in Spain, your colleagues in other fields may graduate before you. That’s not a bad thing actually. It only means the significance of the medical profession requires more work and practice to be assessed as worthy of the white coat.

Spanish medical schools run a six years program that awards students a medical diploma. In the first 2 years, medical students undertake programs in the field and undergo pre-clinical or theoretical training in Spain.

Basically, at this stage, the medical programs in Spain explain more basic subjects like biology and chemistry.  Following this is a four years clinical study.

In these years, the emphasis of the medical programs is on clinical practice from working in a hospital in Spain. Here you will acquire practical knowledge and be under the supervision of a professional.

At the end of the six years, medical students can proceed for postgraduate specialization (MIR) to practice medicine in private or state facilities. 

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List of the 10 Best Medical Schools in Spain For Internatioanal Students

Without further ado, here is a list of some of the Spanish medical schools for you to study medicine;

#1. University of Valencia 

  • Founded: 1499
  • School Status: Public
  • Location: Avenida de Blasco Ibanez
  • Annual Tuition Cost: Not Specified

The University of Valencia is one of the top academic universities in Spain. Based in the city of Valencia, the University of Valencia runs 3 campuses of which one is the Faculty of Medicine.

In this University, you can gain a degree in medicine via its six years full-time program. Usually, the courses are taught in various language instruction such as Spanish, Valencian, and English languages. 

Sometimes a mix of these three languages is used.

Studying medicine at the University of Valencia emphasizes the understanding of the necessities of biology and the importance of humans’ relationship with their physical and social surroundings.

Also, you end up with a degree in medicine via a series of clinical practices.

#2. Autonomous University of Madrid 

  • Founded: 1968
  • School Status: Public
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Annual Tuition Cost: Not Specified

Next on our list of best medical schools in Spain is the Autonomous University of Madrid. Through its medical campus located in the north of Madrid near the La Paz teaching hospital, the college trains students in medicine.

Its nearness to the Las Paz teaching hospital makes it more comfortable for medical students to partake in clinical practice.

At this college, the major language instruction is Spanish. However, exchange students get to study some courses in English.

Via its faculty of medicine, the Autonomous University of Madrid accepts both international students and visitors for clinical courses and visiting programs.

To obtain an MD degree, you will need to enroll in the six-year Spanish-language course.

#3. Complutense University of Madrid 

  • Founded: 1293
  • School Status: Public
  • Location: Alcalá, Madrid
  • Annual Tuition Cost: Not Specified

Here’s another age-long university in the world dating back to over 800+ years. Not just old but large, with a student population of over 86,000 students.

Out of its many disciplines, the University is home to one of the best medical schools in Spain. Complutense University of Madrid School of Medicine operates with 3 hospitals: Hospital Gregorio Maranon, Hospital Clinico Universitario de San Carlos, and Hospital 12 October. 

Aside from these, they have many technical campuses within the clinic. Also at the Complutense University of Madrid, medical students get to work on collaborative research projects with the Ministry of Health on distinctive research.

Due to this affiliation, they enjoy funding from the Ministry. However, the requirements to enter include knowing how to speak Spanish fluently, an entrance exam, and a high school degree.

#4. University of Barcelona 

  • Founded: 1450
  • School Status: Public
  • Location
  • Annual Tuition Cost: 3000€ (EU) 6,000€ (Non-EU)

In 2020, the University of Barcelona comes top in the overall European Union university ranking. With an age-long history, the university is one of the oldest universities in the world. And its medical school still holds onto its track record of excellence.

The University of Barcelona is a great institution to study medicine as it’s one of the main centers for university research in Spain. This university suits students who want to delve into research in health-related issues.

You can count on enough practicality in different care institutions where students carry out clinical practice for primary care and specialized care as well as rotations. 

Also, students get access to many care institutions and hospitals where this practice can be undertaken.

#5. Autonomous University of Barcelona

  • Founded: 1968
  • School Status: Public
  • Location: Outside Cerdanyola del Vallès
  • Annual Tuition Cost: Not Specified

The Autonomous University of Barcelona is one of the best medical schools in Spain.

It takes second place when it comes to studying medicine in Barcelona.

Although a large institution, its faculty of medicine can be found in the Bellaterra Campus.

This course offers medical students the opportunity to conduct clinical practice in primary healthcare centres and large hospitals.

Also, they get to work in a competitive research environment within the area.

Another feature of this school that enlists it as the best is the option of L studying in Spanish or Catalan.

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#6. University of Navarra 

  • Founded: 1345
  • School Status: Private
  • Location: Southeast of Pamplona
  • Annual Tuition Cost: 16,000 €

If you’re looking to study in a private medical school in Spain, then the University of Navarra Faculty of Medicine is a good idea.

Many love this medical school because of its great features such as the international exchange program in medicine and its main MD program. 

Also, the University of Navarra runs many extensions in favour of medical students.

Such includes a medical research centre, teaching hospital, CUN and CIMA.

These Navarra CIMA extensions offer medical students the opportunity to run a research in their areas of interest.

Usually, they work in four areas: oncology,  cardiovascular sciences, neuroscience and gene therapy and hepatology.

The University of Navarra is a highly selective institution, admitting only 200 students per year.

#7. Pompeu Fabra University

  • Founded: 1990
  • School Status: Public
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Annual Tuition Cost: Not Specified

Another medical school in Spain that comes on the list is Pompeu Fabra University.

This University was established by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia. 

And today it is a university of reckoning worldwide and one of the top three overall universities in Spain.

Studying medicine in Spain is made possible by taking advantage of this degree the university offers jointly with the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Medical students get to carry out their programs in the Parc de Salut Mar campus in Spain.

At the campus, there are important research facilities such as the Parc de Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona and Hospital del Mar.

Being a college of repute, only 60 students are admitted into this program every year.

#8. University of Granada Faculty of Medicine

  • Founded: 1531
  • School Status: Public
  • Location: Granada 
  • Annual Tuition Cost: Not Specified

Another on our list of top medical schools in Spain is the University of Granada medical faculty. 

This medical college is the 4th largest in Spain.

There are a variety of courses to choose from.

Interestingly, many students make it to the school via the Erasmus program.

The University of Granada Faculty of Medicine focuses on dermatology and general medicine.

All medical students carry out their programs with a strong scientific grounding after which they go ahead to clinical from the third year.

All clinical practices are carried out in the hospital close to the University of Granada Faculty of Medicine.

Like the Virgen de las Nieves University Hospital, San Cecilio University Hospital, and the Health Centers of the Granada-Metropolitan Health District.

#9. University of Salamanca Faculty of Medicine

  • Founded: 1134
  • School Status: Public
  • Location: Salamanca
  • Annual Tuition Cost: Not Specified

The University of Salamanca Faculty of Medicine is the 3rd oldest university in the world.

Over the years it has gone through a lot of development and today it still stands as a university of reckoning.

It’s one of the universities that attract more international students.

Via its great number of research centres, students supplement the theoretical knowledge with more practicals.

Such centres where medical students at the University of Salamanca can practice include the Institute of Neuroscience of Castile and Leon, Cancer Research Center, and the Ultrashort Ultraintense Pulse Lasers Center.

#10. University of Seville Faculty of Medicine

  • Founded: 1505
  • School Status: Public
  • Location: Seville
  • Annual Tuition Cost: Not Specified

It was first established as the Colegio Santa Maria de Jesus and renamed the University of Seville years later.

Though old, the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Seville houses one of the beta medical programs in Spain in its schools.

Since 1508, the university’s faculty of medicine has evolved to become an attraction to both Spaniards and international students.

It prepares medical students for a career in medicine.

Also, students benefit from the clinical teaching opportunities in three large university hospitals: Virgen Macarena, Virgen del Rocío and Virgen de Valme.

Also, it’s a good place for research because the university hosts many research groups that have made headway in many health issues.

What’s the Tuition Cost of Medical Schools in Spain?

Studying medicine in Spain is less expensive compared to countries such as the UK and USA. The tuition cost of medical schools will rely on the type of college you’re attending in Spain.

Public universities are cheaper than private schools. In Spain, the public school’s medical tuition cost ranges between 500-1500€ per year. However private medical schools in Spain cost about 20,000 €  depending on the school.

So, if you’re making a choice of institution based on cost, public medical schools will be ideal for a low budget. But if you’re looking at studying in a less congested environment with great practicality, private medical schools in Spain should do the job.

How Long Will It Take To Study Medicine in Spain?

Studying medicine in Spain usually takes six years to wrap up. Any other additional years may be due to other factors and are usually school-dependent.

Must I Know the Spanish Language to Study Medicine in Spain?

Well, not literally. Some Spanish medical schools have English-taught programs. Whereas some, on the other hand, teach both in English, Valencia, Catalina, and Spanish.

The idea is to find the package that suits you. However, like most countries, we do recommend that you learn the basics of the Spanish language. This will help you pull through conversations and learn well too.

As a medical student and future doctor, communication will be the key to your success, so you must understand the patient and provide the right medical care. 


Via these schools, you’re sure to get the best training in Spain in your journey to become a medical doctor.

Good luck!!!


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