How to become an Uber driver | Step-by-Step Guide

This article provides articulative information on how to become an Uber driver anywhere you are., So if you are interested and want to know how to become an Uber driver, don’t skip any line as you’ll be getting value from this article including tipping and salary of an Uber driver.

We’ve provided information telling you what Uber means, the services they provide with the benefits you enjoy being an Uber driver.

Also, we’ve talked about requirements you need to have to become an Uber driver, the salary range of an Uber driver and other types of services Uber provides. So, continue reading this article to get more information on what you are looking for.

Uber Technology, Inc, fondly known as Uber, is an American transportation/mobility service provider. It started in San Francisco and now has its operations in many different countries.

It’s an online platform that provides many mobility services. These services include delivery services that include both food and package delivery, freight transportation, courier services, ride-hailings, motor rental services, etc.

Interestingly, Uber doesn’t own any vehicle; instead, it receives a commission for any booking placed through its platforms. The amount or price is beforehand shown to the customer though it varies because of its dynamic model based price on local supply and demand during the booking period.

Uber allows running your own business through their already built platform.

Using their platform, you can sign up and register as an Uber driver in any location you are at and start making money. This solves to be a good means of an interesting income, especially in areas where vehicles are rarely enough for private purchase. 

Continue reading as you learn about tipping, salary, how to become an Uber driver and more.

How to become an Uber driver

Benefits of being an Uber driver

  • You are paid daily or weekly directly to your account
  • You can avoid difficult and annoying passengers by using the passengers’ star rating system
  • If you wait for a passenger too long away from the expected time, they will be charged for the inconvenience.
  • It would be a hobby for people who enjoy driving as not much stress is encountered on its record.
  • On the Uber platform, you are an independent driver, so you can choose your time of duty.
  • There is also tipping for an Uber driver

Requirements to become an Uber driver.

When interested in becoming an Uber driver, there are certain things to consider. These includes:

  • Smartphone: to become an Uber driver, you must have a smartphone with a viable network connection.
  • Age: must be from 21 years up
  • Experience: Must have at least three years of experience in driving
  • Car insurance: you must have certified car insurance under your name in your state of residence.
  • Verified car owner: Must have a registered car in your name
  • Criminal record: you must have no criminal record in your name
  • Driving license: you must have a driver’s license
  • Driving record: you must have a good driving record 

These requirements are important to note when signing up as an Uber driver.

Uber needs this to access and know if you are qualified to be a driver.

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Does Uber take care of your car maintenance?

Since you are an independent worker, Uber does not necessarily take care of your car expenses like gas refilling, car wash and repair. Nevertheless, they cover up the cleaning cost when a passenger spills or vomits in your car. This is why it’s important to have video recordings of your driving hours.

Different Uber services

Every service Uber offers to its customers are different because each customer has different service expectations. This makes it wise for you as a Uber driver to meet up certain requirements when registering as an Uber driver. Apparently, whether you are able to meet up with the services needed depends on the car you have. With this, you know that there are seven Uber services you can qualify for based on your car type.


This is the easiest category of service u can give. Here your car must not be less than 10years of purchase, and it must be in good condition.

Uber pool

Uber pool is similar to UberX, but here the passengers would agree to share their ride with strangers.


In this category, the Uber driver is expected to own a vehicle capable of transporting not less than four passengers and above.


This category of uber service is similar to UberXL but differs in regards to the car age requirement. Here, a 2012 model of a car is required; a more recent car model is considered either high-end or luxury.


For this type of uber service, only sedans are needed. Also, the model must be a 2007 car model or newer than that, and its sits must be leather or vinyl.


This is the most restricted category of uber service. Its age requirement is the 2013 model or newer. And it must be black, both its exterior and interior parts.


This is the highest category in the Uber service. Here, the car must be luxury, a 2012 model or newer, and have or be full size. It also has to be seen as one of the finest cars in the market.

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The salary rate of an Uber driver

Unlike a normal working-class salary structure where workers are paid monthly a certain amount of money, Uber drivers don’t have a particular salary structure. Rather their salary is determined by totalling the amount of money earned from trips regardful of any tolls, tippings, and price surge. There is also room for tipping for an Uber driver

There are earnings that are also attributed to referrals bonuses and cancellation fees. Notwithstanding, in the salary estimation of Uber drivers, an average Uber driver normally makes up to 10-20$ per hour except for the gas and maintenance cost.

Besides that, you get a cash reward when you apply to be an uber driver. Interestingly, you can make extra cash when you work more hours, especially during rush hours of the day like morning hours when people go to work and evening hours when people come back for work and also relaxation hours.

Moreso, offering more services away from other uber drivers can give you an extra amount of money and help you become successful.

Unlike a job where you report to work and punch a time clock, Uber drivers don’t have a traditional payment and salary structure.

Referral awards compensate drivers for referrals. Uber sign-up bonuses and cancellation fees protect Uber Eats drivers from cancelling orders by paying them a small amount even when a customer cancels.

With what has been discussed above, you will understand that the salary of an uber driver is not structured and depends on a few factors.

How much Uber’s cost could go up

How much Uber's cost could go up

Gross Hourly Eranings of Uber Drivers by Age

Gross Hourly Earnings of Uber Drivers by Age

Tipping of an Uber Driver

Tipping an Uber driver is optional. You can either decide to give an Uber driver 10%-20% of your ride fare. 10% if you enjoyed the ride as being good or 20% if you really enjoyed your ride as wonderful with the driver helping you offload your luggage.

As tipping for an Uber driver is optional, riders are allowed to give a tip to their driver either in cash or using the in-app. In the in-app, you’ll be sectioned to rate your driver. Once you do that, you’ll be shown an option to add a tip.

Uber drivers are also allowed to accept tipping from their riders. Though in some cases, some drivers may refuse to accept tippings through the app, or you might be in a location where the in-app rating is not readily available, so giving cash will be an option. 

On the record, too, Uber doesn’t take any charge or commission from the tip given to their drivers. It’s totally the driver’s own, unlike the salary of an uber driver that uber takes a certain percentage of, which is constituted by what was charged for each trip.

If a customer would like to tip an Uber driver for the past trios, the customer has 30days to give a tip in the app on or from the customer’s emailed trip receipt.

Moreso, owing to the technological upgrade the internet has provided, a customer can also give a tip to his/her driver using gift cards and lots more.

tipping an uber driver

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Steps on how to become an Uber driver

  • Sign up at or download the Uber app to start your application. 
  • After signing up, go to the driver application form on the site and fill it, uploading all necessary documents and images where needed. 
  • You can call or ask questions where necessary if you’re having a problem filling out the form.
  • Make yourself available for background screening when needed and then wait for a response. 
  • This response may take up to 10days before a response is given.
  • When Uber accepts your application and approves it, your driver status will be activated. Then enable the driver mode in the Uber app.
  • Then, you can now see and accept rider requests and start working.

Note before applying, make sure you’ve met the requirements stated earlier. Without these, Uber won’t approve your application form filled.

Does Uber offer insurance coverage for its drivers?

As you’ve seen the steps on how to become an Uber driver, also note that there is insurance coverage you’d need to do. The type of car insurance coverage that you need depends on your state or region. Though, when you are logged in to the Uber app, Uber provides coverage. But your personal car insurance coverage applies when you’ve logged off the app.

When logged in to the Uber app, Uber insurance coverage for accidents covers third party liability when your personal auto insurance is not applicable. This coverage given by Uber includes:

  • Bodily injury per person – $50,000
  • Body injury per accident – $100,000
  • Property damage per accident- $25,000.

Uber’s insurance covers more when you’re driving a passenger or en route.

Do Uber drivers pay taxes

You are seen as an independent worker as an uber driver, which means that you’ll have to set aside certain wages for your taxes. The Uber app sends their drivers their tax summary, and if you’ve earned enough to pay, a form will be sent to you to show you your annual tax return.

How Do Uber Drivers Pay Taxes?

As an Uber driver, you are considered an independent contractor, which means that you’ll have to set aside a percentage of earnings to cover taxes. The company sends every driver a tax summary and, if you’ve earned enough, a 1099 form at the end of the year to include with your annual tax return.

Ways drivers can get riders and increase their earnings.

Still learning how to become an Uber driver, these few tips can help you increase your income and visibility.

  • Learn time management: in as much as you are allowed to set your own time schedule, you’ll earn more if you’ll be able to drive during peak hours like the morning bus hours and evening time because they are usually the busiest hours of the day.
  • Be familiar with your area or the region you stay in: get to know more routes, shortcuts, flyovers and stations in your area, as this will make you faster and feasible when reaching out to your customers. This helps in bringing in more customer ratings and tippings too.
  • Be familiar with the Uber app: this will help you view riders’ requests more and also provide you with a list of other features that will help you navigate and enjoy a ride-sharing experience with your customers.
  • Have a dashboard camera: have a camera in your car that will help you monitor the activities of the passenger while driving. This will help protect you against abusive riders and incidents that might need proof to make a claim or file a report.
  • Being nice to riders: when a rider enjoys your services, the rider can give you a tip or rate you using the app.
  • Have a maintained car: having good car maintenance is helpful because customers won’t like a car that breaks on the way, or its sits are not comfortable to stay on. So having a neat, and we’ll furnish car attracts more customers.


Are you aspiring to become an Uber driver? Uber provides a lasting way to make passive income or even work full time if need be.

As an Uber worker, you are independent; you decide your work time schedule. You are paid per hour or weekly, depending on your agreement during your application time.

You’ll also need a car in good condition, and your earnings also depend on the model of the car you have. To become an Uber driver, start up your application by signing up at or downloading the Uber app.

You read this article as many times as possible to fully understand all you need to know as we have provided a piece of comprehensive information about this topic including tipping and the salary of an Uber driver.

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