American Red Cross Volunteer Connection: All you need to know

Whether or not you are a youth you can sign up with the American Red Cross volunteer connection and start helping your community.

No matter your age range there is always a place for you at Red Cross and you can achieve that to your dream of becoming a person of value by choosing the role that best suits you under the Red Cross and start volunteering.

In my experience of life, I’ve started to understand that there is this immeasurable satisfaction that comes when you serve humanity without expecting anything in return.

The Red Cross offers you a platform to feel this way.

One of the most amazing things about this organisation is the fact that you can fit in any role of your choice as there are opportunities available on the platform.

If you are registering as a youth, there are opportunities available for you at the American Red Cross volunteer connection, and you will be taken through free training if need be.

You can register as a nurse or a medical practitioner and start helping life with your expertise and skills.

The organisation does not leave you to figure things out yourself. When you sign up and get your account activated, you will be trained effectively so that you will understand the roles you have chosen and how to start volunteering as soon as possible.

Irrespective of when you signed up for a red cross volunteer account, you can take up leadership roles and you will be trained so that you will know your duties and how to carry them out.

This article will provide you with the information you need concerning these rules and opportunities including how to create and activate your account to become a full member of the American Red Cross volunteer connection.

American Red Cross Volunteer Connection

Leadership Roles Available at Red Cross Volunteer Connection

There are a good number of leadership roles available at the American Red Cross volunteer connection. These are some of the positions one can occupy.

Since this is all about volunteering, you can offer to occupy any of these positions that may suit the kind of person you are and allow you the flexibility to function effectively.

Board Members

If you are interested to be one of the board members you will be in a position to serve on local boards some of the duties that you be needed to do is to help and marketing programs and fundraising this will allow you the opportunity to be the face of Red Cross in your community and this will end turn give you the satisfaction that you are serving your community in one of the best ways possible.

Volunteer Services

We can also offer to be part of the Volunteer services you will function in the department that assists with recruitment of volunteers keeping record placement and recognition.

Community Volunteer Leader

if you want to be the face of the Red Cross in your society this means that you will be the one to inform your society about Red Cross and represent them when it comes to reaching out to your community and updating them on the happiness and available opportunities in Red Cross then you need to be the community volunteer leader as this position carries out their formation responsibilities.

The community volunteer leaders CVL will also be the people that will be recruiting volunteers from a particular community and making sure that the local relationships are managed.

American Red Cross Volunteer Connection Opportunities

Red Cross Volunteer Connection Opportunities for Young People

Volunteering is an act of commitment and this help to propagate the vital work done by the American Red Cross.

People like you who have come to volunteer and commit to the work done by the red cross through the Red Cross volunteer connection opportunities will contribute to making the goals and what the Red Cross stands for come to fruition.

There are roles in the American Red Cross that you can take up at any point in time as this organisation is flexible and changes based on what is at hand.

If you are looking for opportunities that may be right for you, you may want to explore the pages on the official American Red Cross volunteer connection.

You might as well take short surveys to ascertain the kind of role that will be right for you.

Red Cross Volunteer Connection Opportunities for Young People

In the American Red Cross volunteer connection opportunities are available for just about anybody including young people it has been stated that about 85% of all the Red Cross volunteers are 24 years of age or even younger.

This will tell you that being young is even an opportunity to be vibrant and help people in your area who are in need even growing global about it.

If you want to know more about the Red Cross volunteer opportunities for young people then follow the link below

American Red Cross Connection Opportunities for Nurses and Nursing Students

This is one of the obvious opportunities available at Red Cross as nurses and nursing students have been involved in the Red Cross volunteering since 1888.

More than 15000 nurses in the United States of America are involved in volunteering in Red Cross. They have been providing services for people who experienced disasters; they’ve also been developing and teaching courses; they also been managing blood drives and occupying very high-profile leadership roles in the organisation for many years now.

If you are in this category, you can feel the joy of being part of something big by helping your community through the red cross with your skills and passion.

There are many ways you can help of which we have mentioned just a glimpse above

Opportunities for Groups, Clubs and Businesses

Even though you want to be a part of the American Red Cross Volunteer connection as a group, it is also welcomed as there are opportunities, and roles you can play.

If you can also mobilize people, it is still accepted as there are a wide range of activities that you can get involved in to save lives and build resiliency in your community.

How does the Red Cross Recruit Volunteers?

You want to be recruited by the American Red Cross then you need to be proactive as this organisation is a public service-based organisation.

Volunteers are recruited and will be recruited based on how productive they are. The organisation intends to expand volunteer involvement to help prevent disaster and also be the first to respond when there is a disaster and other life-threatening situations.

How to create a Red Cross Volunteer Connection Account

If you have read this article and you are interested in volunteering with the American Red Cross the steps below will help you create and manage an account of your own.

Step 1

To be a part of the Red Cross volunteer connection you need to create and activate your account.

To be able to do this you need to visit the official account creation page with the link provided below.

When the link opens you will see a page that looks just like the image below

Fill out the registration form and submit it after you are done. Make sure to provide the information needed accurately.

Step 2

After you have submitted the information required for the account creation an email will be sent to you automatically.

Make sure to check your email immediately you submit your information and follow the link on your email to fully activate your account. Do this as soon as possible as the link may expire within a few minutes.

Make sure you store account registration information like your username and password in a safe place as you may need to access your volunteer connection account often, and you will need this information each time you want to access your account.

Step 3

Other steps which are considered as Step 3 would be completed on your account.

Login into your account and through the checklist provided on your account complete your profile by updating your profile information, read and agreed to Red Cross policies, print and return your parental consent form; you can do this either by uploading a picture taken of the completed form or a scanned copy of it, or you can send it via the email to [email protected]

You don’t need to rush into anything as you can be trained by the youth services coordinator Beth Ratcliff, she will be there to guide you through the process in your desired role.

If you still have questions on any of the things on this article about becoming a volunteer with the American Red Cross Volunteer Connection you can send a direct email to Beth at

[email protected] or (714) 481-5397


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