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The Myers Briggs career test and type indicator, commonly referred to as the initial MBTI, is a career assessment tool. It is one of the tools that professional development professionals can use to understand their clients’ personality types, and it is part of a comprehensive professional self-assessment. When combined with tools to assess work interests, skills, and values, the Myers Briggs type indicator can help customers choose the right career. The MBTI was developed by the mother-daughter team of Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers based on the psychiatrist Carl Jung’s personality type theory. This content will help understand how the official Myers Briggs career test works, and we will also provide with official link of where you can take the free Myers Briggs career personality test.

Myers Briggs Career Test

Can I take the Myers Briggs test online?

You can also do the assessment online at If you are not in the United States, you can find a dealer in your country through the Myers-Briggs corporate website. Myers-Briggs licenses international distributors worldwide who offer MBTI training, translation, and support materials.

Can you take the Myers Briggs test for free?

The real Myers Briggs rating isn’t free, but people often take it for free. For example, they can use it as part of teamwork, change management, or job training. (Paid by your company/organization).

Jung’s personality types, or Myers briggs types: the basics of MBTI

The premise of Jungian theory is that there are 16 different personality types, each composed of four preferences, how an individual is aroused, perceives information, makes decisions, and lives his life. For each preference, two options can be considered a scope, with individuals preferring one over the other.

  • Energizes (extroversion vs. introversion),
  • Perceive information (Sensing v. INtuition),
  • Make decisions (thinking vs. feeling) and
  • Live your life (judgment against perception).

Jung has assigned a code to his personality types. It consists of the four letters that refer to each preference (note the bold letters above). It is the interaction between the four preferences that makes each type unique and a personality that is different from everyone else.

Myers Briggs Career Test

  • ISTJ: ISTJ personalities are independent, responsible, and focused.
  • ISFJ: The positive qualities of ISFJ are optimism and a thirst for adventure, but they can also be a little disorganized and impulsive.
  • INFJ: Compassion and creativity are characteristic of the INFJ personality type.
  • INTJ: The preference for innovation means that the INTJ wants to continuously improve itself and others. You are independent.
  • ISTP: ISTPs like to sit and watch from a distance. They tend to remain silent and take risks.
  • ISFP: ISFPs prefer to stay away and are quiet and easy to use. They like to commit suicide every day.
  • INFPs: INFPs are easy to behave unless they feel that someone is violating one of their core values. They are very private and share their thoughts with a few people.
  • INTP: INTPs are independent, but not self-absorbed. They strive to understand the world around them.
  • ESTP: ESTP is energetic and tries to be with others. It is also full of confidence and can be very confident.
  • ESFP: ESFPs value their relationships. You are generous and love life.
  • ENFP: ENFPs are open and enthusiastic. Sometimes they find it difficult to stay focused.
  • ENTP – Innovative and ingenious, ENTPs love to solve problems regardless of their challenges.
  • ESTJ: If you want to have an opinion on almost everything, ask an ESTJ. They are excellent decision-makers who like to take responsibility.
  • ESFJ: ESFJ prefers to connect with others. They follow the rules and want them to be everyone.
  • ENFJ: Their concern for the well-being of others and their solid communication skills make them excellent leaders.
  • ENTJ: ENTJs know how to do things and are perfect for others. You are very energetic.

How to take the Myers Briggs Career Test (MBTI)

As this is a psychological assessment, the MBTI can only be administered by a qualified professional in career development, psychologists, or other psychiatric professionals. Make sure that the person you hire is “MBTI certified”. The MBTI is also available online for a fee at the Psychological Type Application Center (CAPT), co-founded by Isabel Briggs Myers. This type of management also includes a one-hour comment session.

The specialist who manages the MBTI and provides your results will provide you with a report that includes your four-letter code and the definitions for the 16 codes. When using Myers Briggs to plan your career, keep in mind that while the four letters are important, the two means (which indicate how you perceive information and make decisions) are most important. a race. You may also receive a career report that includes a list of the most popular jobs for people with your personality type and the least favored jobs.

Take the Official Myers Briggs Career Test Here

This official free professional personality test uses Myers and Briggs 16 personality type theory combined with the Dutch professional writing code system to accurately measure the personality traits and interests that indicate your ideal professional career. Discover the jobs that match your personality, strengths, and skills, as well as the key factors for your ideal career.

Follow the official website here to take the career personality test.

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