A Helpful Guide To Finding A Job In Singapore

This article contains a helpful guide to finding a job in Singapore, with the rudimentary things you need to know.

Singapore is a prosperous Southeast Asian country which has proven to the world that small size is certainly no barrier to success.

Over the years, the island nation has come into its own as a regional business hub as well as serving as the biggest port in its corner of Asia. As a result, expatriates from across the world have flocked here to tap into its economic success and find a new life that combines rich culture with world-class amenities.

If you are eager to join their ranks and find a job of your own in Singapore, read on for some top tips covering everything from finding an ideal position to making sure you have the right visa.

Continue reading as you discover a helpful guide to finding a job in Singapore.

helpful guide to finding a job in Singapore

Do Your Research

Before you even begin scouting for jobs in Singapore, you should be sure to do plenty of research – not only into the island’s culture, heritage, and laws but also into its job market and common working procedures. Some things may come as a bit of a surprise to Western workers. For example, in some more traditionally run companies, lower-ranking employees may be expected to follow orders without question.

These businesses will also be more likely to place an emphasis on team successes rather than individual achievements. Familiarising yourself with local workplace etiquette and rules will ensure that you do not commit any faux pas that could offend your new superiors. For more information, don’t hesitate to reference these employment practices covering all aspects of working life in Singapore.

Use Different Platforms To Locate The Right Role

Once you have done your homework and become better acquainted with the lifestyle in Singapore, it’s time to start job hunting. Because the job market in Singapore can be very competitive, it’s a good idea to take advantage of as many different employment platforms as possible.

These include websites, recruitment agencies, and appealing to companies directly. If you already have friends, relations, or former co-workers living in Singapore, you can also ask for their help. Perhaps they could even provide a referral for you to help you find your desired position.

Prepare Your Application With Care

There are plenty of big companies looking for new staff in Singapore, including some prominent American businesses such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. However, competition can be stiff, as there are many highly skilled people all vying for similar roles.

The key to landing the job that you desire – not just in Singapore, but anywhere in the world – is to prepare a stand-out application that details your unique skills and achievements. Make sure your resume is tailored to each role you are applying for, and try and include some glowing references to demonstrate how well-suited you are for the job.

Do not use a photo, however, as this is not considered ‘the done thing’ in Singapore. You will also need to write a cover letter that sells your talents as rigorously as possible, in order to help you stand out from the competition. This cover letter should be specific to the role you are applying for, and should avoid any generic language.

Make Sure You Have The Necessary Paperwork

In order to be able to work legally in Singapore, you will need to have all of the appropriate documentation.

There are different kinds of work visa tailored for different skill sets. For example, foreign entrepreneurs will require an EntrePass, while high-earning overseas professionals will qualify for a Personalised Employment Pass. The S Pass is designated for mid-level skilled workers, and there are work permits specifically for semi-skilled workers and performing artists.

Putting Down Roots

Once you have secured a job, it is time to find a home to serve as your base during your years in the city. While renting is always an option, if you would prefer to purchase a home – which you may wish to use as an investment for the future – there are plenty of desirable properties on the market.

Of course, non-citizens are slightly restricted as to what kind of property you can buy, but there are plenty of well-appointed condos available. As for your financing options, finding a helpful home loan comparison won’t be difficult if you go through specialists such as PropertyGuru. They can offer help and advice when it comes to finding a loan that will suit your budget and situation.

Settling In

When you first arrive in Singapore, you may find that the first few weeks pass in a bewildering blur, as you settle into your new accommodation and your new working life.

To help you adjust to your new home, you should use some of your free time to explore the city and familiarise yourself with the different neighbourhoods and what they have to offer. You can also visit Singapore’s famous attractions, which include the Botanic Gardens and Zoo.

To help you make new friends, you can join an expat association or club that takes your fancy, ask your colleagues to go out for coffee or drinks, and even head online to find like-minded individuals you can meet up with. It will take a little while to form a network of friends and acquaintances, but once you have made some connections you will soon feel more at home in your new Singaporean life.

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