Study in Tuition Free Universities in Portugal for International Students

Are you looking for low-cost, tuition-free, or cheap universities in Portugal for international students? What if I told you there is a trick to studying in Portugal almost for free?

Of course, many students who wish to study in Portugal often look to study in tuition-free universities. But like it is said, there are many opportunities but only a few have the knowledge about them.

Just like our article on the 10 Tuition-Free Universities in Germany for International Students, this article will enlighten you on the tuition-free universities in Portugal. Here students who have financial hitches can take advantage of the low-cost universities in Portugal and study at a very inexpensive cost.

In this guide, we have carefully illustrated all you need to know about studying in Portugal and how to access cheap or low-cost tuition universities for international students.

Welcome aboard, Scholar!!!

Tuition Free Universities in Portugal for International Students

Studying in Portugal: What is it Like?

Portugal is a country located in Southeast Europe, its capital is Lisbon. As an old nation-state, Portugal is also a famous destination for tourists. Its Mediterranean climate and great sight make it a good attraction for international students.

Currently, Portugal has about 55,000+ international students who are mostly there for academics as well as many other reasons. Many students love Portugal because of its affluent culture as well as a monumental promising atmosphere of safety. In fact, Lisbon is one of the safest places in the world. 

Also, it’s of great importance to know that Portugal has a relatively low cost of living when compared to the rest of the EU.

Academically, Portugal is home to 50 universities. Twelve out of the 50 Portugal universities rank the best in the world and most of them are tuition-free universities for international students.

Admission Requirements: What Should Have To Study in Portugal?

Just like most schools in the world, before you get into any of the cheap, tuition-free, or high-cost tuition universities in Portugal, you have to get their requirements right.

Most of the requirements needed by schools are school-specific. Each university has its proposition as to what they require to offer you admission. Although this assertion stands, there are some requirements that are peculiar to all schools in Portugal.

Students who wish to study in Portugal need to meet these basic requirements:

  • Must have a Valid passport
  • Must have a GPA of at least 2.75
  • Presnt a High school leaving certificate Bachelor’s
  • Must possess a Bachelor’s diploma for a graduate degree

Other additional requirements as we stated are school-specific.  Therefore, once you make a choice of institution, visit the school website for supplementary requirements to add to this basic list.

Is it Possible to Learn at Portuguese Universities Using English Language?

Yes, Most schools in Portugal teach students in the English Language. Some Portuguese universities teach some of their courses using the English Language as the instruction language.

Also, some schools such as the Lisbon School of Economics and Management teach 2 undergraduate courses and 5 Master’s courses in English.  At the University of Porto, many Masters and Doctorate programs are fully instructed in English.

What this means is that, if as an international student you choose to study in English, there is a spot for you in some Portuguese universities.

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CanI Find Univerniversities in Portugal that Offer International Students Tuition Free Studies?

Without mincing words, there are no tuition-free universities in Portugal for Portuguese nationals as well as international students.

But what we are sure of is that you can be sure to find cheap and affordable universities in Portugal for international students.

Some of these cheap universities include;

#1. University of Porto

  • Founded: 1836
  • Annual Tuition Fees: Undergraduate EUR 3,500 ($4,180), Graduate EUR 3,500 ($4,180)

The University of Porto is one of the cheapest universities in Portugal for international students. Although it started out as the Polytechnic Academy and Medical-Surgical School, in 1911, it was bestowed university status.

In Portugal, you can estimate the University of Porto as the second-largest university with a population of 32,500+.  About 18% of the total registration represents international students.

This figure is learned under the 15 subdivision schools which include; Faculties of Architecture, Economics, Dental Medicine, Fine Arts, Engineering, Letters, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Nutrition, Psychology, Sport, Business, Biomedical Science, and Science.

#2. University of Minho

  • Founded: 1973
  • Annual Tuition Fees: Undergraduate EUR 4,500 ($5,380), Graduate EUR 6,500 ($7,760)

The University of Minho’s very affordable tuition fees makes it one of the universities viewed as a tuition-free university in Portugal for international students. It has 3 campuses in Braga and 1 in Guimarães.

In these campuses, schedules in the fields of Arts & Human Science, Architecture, Social Science, Education, Psychology, Engineering, Economics & Management, Law, Medicine, and Science are offered.

Although it is one of Portugal’s younger universities, it is one of the world’s best institutions under the age of 50. Also, it is one of the country’s best in terms of education and influence. 

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#3. University of Évora

  • Founded: 1559
  • Annual Tuition Fees: Undergraduate EUR 2,500 ($2,985), Graduate EUR 2,500 ($2,985) 

The University of Évora is the 2nd oldest university in Portugal which we regard as one of the tuition-free universities for international students.

As a college of repute, the school offers a lot of courses such as Arts, Social Science, Science & Technology, Health & Human Development, and Nursing except Medicine, Civil Law, and some Canon Law.

Évora has a student population of about 10,500 students of which 1,000 are foreigners from over 70 countries. 

#4. University of Algarve

  • Founded: 1589
  • Annual Tuition Fees: Undergraduate EUR 3,000 ($3,585), Graduate EUR 2,000 ($2,390) 

Sited in Southern Portugal is one of the universities in Portugal that can be considered as a tuition-free university for international students.

Via its 2 campuses; Faro and Portimão, UAlg houses only a little population of students with about 19% coming from over 70 countries.

We can trace this number to its cheap tuition as well as quality education. To date, it is one of the best in Portugal and Europe at large. 

#5. University of Lisbon

  • Founded: 1290
  • Annual Tuition Fees: Undergraduate EUR 3,000 ($3,585), Graduate EUR 5,000 ($5,970)

The University of Lisbon is undoubtedly the largest educational institution in Portugal. This college came as a confederation of 2 universities and currently has about 49,000+ students. 15% of the student population are foreigners. 

Currently, the university is on the list as the 28th best institution in the European Teaching Rankings.

This world-class institute offers over 400-degree courses which are subdivided into faculties/schools of Fine Arts, Architecture, Law, Pharmacy, Science, Medicine, Dental Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Letters, Psychology, Human Motricity, Social Science, Education, Agronomy, Geography & Territorial Planning, Social & Political Science, Engineering, and Economy & Management.

#6. University of Beira Interior

  • Founded: 1979
  • Annual Tuition Fees: Undergraduate EUR 5,000 ($5,970), Graduate EUR 1,500 ($1,790)

Here’s a public educational institution that offers her degrees at an affordable course. We can find the University of Beira in Covilhã.

This is one of the Portuguese universities that has a sprawling international society despite having a low acceptance rate.  About 18% of its 7,100+ students are international students.

We can trace this number to be attracted by the university’s reputation. This school is listed in the Young University rankings, as well as the Impact Rankings.

#7. ISCTE – Lisbon University Institute

  • Founded: 1972
  • Annual Tuition Fees: Undergraduate EUR 5,500 ($6,570), Graduate EUR 3,000 ($3,590)

Last on our list of cheap and affordable universities in Portugal which are considered tuition-free schools for international students.

Following its modification into a foundational university, ISCTE – Lisbon University Institute has extended its offerings to postgraduate courses.

Currently, the university has 9,000+ students registered in the Schools of Business, Social & Human Science, Sociology & Public Policy, and Technology & Architecture. It also has research units in the fields of Business, International Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, Socioeconomics, Telecommunications, Information Technology, and Architecture.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tuition Free Universities in Portugal for International Students

If I want to work and Study, Can i do that as an international student in Portugal?


International students are eligible to work in Portugal.

As is the case with most European universities, international or foreign students can work without any restrictions. 

But working means that the students outside the EU/EEA can follow casual part-time work for up to 20 hours on a weekly basis.

Working while studying is one of the ways to pay for your fees if you do not make it to tuition-free universities in Portugal for international students.

Universities Portugal: How many are they?

Portugal is home to one of the oldest universities in the world. Its universities have lived since the early 13th century. 

However, following the 2020 statistics, Portugal is home to 50 public institutions of higher education. In addition to this are a handful of several private and polytechnic universities.

And interestingly, 12 out of these institutions of higher learning come tops in the list of World University Rankings.

Is it Posible to study in Portugal if you can only speak English?

No, you can’t study in Portugal using only English. But that doesn’t mean there are no English taught programs in Portuguese universities.

Portuguese is actually the main language of instruction in Portuguese universities. Just like we stated above, there are several universities offering English-taught programs.

To simplify this piece of the puzzle, look through your preferred university prospectus and find out the relevant courses that are taught in English.

If that’s your preferred choice, you just got blessed!!!

Studying at a Portuguese University; What should I budget as cost of living?

As we stated, there are no tuition-free universities in Portugal for international students. However, you can get a low tuition cost at some universities in Portugal.

Talking about the cost of tuition, the tuition fees and cost of living in Portugal are relatively much lower than in most European countries.

Since there are cheap universities in Portugal for international students, students who take advantage of that do so at a considerably lower cost.

The cost of studying in Portugal from our research estimate for a single university’s academic year is around $1500 USD.

And the average cost of living at the maximum is $900 USD per month.


Portugal is a great place to study.

It not only affords you an opportunity to under a degree program by the best academic hands, but it also gives you the opportunity to learn the 3rd most famous language in the world.

We hope you do get the best out of this post on low-cost tuition universities in Portugal which can be seen as tuition-free universities for international students.

Good luck!!!




  1. Hii.. im sasangi im 26 years old and im looking forward for a university of regarding hospitality mgt. im completed on higher deploma of hospitality mgt SLIIT university at sri lanka. please do let me know whether there is any kind of universities that helps me to enrole.

    1. Hi Sasangi. The schools listed here are all international school that offer study opportunities for international students. All you need to is visit the official school website and see their eligibility requirements

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