List of High Schools in Denmark

If you have been searching for the best high schools in Denmark, then you should read this article to know the top Danish Gymnasium.

Denmark is a beautiful country in northern Europe. The Nordic nation is the southernmost Scandinavia country. With Copenhagen as the capital, Denmark also has other regions and cities.

Denmark has a serene and conducive environment for education at secondary and tertiary levels. There are thousands of high schools in Denmark, but we are looking at the best and most internationally recognized schools.

High schools in Denmark are commonly referred to as Gymnasium. There are four upper secondary education programs in the countries, namely STX, HHX, HTX and HF.

We will be looking at the best Danish high school and their capacity. Relax, take a seat and read through to know the top high schools in Denmark.

List of High Schools in Denmark

Interesting fact About Denmark

Denmark is the southernmost of the Scandinavia nations in Europe. The country shares a border with Sweden and Germany. Its capital and largest city Copenhagen have a population of approximately 800,000.

The Nordic nation is friendly and very accommodating to foreigners who visit the country. People travel to Denmark to study, as the country has some of the best universities and high schools in Europe.

Denmark is a nice place for anyone to visit and explore. When you are in Denmark, you are just a few miles away from the seashores. 

Now let’s look at the best high schools in Denmark.

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Copenhagen International School (CIS)

Copenhagen International School is located in the Copenhagen metropolitan area of Denmark. The school is an international, co-educational day school with about 930 students of different nationalities. The students attending Copenhagen International School hail from over 80 countries.

The official language of instruction at Copenhagen International School is English. This high school is one of the best in the Nordic country. It offers educational programmes from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

CIS is accredited by the European Council of International Schools (ECIS), the Council of International Schools (CoIS), and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

Copenhagen International School is one of the top high schools in Denmark. The annual tuition of CIS is $25,796 for pre-kindergarten, $20,541 for kindergarten to grade five, $21,815 for grade six to seven, and $23,089-$28,822 for grade eight to twelve.

CIS is also a member of the Norwest European Council of International Schools (NECIS).

To know more about Copenhagen International School, you can visit the school’s official website.

School Address: Copenhagen International School, Levantkaj 4-14, 2150 Nordhavn, Denmark

Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole

Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole is a private high school in the Osterbro district of Copenhagen. This private high school was initially established in 1894 as a private primary school for girls.

The school was founded by Ingrid Jespersen in 1894. Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole began in rented rooms in Nordre Frihavnegade. Eleven years later the primary school was expanded to include a gymnasium (High School).

A year later, Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole introduced sloyd laboratories for chemistry and physics classes. In 1960, Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole started admitting male students.

Today, Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole is one of the best high schools in Denmark. The school is very popular in the city of Copenhagen, and it attracts several students annually.

You can find out more about Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole when you visit its official website.

School Address: Nordre Frihavnsgade 9, 2100 København, Denmark

Birkerod Gymnasium, HF, IB and Boarding School

Established in 1868, Birkerod Gymnasium, HF, IB, and Boarding School is one of the top high schools in Denmark. Bikerod Gymnasium, HF, IB and Boarding School offers Studentereksamen (SFX), two-year higher preparatory exam (HFX) and International Baccalaureate (IB).

This high school has about 1,000 students and 100 qualified teachers for different subjects. Bikerod Gymnasium, HF, IB, and Boarding School students participate in international competitions. Students from this school represent Denmark at the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO).

This high school is the perfect place for boarders. There are over 70 rooms at Bikerod Gymnasium, HF, IB and Boarding School. Each room has a cosy bed, reading desk, a bookcase, an internet connection, and a closet.

Visit the Bikerod official website to find out more about the school.

School Address: Søndervangen 56, 3460 Birkerød, Denmark

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Grenaa Gymnasium

Grenaa Gymnasium is a high school in Grenaa, and one of the best in Denmark. There are two iconic buildings at Grenaa Gymnasium. The first building of the school was set up in 1964, and it is referred to as the old part. The high school’s second building is known as the new part, and it was set up in 1973.

Grenaa Gymnasium has subject-specific classrooms. The old part houses science and cultural classrooms while humanities, mathematics and social sciences classrooms are in the new building.

This high school provides the basics for students to learn in a conducive atmosphere. There is a large common area with a canteen, library, and reading area in the second building.

Students at Grenaa Gymnasium come from different parts of the world. This high school shares a diverse community with people of different backgrounds.

Of course, you can find out more about this high school when you visit its official website.

School AddressGrenaa Gymnasium N. P. Josiassensvej 21 Denmark – 8500 Grenaa

Norre Gymnasium

Established in 1818, Noree Gymnasium is one of the largest high schools in Copenhagen, Denmark. This school offers Danish instruction and an International Baccalaureate curriculum.

Caroline Wroblewsky is the founder of Noree Gymnasium. The school was established to educate young Danish girls back in 1818. The founder, Caroline Wroblewsky managed Noree Gymnasium for four decades. She was succeeded by her daughter, and during the late 19th century, the number of pupils at the school had reached 100.

Noree Gymnasium academically prepares students for education at the tertiary level. The school is dedicated to nurturing students in the best way possible. Norre Gymnasium provides the opportunity for students to be creative.

At Noree Gymnasium, students are provided with supportive resources in academics.

More information about Noree Gymnasium is on its official website.

School Address: Nørre Gymnasium Mørkhøjvej 78 Denmark-2700 Brønshøj

Rysensteen Gymnasium

Established in 1881, Rysensteen Gymnasium is an upper secondary school in Copenhagen, Denmark. The school was initially established as Laura Engelhardt’s School (Laura Engelhardts Skole).

Rysensteen Gymnasium has been relocated to several places since its inception. The school was moved to Rysensteensgade in 1895. The school was renamed Rysensteen Gymnasium right after Copenhagen Municipality’s takeover.

This high school is located in the centre of Copenhagen, Denmark. The overall student enrolment at Rysensteen Gymnasium is about 1,100 to 1,200. Currently, this high school has about 125 active employees.

Rysenteen Gymnasium offers an upper secondary educational program. This school also offers a variety of specialized study programs in science, humanities, music and drama, and social studies.

More information about Rysensteen Gymnasium can be found on its official website.

School Address: Tietgensgade 74, 1704 København, Denmark

Ribe Katedralskole

The next school on our list of high schools in Denmark is Ribe Katedralskole. This high school is a catholic school situated in the Danish town of Ribe.

Ribe Katedraskole is considered one of the oldest schools in the world. The establishment of Ribe Katedralskole dates back to 1145.

One of the oldest buildings in Ribe Katedralskole is the Puggard built in the 14th century. The building is still in use to this day and it is one of the oldest in Scandinavia.

This high school remains one of the Danish schools with historical structures from the 14th century. Currently, Ribe Katedralskole is a modern high school that functions independently.

If you wish to know more about this high school, you can visit the official website via the link below.

School Address: Puggaardsgade 22, 6760 Ribe, Denmark

Aalborghus Gymnasium

This is one of the largest upper secondary schools (Gymnasium) in Northern Denmark. Aalborghus Gymnasium is a high school in the eastern district of Aalborg, Denmark.

There are over 1,000 students currently enrolled at Aalborghus Gymnasium. The students of this high school learn in 45 different classes, with about 120 qualified teachers and caring support staffers dedicated to educating students. 

As we said earlier, there are four upper secondary education programmes in Denmark. They are Studentereksamen (SFX), HHX, HTX, and HF. Aalborghus Gymnasium offers two of these upper secondary education programmes. It offers STX and HF.

The STX offered at Alborghus Gymnasium is a full-time three-year programme with a variety of compulsory high school subjects. The SFX compulsory subjects include humanities, social science, and natural science.

HF is a full-time two-year programme with various compulsory hog school subjects in humanities, social science, and natural science.

Aalborghus Gymnasium prepares students for their future studies.

More information about Aalborghus Gymnasium is on its official website.

School Address: Sohngårdsholmsvej 60, 9000 Aalborg, Denmark

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International Peoples College

International Peoples College is one of the best high schools in Denmark. It is a traditionally Danish Folk High School. Students at International Peoples College hail from over 25 countries around the world.

There are other Folk High Schools in Denmark. However, International Peoples College (IPC) concentrate mainly on offering education to international students. 

The official language of instruction at International Peoples College is English. As a Folk High School, International Peoples College provides exciting activities for students.

International Folk High Schools in Denmark always have more international students than Danish students. This is one of the best high schools in the country for international students to attend and study.

You can check for more information on the International Peoples College official website.

School Address: International People’s College Montebello Allé 1 3000 Helsingør, Denmark

Herlufsholm School

This is one of the oldest high schools in this Nordic country. Herlufsholm School is a private day and boarding school established in 1565. This school was initially established as a boarding school for sons of noble and honest men.

Since the 1960s, this Danish high school has been co-educational for day students. The overall student enrolment at Herlufsholm is currently more than 600 students. About 275 students are boarders living in the school’s dormitories.

Herlufsholm offers education from grade 6 in the Danish lower secondary school. This high school also offers the optional 10th grade, the three grade in upper secondary school (Gymnasium), and international programs.

Herlufsholm provides a variety of activities for students to stay active. Students at this high school participate in sporting activities such as basketball, football, hockey, rugby, tennis, volleyball, e-sport, badminton, etc.

 Visit the Herlufsholm school website to get more information.

School Address: Næstved, Denmark Herlufsholm Allé 170 4700 Næstved

Denmark Folk High School 

A Danish Folk High School is classified as a non-formal residential school which offers learning opportunities in various high school subjects. Students who attend this school are between the ages of eighteen to twenty-four and they study for four to six months.

International Folk High School

An international Folk High School is an institution with more international students than domestic students. International Peoples College is an example of an international Folk High School.

The official language of instruction at IPC is English. More international students attend IPC than Danish students. IPC is the only international general Folk High School in all of Denmark.


There are hundreds if not thousands of high schools in Denmark. We have listed the best high schools in the Nordic country. Some of the high schools we listed date back centuries, with historical buildings to reminisce.

Denmark is a place to study for secondary and tertiary education. The country is welcoming to foreigners of all nationalities. We talk about International People College which is a perfect place for international students to study. The high school (IPC) has more international students than domestic students, and the fun part is instructions are in English.

If you ever consider studying in a Danish secondary school, you can choose any of the schools listed in this article. We hope this article about the best Danish high schools was helpful.



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