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Tulane University Acceptance Rate and admissions have been discussed in this article including the step-by-step process of application and deadline.

Tulane University is a state-of-the-art private university located in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is a medium-sized institution with 8,231 student enrollment. Admission at Tulane is very competitive as Tulane University’s acceptance rate is very low. Popular majors include finance, marketing and political science and government. Tulane student graduation rate is 86% and they start earning about $42,800 after graduation.

Keep reading to discover more information about the Tulane University acceptance rate and the admission process in general.

Tulane University acceptance rate

About Tulane University

Tulane was founded as the Medical College of Louisiana in 1834 to combat tropical diseases, Tulane University has long been a centre for innovation and collaboration. The school is a private national research university in the Gulf South and also the only research university in this area that is a private university.

Tulane University uses the region’s unique cultural, creative and social issues as inspiration in its research, teaching and public services. Tulane University is a major research institution and one of 62 members of the top-rated American Universities Association, and operates on several campuses and schools, but is also a small-scale university with personal relationships between student and faculty guidance.

The faculty’s leading researchers, bestselling writers, leading scientists and world-renowned artists know their students by name. Tulane’s scale and structure are important to the mission of the school, the school is small enough to be responsive and also big enough to create a vibrant and a  community that is diverse.

Is Tulane University a good school?

You have completed your research. You have seen all the necessary information on the university website. Tulane University offers excellent academic programs, ample scholarships, excellent teachers, and a reputable school. But one of the most important things you need to consider is whether the school is right for you.

We have told you that Tulane is a top-class school with the best and most talented students from all over the country. No doubt you will find yourself among a pair of highly qualified researchers.

However, an experience at the undergraduate level of study includes more than just academic knowledge. Social and recreational opportunities outside the classroom are an important part of the university. The location also means a lot for students who understand what learning in a conducive environment is.

Different schools may be comparable in the quality of teaching, but there are significant differences in atmosphere and culture. You probably don’t care about the Tulane A + even scenes or Louisiana’s humid subtropical climate. Or for some reason, the notion of community service as a claim will not work for you.

Tulane is ideal for talented students who love public service and active social life.

Tulane University Acceptance Rate

Tulane University has one of the lowest enrollment rates in the country and has become increasingly selective in recent years. Given its degree of acceptance over the years, it would be a mistake to assume that Tulane is a “safety” school. Tulane can be considered to be “almost ivy” at this point, and rightly so.

The most recent  US News & World Report reports that Tulane university has an acceptance rate of 11% and 15% acceptance for early admission. It is sharply less than in previous years at 26%. According to different sources on the internet, the acceptance rate was already around 20% in 2020. Of the more than 45,517 applications received in the fall 2021 application round, only 9% of all the applicants were accepted for the 2025 class.

Several factors affect the number of applications. Students speculate that Tulane University has added financial aid packages that appeal to applicants looking for the “best value” for their education. Tulane provides high quality and affordable education through financial aid programs and grants.

Another factor to pay attention to is that a low admission rate usually means prestige and exclusivity. Over the years, Tulane’s acceptance rate has been quite competitive. Therefore, lower enrollment rates in the coming years are a sign of growing reputation and popularity.

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Tulane University Ranking

According to the 2022 national rankings, Tulane University is a strong success in the U.S. national rankings, competing with a number of prestigious institutions for a place among the top 100 universities. The best rating agencies, such as Topuniversities.com, Times Higher Education and US News, use the same analytical parameters as in the world rankings for national rankings.

According to U.S. News’ Best Colleges 2022, Tulane University ranks 42nd on the list of the country’s best national colleges, 29th on private national colleges, and 34th on the list of most innovative schools.

Tulane University is also the 4th best service-learning school and Tulane University’s Bachelor of Business Administration ranks 41st nationwide.

“We are excited to remain competitive in the competitive rankings of America’s top 50 colleges and join the new top 40 most innovative schools,” said Satyajit Dattagupta, enrollment management and graduate and pre-college strategy senior vice president and dean.

U.S. News list of best colleges and The Princeton Review’s 387 Best Colleges coincides for the 2022 Edition, where Tulane is one of the city’s most popular and loved colleges, with the best quality of life and the happiest students.

“All in all, these recognitions and rakings reinforce what we know about Turan: for the right student, the in this school has been unprecedented so far – the students are happy, committed and enthusiastic about their experience,” Dattagupta said.

Tulane University’s national rankings according to several well-known sources

Times Higher Education#71
US News#42
QS Global#76
Center for World University Rankings#121

Tulane University Rankings by subjects according to USnews

SubjectsRankingOverall Score
Biology & Chemistry#42429.7
Cardiac & Cardiovascular System#18338
Clinical Medicine#18360.01
Endocrinology & Metabolism#10547.5
Molecular Biology & Genetics#25935.3
Neuroscience & Behavior#36718.8
Public/Environment & Occupational Health#16447.6
Social Science & Public Health#30737.8

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Is Getting to Tulane University Hard?

Duran is hard to get into, the current acceptance rate is 11%. In the 2021 admission period, the Tulane university received 45,517 applications for the 2025 class of admission, with an acceptance rate of 9.7% – a total of 4,428 applicants.

Although Tulane University’s acceptance rate is very low, your chances of getting in depend on the strength of your profile. Make sure you meet all the application requirements and even aim to pass what the school is looking for – getting involved in extracurricular activities can help you and also make sure you meet the SAT, ACT and GPA requirements.

More information about SAT, ACT and GPA requirements will be provided subsequently including other things that affect Tulane University acceptance rate.

Tuition and Cost of Attendance at Tulane University

Tulane University’s average full-time tuition is $78,680 and is available to all students, regardless of where they live. This fee includes $54,766 tuition, $16,248 room and board, $1,200 books and supplies, and $4,086 other expenses. Non-state tuition at Tulane University is $54,766, the same as students who live in Louisiana.

Books and Supplies$1,200
Other Fees$4,086
Room and Board$16,248
Other Expenses Budget$2,380

Income-based tuition at Tulane University

The cost of studying at Tulane University depends largely on the income level of the family. Below is the average cost per income:

Family IncomeAverage Net Price

Admissions at Tulane University

Tulane University applicants are highly competitive and have a low acceptance rate and high average SAT / ACT scores. However, Tulane University has a comprehensive admissions process that includes factors other than your grade and test score. A strong essay and strong letters of recommendation can improve your application as well as participate in meaningful leisure activities and a rigorous course plan.

Applicants are required to study at least four years in English, three years in mathematics, science and social sciences and two years in a foreign language. Students with particularly interesting stories or achievements will receive serious attention, even if their test scores are not up to the Tulane average.

Tulane University Admission Requirements

  • SAT requirements and average SAT scores
  • ACT Requirements and ACT GPA
  • Estimated GPA requirements and average GPA

SAT requirements and average SAT scores

Tulane University generally prefers applicants to be among the top 9% on the SAT test. The school is constantly lowering its cumulative SAT score to 1,340 from 1,600, below which it should be considered an achievement.

Experts estimate that some students may be able to enrol with SAT scores as low as 1260. The average SAT score for freshmen released is estimated to be 1420/1600. The school ranks first in Louisiana’s average SAT scores. 23% of applicants submit SAT points to a school.

SAT Reading 25th650
SAT Math 25th690
SAT Composite 25th1340
SAT Reading 75th730
SAT Math 75th770
SAT Composite 75th1500
Average SAT Score1420

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ACT Requirements and ACT GPA

Admission information shows that the university regularly admits students with an ACT of 30 or higher. Successful applicants typically submit ACT scores to 7% of students nationwide.

Experts predict that the schools will accept the lowest ACT scores in some cases around 28. Since the Tulane University acceptance rate, you have to do your best.

ACT Reading 25th32
ACT Math 25th27
ACT Composite 25th30
ACT Reading 75th35
ACT Math 75th32
ACT Composite 75th33
Average ACT Score31

Estimated GPA requirements and average GPA

Applicants must have very good grades in high school to enter Tulane University. Tulane University’s freshman high school has an average GPA of 3.55 on a scale of 4.0, indicating that B + students are accepted first and eventually attend the school.

The school has one of the highest GPA and ranks 5th in Louisiana. Being able to meet these GPA requirements only is not all that is required because Tulane University is a highly selective school.

Tulane University Admission Statistics

Acceptance Rate11%12%11%
Percent of Admitted Who Enrolled (Admission Yield)36%39%37%

How Tulane University evaluates applicants

Considering the fact that the Tulane University acceptance rate is low, you should do your best if you really want to get in. Below are some of the things the admission team at Tulane considers when considering applications.

Tulane University received more than 45,000 applications for approximately 1,800 available slots. As released directly from the application committee: “We examine each applicant each year to make Tulane University stronger and brighter, so it’s important to look at each applicant as a whole. Admission decisions are never based on data alone,

In Tulane’s entry process, four factors were rated as “very important”: the rigor of high school performance, class rank, GPA, and standardized test scores. It is important to note that Tulane University was test-optional in the 2020-2021 application round and will remain so till further notice.

It is of help if a student is recruited as an athlete on one of Tulane University’s 14 Division I sports teams. More than 425 students are college athletes. Those who succeed in a particular sport can gain an advantage in the entry process.

How to Apply to Tulane Univerity

Below you will find a step-by-step overview of the Tulane University application process.

Step 1

See The checklist and application requirements.

Step 2

Choose the right timeline for an application that suits you:

Early action (optional)

  • Complete the ACT or SAT by October
  • Application deadline: 15 November.
  • Decision notification: 15 January
  • Deposit deadline: May 1
    • Early Action (EA) is for students who want to complete the admission process at during their senior year.
    • EA does not restrict students from applying for scholarships or financial aid to other schools or Tulane.
    • If a student does not get in during the EA stream, Tulane University may defer admission, request additional material, and reconsider the application during the Regular Decision period.

Early Decision (Binding)

  • Application Deadline: November 1
  • Decision Notification: December 15
  • Deposit Deadline: January 15
    • Early Decision (ED) is available to students who choose Tulane University as their first choice.
    • The ED is a binding decision, and students who enrol within the ED deadline must withdraw all applications from other universities and enrol at Tulane University.
    • The ED applicants, one of their parents, and a guidance counsellor is required to sign Early Decision Agreement form for an ED application to be considered complete.

Regular Decision

  • Complete the ACT or SAT by December
  • Application deadline: January 15
  • Decision notification: 1 April
  • Deposit Deadline: May 1

Step 3

Tulane accepts Common Application or Tulane online applications. Irrespective of which you decide to use all get the same amount of attention.

Step 4

Check your email for login information … Your Application Status Portal

There you can view the checklist for your application and start processing individual scholarship applications. You will also receive information on logging in to Gibson Online, where you can follow the financial aid process.

Tulane University Address




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