All You Need to Know About the University of Bath Acceptance Rate

University of Bath Acceptance Rate: If you’ve ever considered studying in Uni Bath on its global scholarships, you need to arm yourself with the knowledge of what the admission and acceptance rate is for 2022.

The acceptance rate of each institution determines your chances of making it into the college. In that regard, we have come up with a quick overview of all you need to know about the University of Bath Global Scholarships and Uni Bath’s acceptance rate.

We deemed it fit to make available this detailed information for the University of Bath prospective students for the 2022 academic session.

In this guide, you will discover the admission process, courses, tuition fees as well as the ranking of this university from different institution rankings.

Also, we made available the University of Bath global scholarships which you can take advantage of and study for free.

If you’re an international student, pursuing a degree in any program at the University of Bath, this piece will come in handy for you.

Welcome to this educational ride!!!

University of Bath Acceptance Rate

Overview of the University of Bath

  • School Status: Public
  • Year of Establishment: 1966 
  • Location: Claverton Down in Bath. 
  • Official Email:
  • Official School Website:
  • Student Population: 13,000 undergraduate, 4,000 graduate
  • Number of International Students: 30% of the Student Population
  • Contact: Tel: +44 (0) 1225 388 388, +44 (0) 1225 383 019
  • Major Courses: Engineering, Humanities, Management, Science, and Social Science.
  • Motto:    Generatim discite cultus “Learn each field of study according to its kind”

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Uni Bath Faculties

The university has four faculties which are further divided into 16 academic departments, 4 institutes, and 1 school. 

Their engineering program is known to be unconventional and their management, technology, social sciences, and architecture programs are top-rated.

Also, the university faculties work in line with the school’s aim to prepare students for specific jobs after graduation. This invariably makes them professionals and high sought staff after graduation.

Uni Bath Sports 

One peculiar feature of the University of Bath besides its acceptance rate is their sports association known as TeamBath. 

TeamBath official colours are blue and gold. The university sports club focuses on training athletic academic students. Some of the major sports of interest for Uni Bath students include; 

  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Lacrosse
  • Field hockey
  • American football. 

The sporting facilities of the university are spread over three different sites on the main campus. And for the records, the University of Bath sporting facility is known as one of the best in the UK.

Uni Bath Student Union

The University of Bath has a powerful student union called The SU University of Bath. 

Among all the schools in the United Kingdom, the University of Bath’s student union is recognized as one of the top three student unions.

Uni Baths students union runs over 100 student associations, such as faith groups, sports clubs, student media organizations, and theatre and musical groups.

Uni Bath Graduate First Earning

First, the University of Bath has a high graduation rate just like its acceptance rate is high. And the good news is that most of Uni Bath’s graduates get employed upon graduation.

Over the years, the university has been recognized for graduating high-earning graduates. Men who graduated from Uni Bath make 22.2% more than the average university graduate in the UK 

However, their women earn 15.2% more.

Uni Bath Alumni

Some of the alumni of this prestigious university include;

  • Sean Li: Actor 
  • Katherine Roberts: Author
  • Robert Fry: Vice President of Hewlett-Packard
  • Sir Stephen Dalton: Chief of Air Staff for the Royal Air Force
  • Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist 
    • Heather Stanning (rowing)
    • Michael Jamieson (swimming).
    • Amy Williams (British skeleton)

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What Courses are Offered at Uni Bath?

Here at the University of Bath, there are plenty of amazing course options for international students to study.

Uni Bath’s courses are arranged in order for the Faculties that host them.

The faculties include;

  • Chemical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Faculty of Engineering & Design
  • Architecture and civil engineering
  • Electronic and electrical engineering
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Some of the University’s major courses include;

  • Health
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Education
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Natural sciences
  • Computer science
  • Mathematical sciences
  • Faculty of Management
  • Social & Policy Sciences
  • Biology & Biochemistry
  • Pharmacy & Pharmacology
  • Politics, Languages, & International Studies

These are some of Uni Bath’s courses with the highest admission application.

However, know that each of these courses at the University of Bath has its own acceptance rate. 

Therefore, before applying, find out the acceptance rate ratio of your course of choice in Uni Bath’s acceptance rate list.

What are the Requirements to Study in Uni Bath?

The admission committee at the University of Bath is responsible for recruitment, admissions, and welcoming students into the University.

To make it past the acceptance rate set by the University of Bath admission committee, you have to fulfil the requirements needed to get admission.

Below is requirements to apply for the University of Bath admission;

  • Copies passport
  • Completely filled application form 
  • School transcripts and exam certificates. 
  • All applicants must be at least 17 years old at the start of the school year. 
  • Secondly, applicants must have a high standard of secondary education.
  • Furthermore, candidates must show proof of academic excellence. This they access through your excellent results.
  • Proof of English language proficiency with an IELTS minimum grade of 6.0 at least 5.5 in each part. 

Kindly note that you must write the IELTS at a centre authorized by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) in your home country if you’re an international student.

More details on University of Bath admission requirements are HERE.

However, note that meeting the requirements does not guarantee that you will get admission into the University of Bath.

You have to ensure that your grades, GPA and test scores are in sync with the University of Bath acceptance rate.

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What’s the Cost of Studying at the University of Bath?

It’s not out of place to think that studying at Uni Bath comes at a cost higher than the average.  This is so because the University of Bath is one of the high ranking schools in the UK.

The fee paid at the University of Bath covers both the tuition and examination fees. However, charges for resit examination fees are paid differently. 

To help you with the exact tuition cost we have outlined what you’re expected to pay for each program at the University of Bath;

  • Full-time studies £9,250
  • Part-time studies  £2,130
  • Sandwich program £9,250 – £1,385

To know the exact tuition for your course of choice, click HERE.

2022 University of Bath Ranking 

The University of Bath is a top-rated school in the United Kingdom. Although not one of the Ivy League Schools, it is often mistaken as one due to its Ranking positions in university rankings.

It has found its place in the topmost positions in the ranking of universities in different fields.

Here are some of the 2022 University of Bath rankings;

Country Rankings

Ranked ByPosition
Guardian Uni Guide6th
Times / Sunday Times13th
The Guardian6th
Uni Bath Country Ranking

World Rankings

Ranked ByPosition
CWTS Leiden167th
British University128th
QS World University Rankings160th
Uni Bath World Ranking

What is the University of Bath Acceptance Rate?

Uni Bath receives many applications every year for students looking for admission for different programs. The reason for this large number of admission applications is not far-fetched.

We see in the ranking of universities, the University of Bath ranks in notable positions. And as a university with a track record of academic excellence, it attracts many students from countries around the world.

But it is interesting to know that the University of Bath has a high acceptance rate.

The university’s acceptance rate is 80%. What this means is that, in every 100 applications for admission, 80 students get admission into Uni Bath.

So, what more can you ask for?

Quality education + high chance of acceptance = University of Bath.

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Does the University of Bath offer Global Scholarships?

Yes, the University of Bath offers various global scholarships to international students.

However, most of these scholarships are only open to students who are applying or is taking a postgraduate and masters programme in Uni Bath.

The University global scholarships is worth up to £3,000.

This is often applied as discounts on the tuition fees of the recipients.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria to Apply For the University of Bath Global Scholarships?

  • Must be an international student of any nationality.
  • All applicants must have a confirmed offer of provisional admission into the University.
  • Also, the applicant must have accepted the offer of provisional admissions.
  • Applicants who will apply for the University of Bath global scholarships must be studying or have obtained admission into the university.

If you’re eligible, you will receive a notification by the scheme and then be invited to apply for the scholarship opportunity.

For more details, click HERE.

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Does the University of Bath Have School Accommodation?

While considering the university of Bath acceptance rate and global scholarships, it’s also ideal if you put into perspective the accommodation especially if you’re an international student.

Here’s a peek into the accomodation at Uni Bath;

Undergraduate School Accommodation

On-campus accommodation 

  • Cost: £7,920 – £2,660.
  • Duration: 38-weeks.

City accommodation 

  • Cost: £6,080 – £2,660.
  • Duration: 38-weeks. 

Postgraduate School Accommodation

On-campus accommodation 

  • Cost: £10,770.
  • Duration: 51-weeks. 

City accommodation 

  • Cost: £10,513 – £6,668.
  • Duration: 51-weeks. 

For more accommodation details click HERE or Email:

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I guess at this point you have a handful of information on all you need to know about Uni Bath.

Having known you have an 80% chance of getting admitted into the university, find out if the university offers your preferred course of choice.

I hope that this article about the University of Bath acceptance rate and global scholarships was helpful. 




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