15 Best Free Album Download Websites: Free MP3 Download Site

Are you looking for a list that contains the list of Best Free Album Download Websites – where you can download music and your favourite music for free? This article will provide you with the information you need. A free mp3 music download site that is legal and virus free is all you need to get all the genres of music you need and this article will provide you with the information you need.

You need to exhaust this list by grabbing a bottle of whatever you like drinking and reading this article to the end.

There are many free music download sites out there, but the thing is that you need to actually find out the best websites to download albums for free; and the million-dollar question is; how do you discover these websites?

Discovering the best and safest best free download websites can be somehow difficult, and it is important that you do, as there are a lot of illegal music sites out there and if you download from them, they may cause a lot of problems as such site may have viruses, malware and spyware.

Also, some of these music websites may not allow you to download music for free and that is not what you would want.

With that being said, it is important that you do intensive research before downloading, tracks, albums or buying CDs. As the internet is there to help you access the best free album download websites for free-ranging from classical to rap music and other genres of music.

Best Free Album Download Websites

Finding the best music for you on the free album download websites

When you start looking and surfing the internet for albums it is advised that you make sure that you do not just go any kind of music, you need to focus on the best a particular genre at a time as this will help you narrow your search and you will stand a better chance of getting the kind of music and albums you want.

This is also the easiest way to master and have the best chance of delivering high-quality music.

Also, you as a music lover will know that there are a lot of music genres and sub-genres out there on CDs and the internet, and it can be very stressful to start browsing them all at the same time, especially if you have specific preferences your kind of music.

List of sites to download full MP3 music albums for free

  • MP3.com
  • Freesound
  • MP3Juices
  • Public Domain 4U
  • YouTube
  • Bee MP3
  • Free Music Archive
  • Songslover
  • Jamendo
  • Noise Trade Network
  • Bandcamp
  • EDM sauce
  • Archive
  • SoundClick
  • Audionautix


MP3.com is one of the largest websites on this list of free mp3 music download sites the website is managed and operated by the popular platform; CNET Networks which publishes tabloid-style news items about songs, services, digital music and artists, and technology.

This site is a popular one and it is known for the initial incarnation of the platform as a legitimate free music-sharing service, named after the popular mp3 music file format, popular with indie musicians getting their work promoted.

CNET was swift in shutting down the service on December 2, 2003, which established the current MP3.com website after purchasing the domain name (but not MP3.com’s technical or musical assets)

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Although Freesound is a free mp3 music download site that is more used for downloading music samples, including sound patches and instrumental music for various projects like merging of songs or when you want to add background music. It may surprise you that you can also find and download free mp3 albums for free.

All you have to do is just enter the tag of the album you want to download and this site can quickly help you find matching music files. What’s more, you can freely choose music format, sample rate, bit rate, and channel to locate resources through the navigation bar.

Frankly, you can only be able to access only a few free album downloads, but Freesound is a useful free sound sharing site with a huge collection of signal sound files.


MP3juices is a very popular music platform and one of the best free album download sites and free mp3 search engines and tools.

We all know that if you want to download mp3 from platforms YouTube and Spotify you will find it to be difficult and tricky and sometimes very slow, so Mp3juices was born to become one of the free mp3 music download sites that will help you solve this problem.

Mp3juices is a tool for downloading mp3 created for music lovers. At present, Mp3juices has helped millions of users to achieve the free download of mp3. This continues to be on the top list of mp3 download tools out there.

Free MP3 Download Site

Public Domain 4U

The musical heritage of this company is a fundamental part of their culture – this culture defines them, their identity and their history. The platform is one of the best free album download sites that strive to create a curated music collection so you can enjoy this timeless art form and all the stages it has gone through before our time.

The free mp3 music download site is the product of the hard work of Lou Parmelee, Eric Din, and Dan Della Ripa, who spent countless hours finding old music, digitizing it, and uploading it to one platform for easy access to all audiences.

The platform is free to use and the free music library is not a commercial platform – the only person who profits is you, as you access a countless number of songs in different genres.

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YouTube is very popular when it comes to offering the best good tutorial videos, funny videos, classic movies, TV series, and more. On top of that, this famous video hosting platform is becoming the most popular tool for discovering the music of all genres, from classics of the last century to recent releases, from individual musicians to celebrities.

We can confidently say that you can find any music you want on YouTube and we will be correct. All you need to do is to take advantage of the YouTube filter feature, you will be able to explore different types of YouTube music playlists and channels, some of which include all of the music in the albums.

Bee MP3

This is one of the free album download websites that can help you access free and over a hundred thousand free mp3 downloads on the internet, making the free mp3 download site one of the greatest audio search engines on the web. Before you get any kind of music of your choice, you can listen to any mp3 record legally, and you can publish your mp3 for free on your own page/profile.

Without registration, you can download free mp3 and enjoy audio melodies without registration!

Official Site

Free Music Archive

If you are looking for the best free album download websites, then the Free Music Archive will offer you what you need. As its homepage says, it’s not just free music; it’s good music.

You can find many high-quality music files on the platform. Free Music Archive categorizes music into different genres such as classical, country, blues, jazz, etc. Free Music Archive offers a self-explanatory navigation bar and search bar that makes it easy to find favourite albums to download when users are looking for the music they want.

Free Music Archive is a large free mp3 music download site and you will definitely find and download music that is of high quality and you do not need to pay a dime for it.


Never ignore SongsLover for the best free album download websites. This website is well designed and thoughtful. It provides users with many great features to get music and albums easily. For example, Song Lover offers the option to batch download the best songs of the month and year, which can save you a lot of time and effort.

For song lovers who like to download free albums, you can take advantage of this complete album music downloader to download interesting albums like wedding songs or karaoke song albums in music albums.

What’s more, Songs Lover allows users to directly find the desired music or album by keywords or the initials of the album or music.

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Jamendo is one of the best free album download websites in is based in Luxembourg-based – this is an open community of independent artists and individuals who are lovers of music. AudioValley is a Belgian company which also the parent company of this free mp3 music download site –and an independently managed entity since 2019. Originally, Jamendo was a Creative Commons-licensed music platform.

On this platform, you can access MP3-encoded audio files (96 kbit/s) and download them in MP3 (192kbit/s) and Ogg Vorbis formats.

This is one of the best free mp3 download sites as downloading is free, and unlimited and you will not be subjected to seeing ads that may be a disturbance to you.

People who speak English, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, German, and Portuguese are welcome to access these platforms as the site is translated into these languages.

Noise Trade Network

Noisetrade is one of the sites to consider when looking for a free mp3 music download site. There you can find thousands of free music albums, all of which can be legally downloaded for iPhone ringtones or other personal fair use.

Before you proceed to download albums for free, you should sign up for an account, as you will be asked for an email address every time you download an album. If you log in by mail, it automatically recognizes your email address so you don’t have to re-enter your email address anytime you want to download any album.

This is one of the free album download websites that download albums like a zip file. All you need to do is to unzip the file after download so that you can unzip it to get the full album.


This is another type of site on this list of the best free album download websites. 

On these platforms, artists and labels are granted access to upload music to Bandcamp and control how they sell it, set their prices as they wish – there are also options where users can pay more if they want and also sell merchandise.

Users can only download, purchase or play music once on the Bandcamp app or website, or by retaining proof of purchase an unlimited number of times. They can also send music purchases as gifts, see lyrics, and be able to have tracks or albums saved to a wish list.

Uploading music to Bandcamp is free. On any sale the Bandcamp Company takes a 15% commission on its website, which will ultimately be reduced to 10% when the artists selling their songs makes more than $5,000 in sales – this also includes payment processing fees

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EDM sauce

EDM Sauce is a free mp3 music download site that prides itself as the #1 resource for electronic dance music. On this site, you’ll find EDM-related news, music, and more, and there are some legitimate free album downloads covering genres like electronica, house, trance, mashup, and more.

Frankly, EDM Sauce is more of an EDM information centre where you can easily get EDM news, song reviews, and interviews, but it’s still a great stop for EDM fans.


The archive is one of the best free album download websites – the platform has a huge database of millions of music and lives music archives. You can view music by media type, year, theme and topics, and many more.

The archive is a free mp3 music download site that contains audio files ranging from old-time radio shows, Grateful Dead concerts, user-uploaded original music, Thanksgiving music to book and poetry readings, and more.

This is one of the sites that allows you to download MP3 albums and individual files for free. Just find different genres of music through the archive or download full albums for free. Overall, Archive will always deliver


With a vast library of songs, Sound Cloud is one of the free album download websites. On this platform artists and registered members, SoundClick provides you with an easy way to listen to, buy and sell beats and albums.

SoundClick has a clean interface that has a modern-based design. With genre categorization and quick search tools, users can easily find songs.

Quite a few albums are available for free download, and you’ll see a download icon next to the item. All you need to do is to click the icon that appears next to the particular item you want to save and you will see it on your device.

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Audionautix a site that offer users with the opportunity to download free mp3 album as much as you can. All you need yo do is have a working network and device where you can download your songs.


We sincerely hope that this article on the best free album download websites was able to provide you with the information you need.

These websites are legal and offer some of the best genres of music and you will be sure that your devices are safe while you surf the internet as these sites are virus, malware and spyware free.

When surfing a free mp3 music download site you see some ads displayed on your screen, do not worry as some of the ads are paid promotions which the site uses to support themselves as they offer you their services for free.

You can leave us a comment if you need any more information concerning this article or you are a student and you need tips on opportunities for students and more.


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