Stanford University Acceptance Rate, Admissions, SAT/ACT, GPA, Tuition

Have you ever wondered how selective the acceptance rate at Stanford University is? Perhaps you aspire to attend one of the best universities in the world and your preference is Stanford University. Let us be the guide in your quest to find out about Stanford University’s admission process, tuition, popular programs, rankings and GPA, SAT, and ACT requirements.

Stanford University is a California-based private research institute established over 135 years ago. The University sits on 8,000+ acres with an enrollment of over 17,000 students.

Stanford University is recognized globally, attracting thousands of applicants from different countries. However, getting into Stanford is very competitive with its acceptance rate below 10% despite the swollen number of applications.

Before going further into details about Stanford University admission process, let’s take a look at the school collectively.

Stanford University Acceptance Rate

About Stanford University 

According to Wikipedia, Stanford University is a private research institute located in the census-designated place of Stanford, California. The University was established in 1885 and it’s one of the oldest private research institutes in California.

Stanford University’s main campus sits on 8,180 acres which is one of the largest university campuses in the United States. As of the fall of 2021, the total enrollment at Stanford University is 17,246. Out of that number, 7,858 are undergraduate students, and 9,388 accounts for graduate enrollment at the university. Sanford operates a quarter-based academic calendar. 

Stanford University offers a collection of undergraduate and graduates degree programs through its schools located on the same campus. 

Stanford University comprises seven schools which are the Graduate School of Business, School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences, Graduate School of Education, School of Engineering, School of Humanities and Sciences, Law School, and School of Medicine. 

Through these schools, Stanford offers decorative undergraduate and graduate degrees.

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Degrees offered at Stanford University include.

  • Bachelor of Arts- BA
  • Bachelor of Administrative studies- BAS
  • Bachelor of Science- BS
  • Master of Art- MA
  • Master of Science- MS
  • Master of Musical Art- DMA
  • Doctors of Philosophy- PhD
  • Masters of Design- MD
  • Master of Business Administration- MBA
  • Master of Science in Management- MSM
  • Doctor of Jurisprudence- JD
  • Doctor of Juridical Science- JSD
  • Masters of the Science of Law- JSM
  • Master of Law- LLM
  • Master of Fine Art- MFA
  • Master of Library Science- MLS
  • Master of Liberal Arts- MLA
  • Masters of Public Policy- MPP
  • Master of Engineering- ENG

Why Study at Stanford University?

Stanford University is one of the prestigious institutions in the United States and the world entirely. The university is one of the institutes leading in innovative research globally. 

Stanford University offers the best degree programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels respectively. Through its modernized research facilities, Stanford provides the best education to its students aimed at inculcating an insight to nurture potential careers.

Stanford University campus is another factor that attracts thousands to the institution. The University campus is an atmosphere of serenity. A community that builds a relationship between students and faculty members. 

Stanford attracts thousands of both domestic and international students each year. Despite the acceptance rate at Stanford University, the number of applications is still on the rise.

What are The Programs Available at Stanford?

Stanford University offers different degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The programs are delivered through all of the university’s seven schools. 

Here are the popular programs offered at Stanford University. 

School of Humanities and Sciences

Popular programs 

  • Biology 
  • Chemistry 
  • Economics 
  • English 
  • International Relations
  • Mathematics 
  • Physics 
  • Public Policy

School of Medicine

  • Biomedical Informatics
  • Community Health & Preventive Research 
  • Epidemiology & Clinical Research 
  • Health Policy
  • Human Genetics & Genetic Counselling 
  • Laboratory Animal Science 
  • Medicine

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Stanford University Acceptance Rate 

Stanford University is highly selective in its admission process and it’s one of the institutions in the United States with a single-digit acceptance rate. Stanford is built for the high school students at the top of their class. 

The acceptance rate at Stanford is 5.2%. This simply means that if 100 applications were received at Stanford, only about 5 of those applications will be accepted.

So if you aspire to attend Stanford, your high school grades better your chances of being the next freshman at the university. 

Other Statistics of Acceptance Rate at Stanford University

  • Acceptance rate for in-state students: 4%
  • Acceptance rate for out of state students: 4%
  • Acceptance rate for international students: 11.4%
  • Acceptance rate for transfer students: 3%
  • Acceptance rate for Stanford Restrictive Early Action (REA)- 4.73%
  • Acceptance rate for Stanford Early Decision (ED): 4.36%

Now let us look at the requirements for GPA, SAT, and ACT.

Stanford University GPA Requirements

Stanford University is the most selective institution in the state of California regarding its acceptance rate. And if you are an aspirant of the university, you should be making straight A’s in your high school courses.

Every university has its specific requirements for GPA regarding how more or less selective its admission process is. Being one of the highly-rated institutions in the world and with the quality of education offered at Stanford, one might begin to comprehend the rate of required GPA at the university.

The average GPA at Stanford University is 3.96 and this is the minimum to be eligible for application at the university. If you want to stand a chance to compete with thousands applying at Stanford, then a GPA of 4.0 and above is your best shot.

SAT Requirements at Stanford University

Being one of the institutions with an acceptance rate that is extremely selective, one would imagine the required SAT at Stanford University to be competitive.

The SAT range at Stanford University is 1420-1570. The university’s latest SAT score for the 25th percentile is 1440 and 1550 for the 75th percentile. This latest SAT score at Stanford grades 1440 below average and 1550 above the average SAT. 

According to USnews, Half of the newly admitted applicants at Stanford have an SAT between 1420 and 1570 or an ACT score of 31 and 35. 

 Test/Section 25th Percentile 50th Percentile (Mean) 75th Percentile
 SAT Total 1460 1510 1580
 SAT Reading 700 730 770
 SAT Math 720 750 800
ACT Composite323435

ACT Requirements at Stanford University

Stanford University ACT range is 31-35.

Stanford required ACT is highly selective with its average at 34. 

Application Requirements at Stanford University 

We have discussed the average required GPA to be eligible for an application at Stanford. Here, we will highlight the essential requirements to be eligible for application.

Application Requirements 

  • You must pay a non-refundable application fee of $90 or a fee waiver 
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Recommendations from two teachers and a counselor’s letter
  • An official transcript or result from your school
  • Mid-year report 
  • Stanford specific essays 
  • Complete common application 

Is It Hard to Get into Stanford?

Stanford University is one of the best and oldest institutions in the United States. The California-based university is the most selective institution in the Western region of the United States.

To answer the question of how difficult getting into Stanford can be. Well, the acceptance rate of Stanford University at 5.2% gives a better explanation. 

The required GPA at Stanford is 3.96 while that of SAT and ACT are 1504 and 34 respectively. Getting into Stanford is not an easy take. It requires total commitment to your academics at school and being among the best students in your class. 

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Is Stanford University a Good School?

Stanford University is highly selective in its admission process for a reason. It would have been much easier to get into Stanford if the university were in doubt about the quality of education they provide. The acceptance rate at Stanford University is significant enough and it proves that the institution is a good school to attend.

The modernized research facilities at Stanford are designed to offer the best experiences in technological advancements. According to statistics, about $1.35 billion is allocated to Stanford for carrying out over five thousand research projects.

The university campus is a community that serves as an atmosphere of serenity and a cordial relationship exists between students and faculty members.

Stanford University alumni starting salaries are at an average of $73,900. This signifies the values of being a graduate of Stanford.

Another factor that makes Stanford University a good school is the safety on campus.

Stanford’s main campus is equipped with 24 hours security surveillance which provides safety and reduces the rate of on-campus crime.

Stanford University Rankings 

Stanford University is among the best institutions in the world and it has built a good reputation in its 137 years of existence.

Currently, Stanford University occupies notable positions in national and state rankings.

National Rankings

  • 1st in Hardest Colleges to Get Into in America 
  • 1st in Best Colleges for Students Athletes in America 
  • 1st in Best Colleges for Environmental Science in America 
  • 2nd Best Value Colleges in America
  • 2nd in Best Colleges for Biology in America
  • 2nd in Best Colleges for Computer Science in America 

State Rankings 

  • 1st in Hardest Colleges to Get into in California 
  • 1st in Best Colleges in California
  • 1st in Colleges with the Best Academics in California 
  • 1st in Colleges with the Best Professors in California
  • 1st in Best Value Colleges in California 
  • 1st in Best Colleges for Student Athletes in California 
  • 1st in Top Private Universities in California 
  • 1st in Best Colleges in California 

Other Rankings if Stanford University (USnews rankings)

  • 6th in National Universities 
  • 6th in Best Colleges for Veterans
  • 13th in Best Undergraduate Teaching
  • 9th Best Value Schools
  • 7th in Mist Innovative Schools 
  • 2nd in Best Undergraduate Engineering Program

Tuition and Expenses at Stanford University 

Attending a top university such as Stanford is quite expensive. However, paying a huge sum to get the best education is worth it in all ramifications.

The tuition at Stanford University is $55,473 excluding book and supplies, room and board, and other expenses. 

Annual Price

To attend Stanford University on a full-time basis, the annual for the 2020-2021 academic year is $78,218 for all students. The annual full price list is in a tabulated format below:

Here is a holistic statistic for tuition and expenses at Stanford University.

Books and Supplies$1,290
Other Fees$696
Room and Board$17,255
Other Expenses Budget$3,504

Please note! The tuition at Stanford University is the same for both in-state and out-of-state students.

Who Gets Into Stanford University?

Stanford University attracts thousands of both domestic and international students. Here we want to analyze the demographics at Stanford collectively.

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Undergraduate demographics 

  • California- 35%
  • Other states in the U.S- 52%
  • International Students- 13%


  • White- 29%
  • Asian American- 25%
  • Hispanic- 17%
  • African American- 7%
  • International Students- 11%
  • American Indian- 1%
  • Others- 10%

High School Class of 2025 freshmen are from

  • Public- 60%
  • Private- 27%
  • International- 13%
  • Home School- 1%


  • Men- 49%
  • Women- 51%

Academic Life at Stanford 

Stanford University receives thousands of applications each year despite having an acceptance rate of 5.2%. 

With a competitive acceptance rate, the student-faculty ratio at Stanford is 5-to-1. And according to USnews, 68.6% of classes at Stanford have fewer than 20 students. 

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Stanford University Contact Address

  • School Address: 450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305

Frequently Asked Questions about Stanford University?

Here are the frequently asked questions about Stanford University regarding its admission process.

What is the required GPA at Stanford?

The required average GPA at Stanford University is 3.96 and this is the minimum for you to be eligible for an application. However, if your GPA is below the required standard at Stanford, you will need a higher SAT or ACT score to atone for your low GPA. By so doing, you will stand a chance to compete with thousands of applicants.

Which is harder to get into Harvard or Stanford?

Both universities are hard to get into and Harvard is as selective as Stanford. The acceptance rate of both universities is single-digit and currently, Harvard is a bit more selective than Stanford.

Harvard’s acceptance rate is 5% while that of Stanford stands at 5.2%. 

Is it difficult to get into Stanford?

Yes! Stanford University is the most selective institution in the Western region of the United States. The acceptance rate at Stanford is 5.2% which simply means out of 100 applications only 5 are accepted. 


Stanford University is a dream school for many high school students. The dream would become a reality if only you get the best grades in high school.

The best universities in the world are not easy to get into and Stanford has shown to be among the best with its high rate of selectivity. If you want to be the next freshman at Stanford, then you should be at the top is your class with more A’s than B’s. 


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